Thursday, May 28, 2015


With me it's never just another day.  It never will be again.  I take nothing for granted.
I have learned we are frail.
We can be here today..and not here tomorrow..gone.

So I went in the back yard and planted ferns in my little Fairy Garden.  And I planted more flowers..
More Irish grass to plant but it's busy growing over by the fountain.  It's my fault.  I waited to long to plant it.  (that bridge looks awful..I have to do something with it!

It was neat to go look at my little garden this morning and see that shamrocks had grown up around the fountain..delicate, perfect little shamrocks.  To me everything has meaning....
Please enlarge.  I want you to see how absolutely gorgeous they are!    You're gonna love them.  :)

In the morning our little table and chairs were a faded red..not so pretty anymore.  In less than an hour they were a pretty butter yellow.. Notice how I "stage" my photo's?  :)  ..and of course there's Mele'  keeping an eye on me.  

Then I redid my old bird cage.  Added a nest etc..and, well, I like it better.
.....and I wondered about the world out there..the wars, the killing and the sadness and heartbreak going on with the horrible floods.  
Yes, why.  Why are places washing away while here food is being sacrificed due to lack of water in California.  And those poor people losing their homes...and lives.  I wish I could understand but I can't.  It wasn't so long ago that Texas was in a drought too.

Big lovely roses.  AMERICA roses are one of my favorites. I always wanted climbing roses and here I am in my later years..I have the freedom of time and climbing roses.  I wish I could still my mind and forget what is going on around us out there...I can't.  
I know the things I cannot change but it doesn't seem to help at times.

I do find joy in little things.  I really do.  I realize it does no good to despair about the way things are..
I can't change them.  
As they say, you can only change you, not the world.   Really?
I called to Mele.  She looks up but she knows I just wanted to call her name.  She comforts me.  I took her to the Vet today..she is having a heart problem.
She is now on two heart medications.  She is more than just a little dog to me.  She has been with me  through two deaths of my family...I've soaked her with I call her..and she looks at me curiously.
I don't make her get up, I go to her.

I sat on my new patio furniture and watched the birds..Mele' came closer to be near me...we were quiet.
It was a beautiful day today.  Not hot and not cold...just perfect.  
I wondered why the whole world can't be like this...peaceful, quiet.  Sadness is a part of life.  Things happen..but I can't

For Mother's Day my daughter, and son in law made me this beautiful birdhouse.  I love it.
No one has one like it. :)  They bought the perch and side lock at the Long Beach (I think) Auction.
There is a little side door that opens so it can be cleaned out.  I'm so pleased.

You know...I wish I could do more than I do.
It's a helpless feeling.

Notice Mele' is on her way over to see what I'm doing.  She follows me from place to place..and I follow her.

Is this what old people do?   Just fiddle around in the back yard or in the house?
I guess so....
Read any good books lately?  :)
I have.  I just finished "THE WARMTH OF OTHER SUNS"  ...


  1. You have created a magical garden, is so very beautiful, well tended and peaceful! For we who are "onlookers" you have a wonderful life, probably enviably so for some, and I know you know, and appreciate it every single day. Furthermore, I think you achieve a lot! You are never idle...always creating and doing, but for your own peace of mind, try not to dwell too much on things that are so completely beyond your control. Enjoy your beautiful home and garden. They are your sanctuary.

    I hope Mele's heart medication will keep her safe and strong. I know how integral she is to your life, and that you are worrying about her. Just love her even more than you already do, if that's possible ;)

  2. Hello my Friend, What a nice thing to do early in the Mornings is to grab my coffee and take a stole with you . Have a great day.


  3. Your garden is so pretty and so many fabulous flowers and things to see. Enjoy.

  4. Mona, I love coming to visit you because you speak from the heart. I wonder, too, what more I can do -and realize that I am supposed to be right here doing just what I am doing at this moment in time. There is something that calls me to do more but then I don't know what that is.
    My last kitty is gone and I don't think I will get another pet anytime soon. I don't think I can take the heartbreak of losing another "old friend".
    God bless you as you dwell and rest in your beautiful garden. I love the shamrock in your fairy garden and will have to put some in ours now.
    Have a wonderful Thursday- xo Diana

  5. I also love to visit you Mona...I sometimes wonder to what we do in retirement to fill our days. I think you perhaps have found the answer.....just enjoying time.....all that you do is just beautiful and sweet....peaceful! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. A lovely garden filled with magic and love.

    Sometimes we have to turn the news off and take a break from catastrophes.

    Have a blessed day.

  7. I take comfort, in what Joseph Campbell said;

    “When we talk about settling the world's problems, we're barking up the wrong tree. The world is perfect. It's a mess. It has always been a mess. We are not going to change it. Our job is to straighten out our own lives."


  8. Mona, I sometimes wonder why things happen like they do. Every night the news is full of bad things. I prayers go out to the people in Texas and other states that have had disasters. Your yard and fairy garden are very beautiful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. What do we do in our "olden time"? Whatever makes us the happiest.

    We had our Youth of Learning.

    We had our Adulthood of Doing.

    Now we have our older years, of contemplating.

    No more new 'doing'. No more 'jobs', to be completed. We gather the Wisdom we have learned, to ourselves. To share, if anyone asks.

    And find well earned enjoyment.

    Gentle hugs,

  10. i like tessa's quote! it is really weird getting old. the world is always a mess. sometimes we notice it more than others. your garden is a peaceful oasis! i love that birdhouse.

  11. Beautiful post Mona . . . you have such warmth and grace . . .
    Mele is adorable . . . sorry about her heart problems.
    I understand the comfort you feel from her . . .
    the word 'companion' says it best . . .

  12. What a beautiful garden and the perfect place for peace and serenity…

  13. Mona you have made with your loving hands a little piece of heaven in your out door area and garden. I think the colour of your table and chairs you painted look so good. I hope you have time to sit out there and enjoy it. Hugs Kay

  14. Mona, the table and chairs looks wonderful that color as does the rest of your "place"...:)JP

  15. Mona, I know just how you feel. I go and sit out in the garden and looks at all the beautiful flowers and wish that it could be peaceful for everyone.
    Your garden and patio area are lovely and restful. Love your new wicker garden furniture, looks really good. Like the yellow that you painted the little table and chairs.
    Your Fairy Garden looks really good. I know you are enjoying it.

    Have a wonderful weekend Mona.

  16. We are on the same page when it comes to wondering about the world. Jack and I were sitting on the deck late one night just enjoying the stars and peace and quiet. I looked up toward the woods and it was so beautiful. I said out loud to Jack "Why can't the world have this peace and quiet..why is everyone so mean to each other?" I don't get it. But I savor the quiet and happy times and those help us through the darker times. I think you do plenty around your piece of the world in you little garden of Eden. Your new furniture looks beautiful and also very comfy! Have a lovely weekend dear Mona!

  17. That chair looks so comfy to sit on Mona, mind if I drop over for a cuppa and sit for a while......I'll just get my dogsled set up with wheels for the summer. he,he. What a lovely fairie garden you have cleaned up and added new plants - it all looks just so comfortable and beautiful that I could almost live there. Do you take in Canadians. ha,ha lol to you and the "Maine Man" lol

  18. Your fairy garden is lovely. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful home and garden. I am sorry to hear that your little Mele is having heart problems. I hope the medicine she is taking will help her.

    Susie D.


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