Sunday, May 17, 2015


My "lots of plans" are getting a very slow start.  Each day passes and some things get done..but SO slowly.  I'm still limping around...drives me nuts!
Very inexpensive rental.  Just a visit now and then is all I want.

It's that time of year, (time for Fairy Gardens) so today when I looked at my pretty Irish grass that I had bought several weeks ago for my little wheelbarrow Fairy Garden, and saw that it was dying, I knew I had to get started.
I hear tiny tappings on my windows so I know it's time.

I took the little Fairy House I found on ebay and headed for the back yard.  Since it has a lovely fireplace, it will be cozy right through Fall and Winter. WILL!!

Bad start since I could not, for the life of me, find my favorite little red handled trowel that fits my hand perfectly.

I found how I wanted the house to sit, (I had already cleaned the garden a few days ago.  
Then I chose the grass that hadn't died and pulling up a garden chair..I got started.
Yep..I got started!  I really did.  It was a great feeling!

I popped in some pretty flowers here and there..

Here I'm peeking through the ivy covered arbor at the house.  The tiny door you see opens and closes. *smile* 

Now to get this all more some tiny ferns and get them potted. ....
Decisions, decisions!
" kitty, kitty.."

More tiny flowers are needed..lots to do's a start.
I need tall plants for behind the little house..some English ivy to grow over the top and mingle with the other ivy I've been waiting to grow...and grow...and grow, and boy did it ever grow!

I found one of my tiny succulent's and potted it..on the front porch.  

It will change ..lots more to do..but it's a good start...  it will change...
( an aerial view!)

...and change..and I will never be completely satisfied.
I noticed that there is already one tiny Fairy sitting on a little bench.  A bench?!
I don't use things I don't think a Fairy would use. So would a Fairy have a tiny orange cat as a pet?
Or sit on a bench?
I haven't put my pretty FAIRY GARDEN sign out yet..or finished the planting around the little bridge where little ferns will be growing around the water.
The little bird bath needs water too, of course.
I have a tiny bike but...not would bother to ride a bike since they do a fantastic job of flying.  How do I know all this??  
Because they told me SO, silly!!  :)

Love and hugs,


  1. This is adorable, Mona. You have created fairy gardens before,that's obvious. So, so cute. I'll enjoy watching you add and change things as the summer progresses. I started one for my grand-daughter's 5th birthday today. She loved it and will have fun adding to it. Now I want to have one for my garden. :) Enjoy what's left of this beautiful Spring. Hugs, Deb

  2. Your fairy garden is wonderful and you really did a wonderful job on it.
    So sorry that you are limping around - better get that knee fixed before you get down and can't walk at all.
    Have a wonderful week my friend.

  3. Mona- That is just so cute. My fairy garden has not been touched yet this Spring. I really need to get at it soon. Yours is just darling and you have done a wonderful job so far.
    Sorry you are limping around-that is no fun! Hope you are all better soon. xo Diana

  4. Loving your fairy garden mona! Can't wait to get started on mine! Have a great week

  5. What a wonderful garden. If I were fairy size, I would come stay for a while. Beautiful.

  6. How precious and charming--I can see how fun it is---I've thought about starting my on little "village" for a long time!

    I truly hope your knee starts to feel better soon.

    Jane xxxx

  7. that is amazing, beautiful and so much fun!
    I hope you feel better soon,,,

  8. BEAUTIFUL job! You are so clever! Sorry you are hobbled, though.

  9. Of course the fairy's told you Mona. I love your little garden. What is nice, is that you can sit down and play with out having to get down on the ground.
    Hugs Kay.

  10. I LOVE your imagination, make it all come alive so wonderfully, and I can feel your childlike joy in creating this incredibly sweet little garden! Real magic!

  11. Now there is a perfect way, to take your mind off of your knee 'issues'.... :-)

    Talking with Faeries is a lovely way to spend time, anytime, of course.

    Listening to their housing suggestions and all.

    We Must Have Whimsey In Our Lives!!!


    Hugs, Tessa

  12. You have created a beautiful fairy garden. I just love it. I also like your new header. Hope that knee gets to feeling better with each passing day. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. i've been wondering what you have been up to and now i see! this is just wonderful!!! i don't know that anyone does fairy gardens better than you.

  14. Your fairy garden is truly magical! The fireplace made me cold does it get in your area? A bitter 50 de? That could make a wee one shiver!

  15. Love your fairy house. Fairy gardens are so much fun, you can do whatever you want. I started a tiny one in an old tool box and in my flowers boxes. Not knowing if we will be moving this summer, I am hoping to just keep it simple. I still have a ways to go in the flowers boxes. A couple of the little plants I bought have both died....the ones that look like baby tears. Have you been to the doctor about your knee. Hugs

  16. Sweet, sweet garden Mona and your storyline makes it even more so . . .

  17. How cute is your fairy garden! Cute! I expect today it might get finished. Just don't overdo it my friend. Your garden looks lovely as always!

  18. Of course Fairies sit on benches and stroke the family cat (tiny cat) - I think his name is Tim....Tim, the tiny cat :) Garden is looking swell. When can I move into my summer home. There's a elder Fairie waye up in Canada that's been eyeing that particular mossy path to the beautiful house surrounded by your creative garden for some time. I could fly around and help PH with the directions of the great mirror. haha Sorry to hear you are still limping my dear. Hope the pain is not too bad and you gotta get on it girl and get something done aboot the knee. You'll feel ever so much better. Luv n hugs to you n PH. p.s. Just give me a hint please, when the Fairy Garden and house are ready for a renter :)

  19. It turned out beautiful! I love the succulent on the porch and little stepping stones. It's perfect.

  20. Hello I'M BACK Have a nice day my sweet friend

  21. I have been looking forward to seeing your fairy garden, and I wasn't disappointed! Your attention to detail is is your fairy garden! I am so sorry to hear that you are still limping around...hugs....

  22. Dear Mona, sorry to read that you are limping about. Perhaps working on the fairy garden will bring you luck and having your knee feel better.

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