Sunday, May 31, 2015


The biscuit keeper in my header is one I found on Etsy.
I looked at it for about two months before decided to buy it.
Inside is a satin padding made for the bottom in blue by the seller.  Separately there is another divided satin pad that can hold earrings, or rings.
I finally gave in and  bought it.
There is information on the bottom but I didn't think it necessary to print all that.

This is made in Prussia.  Inside the seller gave me a piece of paper with all sorts of information on it.
Never going to sell  :)    One of my daughters might like to know about it one day though.

This is an old sugar bowl.  The woman that sells these flower arrangements does an exquisite job.
I must have looked at hundreds and hundreds of arrangements from all over the web and her's were the very best.  I kept coming back..and her prices though not low..were very respectable.
(to me respectable is VERY inexpensive!)  :)

This one is a spooner and I DO love spooners.  The floral arrangement is removable just in case I wanted to use it as a spooner..but I have enough of those.
The lillies engraved on this little piece are actually raised and the centers of the flowers indented.
Just beautiful.
Everything you see is second hand.

You see, here's the thing.  I once read "Some people have children and other people have things."
I had children.
They needed things..and fortunately or unfortunately my children were...very visible.  In the middle of things at school..involved...and NO I did NOT encourage it.  It was just who the little sweethearts were.
So..clothes were important to them..and so on.  Not exactly sure how we did it, looking back, but you do what you have to do for your babes.
By age 15, all of mine were working at the mall.  The boys at wood shops around town or mowing lawns etc.
They started painting numbers on curbs at 10 and running errands for neighbors to the store at about seven.  No one thought of danger back then.  Thankfully.
A different world or I thought it was.

This was of their own accord.  I remember how proud they were.
Looking back now...I don't know I feel about it.

Interestingly, mine didn't ask for anything.  It was none of  "I've GOT TO HAVE ..." etc.
It was "It's okay, Mom, I don't need it!!" and so by hook or by crook..they were going to have it.
I was not a "joiner" in high school.  Never.  They were different. what I'm trying to say is's my turn?   A lot of what I buy goes out the door..but it's fun giving my girls things.
The floral arrangements???  Nope.  NOT going out the door!  Sometimes I've said.."can I keep it a week at least?"



  1. I really identify with the title of your post. My problem is....I can't tell the difference between "wants" and "needs"....if I want it, I need it!

    I seem to be filling needs in my old age. Replacing things that got broken while my four children were growing a candy dish that always sat on the coffee table, or a set of glasses that bring back memories....or buying things I always wanted back then, but couldn't have. When I should be downsizing, getting rid of the clutter, I am filling my home with "pretties"....well, at least they are to me. Others might think I'm just adding clutter. I love your little flower arrangements and the lovely containers they are in.

    The nice thing is, I'm able to find them now at estate sales....sometimes they are the exact things that went by the wayside over the years. Lord knows what happened to them...but it doesn't matter, because I'm getting them all back, LOL The other things were just in my "wants" that I'm filling. I guess you could call them my "bucket list in my mind".

    The problem is, it's not the children breaking them now....they are grown and have their own wants and needs. It's my silly husband breaking them now! He's retired and "helping".

  2. Thise are girgrous, Mona! And you are so sweet especially to your children. They sound perfect growing up and I sm sure you had a lot to do with it....Christine

  3. Mona that beautiful container that has the blue satin in the base is such a piece to cherish. I love the colour the shape and all about it. Enjoy all of your great pieces. Hugs Kay

  4. wow...what wonderful pieces! it is good to treat yourself!

  5. Love your new have inspired me to change mine more often! We always saw to it that the kids had what they it's my turn now! hugs...

  6. Beautiful arrangements! I can see why you made those purchases:) Growing up, we got what we needed... not wanted:) New Church and School clothes... mostly when school was about to start:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  7. You well know my view on our later years. :-)

    We had Learning, in our Early Years. We had Doing, in our Middle Years. Now in our Later Years, we have what makes us Happy.

    You learned... You did... Now you have Joy....

    Hugs, hugs, hugs,

  8. Headers/Banners are meant to be changed!!!! :-)))

    You and I agree!!!

    Let's hope we inspire more Bloggers, to do the same!!!


    Come on other Bloggers. Change your Banner pic. It is easy. It is fun. And readers enjoy the surprise, when they come, and find a new pretty picture! :-)


  9. Mona, when raising kids we do without so they can have some of the things they really need. I see now harm in them working or doing what they can to help out. You raised your children the right way. Now it is your time to have what you want, so go for it. Have a blessed day and wonderful month of June. Madeline
    P.S. your header is beautiful.

  10. Yes, I LOVE the surprise of a new header, which seems to be happening each time I visit! Such a delightful treat!

    I have so enjoyed seeing this selection of your treasured pretties...and hearing the story behind each one. I, too, think your children had a well balanced, loving upbringing, Mona. They appear to have been well prepared to branch out into the world and make a success of their lives, each in their own independent way, remaining true to who they are at their core. That's a tremendous achievement, from your side, Mona! And wonderful that you are now able to spend time doing the things that make you happy.

  11. Love your new header, Mona. Those silk flowers look so real...beautiful.

  12. How are you Miss Mona Girl? I haven't been by in sooo sooooo long. Just too much going on in my life to blog. Two years of hardship and sorrow just almost broke us. Job loss, death of our fathers, troubles with kitchen remodel, kids moving home to save to buy a house, etc. Finally our lives are returning to a measure of NORMAL and we are so happy.

    I hope this finds you happy and well. Not sure I'll ever blog like I used to, but maybe a little. Still miss everyone so much.

    I'm going to backtrack a bit to catch up. Thinking of you. Love the header...mine is the same OLD ONE. Maybe change is due. We'll see.

    Big hugs~

    xoRebecca (@A Gathering Place)

  13. I remember the first new furniture we got in our home. I was in high school and Mom was so proud of it! She worked at a local hospital and had to wear white uniforms daily. I remember when she could finally wear regular clothes and since all her kiddos were out of the house and she could afford it, clothes were her passion. After Dad passed away she redid the house and filled it with things she really enjoyed but could never afford when she was younger. It's OK to surround yourself with things that make you smile each day. Life is short and happiness live your life! Your kids sound like they had a good life with a wonderful Mom and it never hurts to learn early to take care of yourself. I did that and was always proud when I could do for myself without asking my folks. Kids today need more of that learning!

  14. Mona i love seeing all your pretty little things. Our kids worked too...we didnt just hand them things. They know the value of working hard now that they are grown ups. And they appreciate what they have, or are working towards.

  15. Good Morning ladybug, well, you gor my attention once again. Lovely Blog

  16. Great thoughts indeed, thanks for sharing!

  17. Our only has been gone for many years since 1997 and comes home about 5 to 6 times a year..We see her in Seattle at lovely tiny hotels and we adore being with her..We got new furniture and some new windows and insulation coming soon, the rug will be replaced, we have two older kitteh cats..We both grew up in rented homes neither of our parents owned much of anything, not with my hubs dad missing in action other than to breed many children he neither supported or his wife at all, my Mom died when I was young, my dad went to pieces we were sent to foster homes from hell the state did not care, I mostly hung out with kids in my neighborhood who knew my Mom and Dad..I did live in a nice home with nice furniture but they were not of my religion so were taken away but I was almost 18 ready to go to live with my 87 year old grandmother my Mom's mom who I was most like, she lived until I graduated NEARLY passed one week from graduation..One never knows what will happen in life, I don't fancy fancy stuff, I think being with people you love, dinners and happy times are far more important, I had no living family by the time from my Mom and I never knew what happened to my Dad by the time I was 21, so when I married in 1974 my hubs has been my soul mate and rock, our only child is single and doesn't appreat to want to marry we are the 3 musketeers, we travel and vacation together, we spoiled her with love and affection not things!

  18. You did good with your kids, my friend. We all did---it's always the best we can do and they come out fine for most of us. I gave my children a lot of material things but they never asked for them---maybe it was the lack of gifts and love I didn't receive when I was a child. Anyway---they are okay!

    Love hearing your memories. Scrolled back and saw your master bedroom. So cozy!! So Laura Ashley! I love wallpaper and flowers. I'd be so happy and comfy in this room!

    Jane x

  19. Hi, Mona...well, we do the very best that we can with our kids and no body can ask for more. I am so proud of mine...and I thank HIM every day for choosing me to be their mother.
    Now, about those 7-UP biscuits...they are good...they are fast...they are easy and you and your hubby are gonna love 'em.......(that description sounds like a floozy woman..) LOL

  20. My friend Mona . . . THE GIVER . . .
    It's your turn Mona . . . treat yourself and enjoy.
    Lovely little touches . . .

  21. lovely blog! thanks for sharing...

  22. Yes, Mona, it is your time and you should enjoy it! I love all your little odds and ends and I imagine they give you great pleasure. Sounds like you have really great kid - you are blessed.

  23. Hi Mona...finally got everything back and running. The little bouquets are so cute. I think that is probably my favorite thing to make with silk or fresh flowers. Your bedroom is lovely. Give yourself permission to enjoy it and don't worry about what anyone else says about it. I think it looks gorgeous....and I still love wallpaper.
    Hope you are finding some major bargains today!

  24. Mona, your treasures are just beautiful, each one well deserved too! It's your time to shine and it's your time to enjoy the little things. Sounds like you raised some real gems!
    Have a happy day!

  25. these are all beautiful and i did not know the dish is a biscuit keeper. i love the first photo of the little creamers.. you have so many treasures..


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