Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Time is flying for me and I want to squeeze every ounce of joy out of life that I can.  Life and love are so fragile and fleeting.
Maybe it's a bit early..but I've started digging out a few things for Valentines Day.  
 I've been lucky in finding love in this lifetime.  I want to celebrate it all I can.  Love today is different for me. 
 It's now all about kindness, taking care that someone is happy and at peace.
It's comforting and being comforted when life hurts you.  It's just so good, for the short time we have left, to not be alone.
I am grateful!
"Let Me Hold You" pretty much says it all when there are no words.
...thank you Diane, for featuring that lovely song on your blog.  
The Blue Ridge Gal does find the BEST music.  

Saturday was so beautiful, we decided to see if there were any garage sales out there...and there was.
I know Christmas is over but I couldn't resist this pretty picture of Santa.  It was large and so pretty with a really nice quality frame.  $2.00.  Next year I will be happy I have him.  (if I can find him!)
At the same garage sale I also spotted this large brass candle stick.  It took some elbow grease but it turned out so pretty.  Is brass coming back?  (I read that somewhere..) No matter I love it and I don't really care what's "in" or "out."  It's all about what appeals and adds charm to our homes.
Besides...  (forgot what I was going to say...happens a lot lately! :) 

Oh..I remember..it cost a whopping $5.00 but by then I had to go potty and didn't want to quibble.

..and last but not least..this little heavy lead crystal bunny!  LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!
Actually, he was the first thing I bought at that yard sale...
..but on the way to breakfast (and the bathroom!)..ANOTHER one...
 I found these cute little post-it's.. a quarter for all of them.
..and in another plastic baggy were all of these brand new Sharpie pens.  The kind with the broad tip..OR the narrow one for writing!  Every single one was new!  Cost?  Another quarter.  
I needed the markers so I was really pleased with my find.
And that was our Saturday morning.
Two garage sales and I was ready to go have pancakes at our favorite little place.
PH didn't find anything.  He looks for books.  
Next Saturday will be his day..that's what I told him and  I even offered him some of my pens!

He just wanted his French toast... :)
If I didn't inspire you..I hope I made you smile.  


  1. The perfect morning for the perfect couple.
    Hugs Kay

  2. Morning, what a gal, you are so very Special and I do so love reading your Blog. I know at times we are all down in spirits but yes, today you made me smile. I am so thankful we became friends , a Florida gal,and a California Gal,
    Keep the Beatiful Blogs comming. They make my day.


  3. the rabbit would fit in my nook with my 2 bears, cat, dog,elephant and giraffes. all glass. you sure found a lot of bargains.

  4. SO many pretties! I am all about buying some sharpies and post-it notepads! I am constantly writing down what I need to get off the sofa and do:) Enjoy your day dear Mona, HUGS!

  5. Good morning my Mona friend,
    It's sooo good to wake up and find a post from you !! You make me smile always !! I just caught up with all yours I think !! Very sweet....Good finds for a good treasure hunter !! Don't you love it !! Makes for a happy day !!
    Every thing is going well, just little bumps in the road still dealing with a lot of emotions and business ..... you know what I mean, I KNOW !!
    one of my really dear friends, father was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, so, I have been with her and him ALOT !! He lives 5 mins. from me, and, so, I try to get in there each day to help where I can !! TERRIBLE TERRIBLE diagnosis .... from thinking it was an ulcer to THIS !! And, I don't think it is a very easy thing to deal with .... sooo much pain and discomfort, hopefully will soon be controlled a bit with meds ...
    Gosh, I always end up writing you a letter !! Have to catch up tho !!
    I will keep in touch, think of you every time I drive down the 91 to my sister inlaws .... YES !! I yell "Hi Mona girl" ... you hear me right !! hahaha ... gosh, that 91 is a MESS !! When will they EVER be done re-doing it !! It makes me say bad words :O:O ..... crazy !!
    Well my friend, sending love hugs and happy wishes to you !! Make your day a happy one .. love you xoxo

  6. Great finds...I love that crystal rabbit! Have fun for me next Saturday..not many sales here yet, but there will be plenty in the spring! Have a wonderful day...hugs, Penny

  7. Mona what great finds at the yard sales. When my husband was alive we would go every Saturday. That is how I collected many of my items I use in my decorating. I miss going and I miss him. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. great finds mona! nothing like a good garage sale!

  9. You did well with your finds. I love the crystal rabbit and I have that exact same cloth as yours that is under him. Can't wait until the garage sales start back up here in the spring! Happy hunting!

  10. You inspired me! I like all your finds and I think the prices were great. I don't think you spent more then $10 or so. You have the best sales - nothing like that here.


  11. I love how blogging brings people together. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier. It allowed me to find you here.

    Like you, I'm not concerned if something is "in or out." If it appeals to me, I'm bringing it home with me. Great finds at the garage sale.

  12. Mona - one of the good things about maturing (sounds better than old-right?) is knowing what is most important in life & being grateful when you have it in your life.
    When I quit working, I made sure to take a good supply of Post-Its & pens. You can never have enough of either in my mind. Some might call it White collar crime. I call it getting prepared for not being able to remember anything without writing it on a list. Besides, all those for 50 cents was basically free - right? I love the bunny. I do hope you can remember where ya stash that pretty Santa picture, so he can be used next year. Don't put him in the shed - too much seems to go in there, never to be seen again. I heard that rumor about brass making a comeback too. I heard it right about the time I screwed the last nickle drawer pull on all my cabinets and threw away the old brass finished hardware. When you in your 30s you feel like you have to buy the latest & greatest. Once your past 55 you can't be motivated to change anything unless it breaks & you can't find replacement parts. My sister worked in retail as a buyer. She told me that most household items like colors & metals, change every 5 years. The same people who pushed silver a few years ago, will be telling us how awful & outdated it now looks to shame you into buying new stuff. When I bought my condo ten years ago, I hated that the kitchen cabinets were white I couldn't afford to replace them, so I just procrastinated a decade and now there back in style.
    I hope PH finds some old books next treasure patrol.Thanks for showing off your treasures.

  13. Ellen! How happy I am to see you! Had I had this comment from you..I would have used it as a post! It just plain says it all. I just still might post it. You write well and I just don't know why you don't have a blog I can visit! :):)
    I just sold all my brass lamps five years ago..bought painted ones and now I am so disgusted at myself. Thus THE SHED!! However..I am caring less and less about "style" The frantic rush to get the latest and greatest is over. I just want to be comfortable with some "pretty" thrown in. Thanks so much for stopping by. I still don't have your email address or I would answer you in an email!
    I LOVED your comment!

  14. What fun you and PH must have garage sale shopping. Taking turns too! Great finds Mona . . .

  15. Mona -
    Thank you for your kind words. I don't know why you are not seeing my email address I have it set to public in my Google account & then tonight I went into Bloglovin and signed up as a follower again & gave the email there too. At the bottom of the comments box, where it says "Choose an identity", I have selected the 1st choice where it says Ellen in Oregon (Google Account) So, please let me know if your still not seeing the address or I am not going something I need to for you to see the email address. Just in case, my email is: edoodypdx@gmail.com
    I have given some thought to starting a blog, but I'm not sure if I have what it takes to get one up & running as well as making it interesting & successful like Wspersweetly of Cottages is. I do think it would be fun & a great way to meet & interact with people who have similar interests.
    Maybe sometime you might be able to give me some experienced advise & answer some questions about starting a blog. That way, at least I will have some basic info. to base my decision on. If you don't have the time, I totally understand. It's nothing that needs to happen soon anyway.
    Thanks, again, for your positive comment & it was sweet of you to suggest that I have any potential for writing my own blog. I hope you are able to see my email address this time.
    Take care - Ellen


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