Tuesday, January 21, 2014


It was WAR!
I happens now and then.  It was love at first sight.  Understand that I have my share of teapots.  My daughter has given me some beautiful ones..and I love them.
I used to have a few of Mary Engelbreit things..but I don't collect them.

 Then it happened.
I was visiting a blog "My Romantic Home" and Penny had this dream of a teapot just sitting right there on her table.  A gift from her daughter some years ago, she told us.  ( I tried to add Penny's link but it wouldn't work..)
I read, I commented but I was back with the teapot.  I visited it a couple of days in a row..and then..
I went on a hunt.  It took awhile but I found one..and I bid and I won..and yes, I used a little trickery.
No matter I was IN LOVE!  They say all is fair in love and war.  Right?  Right?
And..yes I know it's a CHRISTMAS item..but I am keeping it out to look at.  It will not get packed away.
Comfort and Joy is good all year long..Yes?
I'm a little insecure here because of my underhanded bidding practices..  LOL
Can you tell?
The teacups and saucers?...so far I've only found two of them.  but I'm not giving up!
Scarce as hens teeth, those teacups!
Not a big deal but I really haven't much to post about..and it shows. 
I laced some red polka dot ribbon through one of my favorite bowls...

...filled it with fruit..sort of Valentiney, don't you think?
Maybe I should add some hearts?  Sparkly ones along with apples instead of oranges..
Just thinking out loud.  :)  Yes!  Wait, I've got it!  I'll add the polky ribbon to the little tray underneath too! 
I think I'm on a roll here!  (at least for me.. :)

WOULD you just look at the heat we are having.  It's been in the 80's all week!

Yep..this was in the paper a couple of days ago!  I figure what the heck..so I've been praying for rain..not so you would notice but I want to do my share!  I mean..we are in serious trouble out here!  
NO WINTER!  Can you believe that???

Love to you.. :)


  1. Oh girl, I have been watching the hot and dry weather you all are having! Cute little polka dot ribbon, great addition to the bowl!

    I am coming out there in July and I SO want to meet up with you for a visit! Wouldn't that be AWESOME? I think so:) I will be coming to Huntington Beach for my Granddaughter's softball tournament:) I am not sure how close that is to where you are, let me know!

    Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Hi Mona,
    Your little tea-pot is just as pretty as can be! But now you got me curious, what are the tricky bidding things?
    We are bitter cold again here today. Our wind chill is minus 30.
    Just the total opposite of you.
    I do hope you get some rain, droughts are really horrible things.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Oh I love love love the teapot!!! I adore ME things! Good for you! ♥♥♥

  4. Cute, cute teapot. My sister collects Mary Englebreit and teapots so I am going on a hunt for this for her birthday.

    I would love to have your weather. We are getting 10-12 inches of snow today and wind chill of -15. Not nice.

  5. and the rest of the country is buried in snow and ice and to much rain... we need rain here but not as bad as yours... the tea pot is cute. I have never bid on anything.. but then i have never seen anything on a blog that i had to have... i see dogs i want but that is it.

  6. I am so happy that you were able to find that ME teapot....doing my happy dance! I'm like Cindy..do tell..what are the tricky bidding things! We have been having 50-60 degree weather here in New Mexico..but we have a cold front coming Thursday. Expecting down in the 20's and light snow...then back to normal for the week end. Hugs, Penny

  7. Love the tea pot Mona. I have a really pretty MG one that my assistant gave me for my Birthday many years ago. I love the MB stores but unfortunately they all went out of business. Have a few cute thing of hers.
    Sorry I haven't email you back - I promise I will in a couple of days. I have had so many Dr appointments, lab test etc. Yea have passed with flying colors.
    Have another warm/hot day - thank God the nights are a little chilly.

  8. your weather is just awful! i sure hope you get some rain soon. that tea pot is so cute! it doesn't look too xmas-y to leave out all year long!

  9. That was a really nice teapot! I agrre, anything is allowed in love and war :-)

    I would gladely send You some of our snow if You send some of Your heat :-) I sure hiope it will rain over at Yours soon because I can just imagine how dry it will be when summer arrives!

    Have a great day!

  10. I fear for the fires you may have this summer. It's just waaaay too dry on the West Coast.

  11. Praying could only help I would think! I live in Southern Utah now and we're in a drought situation too.
    I was just thinking this morning on my way to work, I should be praying for rain and snow. Duh!

  12. I love your teapot! Darling...and the cake plate! I've always wanted one of those you can lace the ribbon through.

    I would love to be sitting in your backyard right now with the sun shining on my face. We've had a very cold snowy winter. Oh, well. It doesn't hurt anything like your drought does. Sending prayers, Mona.


  13. Amazing, WE ARE ONE, as citizens in this USA. But there you are in a heat wave and here I am in a cold wave with tons of snow. Then there is that Blue Ridge Gal wishing for snow and just getting puny amounts. Some who are living with ice and some living with fire. YIKES . . . what a bunch we are!

    I like your red and white decorating and you continue to encourage me into some LOVE spirit. I will go whole hog once February arrives! Promise . . .

  14. Love your new teapot. I have been keeping up with the water supply out west. I see where they have asked users to conserve water. I wish it would rain back there and I wish it would warm up here we are back in the deep freeze. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  15. Love the little tea pot and I would keep it out all year too! You better watch out..first you take on city hall, then you do some "Godfather" (I'll make an offer they can't refuse) tactics to score good deals...you're getting a reputation! You go get 'em and enjoy your decorating!

  16. That is a cute little teapot and I'd sure leave it out all year! Love the colors. It seems so many of us never get the weather we need lately. Take care and enjoy that new teapot!

  17. Secret deals in purchasing Hmmmm!!! what could be your tactics???? I love the tea pot and I do hope you find some cups and saucers.
    I'm so sorry it is hot at your place. It just cooks my goose when it gets unbearably hot.
    hugs Kay

  18. OOO BOY!! NOW I want a ME teapot....waaay too cute. :))

    We stay in constant prayer for rain out here on the Plains of West Texas...I will ask for rain for ya'll, too. :)

  19. Dear Mona - I spent a little time this morning catching up with you. I lost my sweet Momma two weeks ago and just haven't been in the mood to browse my favorite blogs. But I should have, because I always enjoy your posts so much - they really brighten my day. When going through pictures for Mom's service we came across quite a lot from when I was a baby and they lived in California. I've only been twice for a visit, but I feel a connection. I will definitely be praying for rain for you all. Hugs - Rhonda

  20. 80 degrees? I think we will be lucky to get even close to 30F tomorrow and I live in the South. Love the teapot..don't think I have ever seen those.

  21. I have to send you Savannah Grannies blog - she loves teapots too. sandie


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