Thursday, January 16, 2014


...first the heart part!
Slowly..a few a day..the hearts and flowers are coming out.  By the time I get them all out, I'll have to put them all away.  LOL  That's okay.  I don't mind.  I'm retired!

Probably all of us have a piece of furniture we love.  My little hutch is mine.
I've posted it several times in different dress..and now it's time for hearts.  What's nice is that I can still use my reds.
My Brambly Hedge luncheon set is back in place along with
my daughter, Dawn's, Beatrix Potter books.
The luncheon set was from my daughter.
Little by little things are back to normal but with a touch of heart.
  (my patio is still a mess and I really have been working on it.)

I decided to keep my candy boxes from PH given to me each Valentine's Day.
I think they rather dress things up a bit.  I used every one of them.  
Sentimental me...

Coffee table..well now that's another matter.  I wish I knew why I struggle with making the coffee table pretty but I do.
I just clunked a couple of pretty faux African Violet's in an old creamer with a little spiked heart from Michael's.  So far..that's about as far as I've gotten.

This little put together tea set is from gathered parts.  They don't match but I don't mind.
I love to see it polished and gleaming as it was meant to be.
My daughter puts hers out all tarnished and I cringe.  :)
One day when she was visiting..and we returned from a morning of garage sales..I showed her how very simple it was to keep them beautiful and I've converted her!

Not sure which, but one of the flower bouquets has to go.  :)   I'm still stumbling around trying to figure out what to put where..and I complicated it more by going to Michael's this evening and getting into more trouble.

I hate to admit after living here all my life..but earthquakes make me very nervous.
Between earthquakes..and wildfires..things are really popping here in So. Cal.  For the a few days now..maybe a week, I've been feeling a slight trembling of the house.  I almost mentioned it to PH and then thought better of it.
Laying in bed night before last, I had just put my book down and turned out the light.  The bed began to tremble.  PH was laying sound asleep.  Then a slight jolt.  Enough to startle me and make me wide awake!
Then last night we had just gone to bed and the trembling began. again...then shake and a jolt.  Glass in the house tinkled..nothing crashed.  The house also cracked somewhere over our heads..then quiet.  We waited.  All was quiet..we sat looking at one another.
This morning we found out it was a 4.4 centered in Fontana.  A small part of Riverside County is about 15 or so miles from us.  Too close.
Both quakes were reported on the news this evening and were in the morning paper.
You would think that when you found out you were living right on a would move, for pete's sake.
The winds have been bad and now there are fires.  One is the worst in more than 20 years.  It's so dry and there is NO rain in sight.

Between whiteout's and earth quakes and freezes...makes one a bit on edge.  Just a bit. :)
Saturday will be another day of adventure for us...looking forward to it.


  1. How frightening for you. I have only felt 3 earth quakes in my life time.
    I should not laugh, because it is not a laughing matter. I do think of those council workers going along with more tar filling in more cracks in the pavement.

    I adore your Brambley hedge tea set. Your little hutch look great.
    Hugs Kay

  2. You inspire me to get my Valentine's tubs out of the attic! You are so right, it will be here and gone ALL TOO quickly!

    I have been watching the fires on the News. OH SO scary! Praying for all of you out there! OH NO, earthquakes too? YIKES!

    Big hugs and prayers heading across the miles dear Mona!

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  4. If one of the bouquets have to move, keep the red and put it where the white one is - it'l make a perfect balance because the other two silver pots are higher. Shuffle it round till you are satisfied. Oh Lord, look at me giving Mona advice, when I should be taking it from you. Remember "Love You More" small pillow - I shall have always a fond memory of the smile that came to my brother's face when I showed him that pillow. Whenever he said that to me, I simply held up the pillow and we would laugh. I thank you for that, for with my brother passing in the fall, the pillow sits on the shelf by his photo and gives me sweet memory of his smile and laughter. Thank you for that Mona.
    Now, earthquakes we do not have - we live on rock - there is rock everywhere round the territory and earthquakes would really frighten me. I guess if you live round them, you get used to them, but I don't think I would have slept the rest of the night. Here I am experiencing temps of -32 zooming up to +70 overnight with rain and thunder - still would prefer this compared to earthquakes n wildfires. Be safe dear Mona and hugz to that PH fella, eh :)

  5. And I heard you say you didn't have any energy to do much. Look at all the pretties you have here and there in your home. GIRL . . . you have been busy surrounding yourself with red and hearts and flowers and pretty!

    Quakes would make me very nervous and the Fires I have been heating about, with the dry, no rain . . . I would worry even more. Find a safe corner Mona . . . YIKES!

  6. I cannot even imagine this Mona! I would be scared to death of an earthquake. I love ALL of your Valentine décor....AND the hutch....oh I am definitely in love with your hutch!!!Stay safe out there in CA!

  7. Beautiful Blog as always. Made my day my dear friend.
    Barbara xoxo

  8. The hearts looking out onto the patio are my favorite. I love how the light catches them.

    Earthquakes and wildfires ... I'm afraid I would be looking to move. That is just too scary.

    Prayers for your safety, friend.

  9. everything looks so festive! my house does the same thing but not because of earthquakes. my house shakes and groans because we live 50 feet above excavated coal of these days!

  10. nature has gone wild, not just in CA but all over the world, we see it all happening on TV... fires, floods, snow, ice, wind, earthquakes... it is all scary and i don't know where you would move to get away from mother nature. every state has something that is scary, tornadoes and hurricanes, \blizzards...
    hope there is no more trembling today and your house is all ready for Valentines day.. love that tea set

  11. I love your red heart candy box and the beautiful cards. I have some Valentine cards from the 1920's and 1930's that were sent to my mother and grandmother. I love to get them out each year and read the notes on the back...most were sent from relatives so I know the sender. Your house is looking so pretty with the touches of Valentines...hugs, Penny

  12. Mona I have been seeing the fires on the T.V. Terrible I pray for rain for you there in California. When I lived in California it was in the Northern part of the state, a little gold mining town, Nevada City, never did fell an earthquake. It is hard to get away from Mother Nature each state has it own terrible things that happen. We have tornadoes here and it is scary. Love all your valentine decorations. Have a blessed day and stay safe. Madeline

  13. I've lived through only one earthquake. It wasn't scary because I didn't know what it was -- thought it was a truck in front of the library. But a wildfire -- that is scary to me.

    Your house is so pretty. I love your patio, and your silver set, and your hutch, and your candy boxes, and... Well, you get the idea. Come decorate my house. Please?

  14. We had an earthquake here once and that was enough for me!
    I can't believe you have your candy boxes. I wish I would have kept one in particular...but I didn't. That is such a great idea. Did you write inside what year??

  15. Yiles! Earthquake!!! Snow covered ground and lower temps fine...but earthquake? Not for my liking...:)JP

  16. I would be scared to live among that much shaking going on. We had a very minor earthquake here a few years ago and it scared me to death. But, we also have tornadoes to worry about and they scare me, too! I'm glad we have a basement to go to.

    Love your silver set and all the pretty decorations!

  17. We rarely have earth quakes that can be noticed here but I've felt two ones just around 4. Loved it :-)No big damages though, a few houses got cracks in the foundation though.

    Fires as well! That is something that really scares me!

    Have a great day despite it all!

  18. Oh Mona, everything looks so pretty. Love the hearts out on the patio. I know what you mean about running out of steam. I'm still pooped with taking down all the Christmas decorations and I don't think I will be doing much until Easter.
    All this crazy weather is a little scary. It seems like when we have hot weather we always get earthquakes. I'm prepared with my emergency kit.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs my dear friend.

  19. I sure hope you have a good weekend and things settle down there. I love your pretty decorations...hearts and Valentines are so sweet. You always have so many pretty things in your home! Sweet hugs my friend!

  20. Earthquakes and so scary.
    We have tornadoes out in our part of the country. They scare the water right out of me but now, thanks to our sweet son and daughter in law, we have the nicest basement, aka spare bedroom, to escape to when the clouds start looking scary.
    Love your Valentines....I don't decorate much for any holiday but Christmas. You've inspired me to go to Michaels....:))

  21. The earth shakes here too, from time to time, and we're reminded that we live in the Ring of Fire. I'm glad you're unharmed!
    I love your gleaming silver and pretty candy boxes - so pretty.

  22. Hi Mona...I see things are popping in your part of the world. I live close to the San Madras quake zone. Kinda gives you that safe feeling doesn't it? NOT! One tremor shook me awake in bed once. You don't forget. I always tell people to keep your red berries and stuff out like that after Christmas. They are cheerful and bright and you can always add those hearts to them. Your house always looks gorgeous so you keep right on doing what you are doing!

  23. I would have been scared to death - I have never been in an earthquake - I am glad you were alright.

    And I think one of my favorite seasons or holidays is Valentine's, My daughter was born on the 15th. And I love hearts and red!


  24. Lovely to see all the hearts, Mona, and certainly none as beautiful as your own. Glad to read that you and Howard were safe despite some really scary moments.

  25. Hi, I'm visiting from The Farmers Daughter, and when I read your post I just had to comment. I grew up in Riverside, California. Lived there 43 years. Been through plenty of earthquakes, bad and not so bad.Oh and the fires, the Santa Ana's and then the rain that makes the hills slide. Ah, being a Californian takes a certain amount of courage doesn't it!

    Susan Oakes
    The Adventure of Old Alice

  26. Dear Jean...over and over I go looking for your blog and I know darn good and well after all this time that there is none there..yet..I go look anyway!! :) Maybe one day you will surprise me and I will celebrate..confetti and all!!!
    :) Hugs,

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