Friday, January 31, 2014

~DID I HIT OR MISS ON THESE FINDS?~ another day...not sure if we will go out and look around.
Before I go on..I want to thank all of you who left the sweetest commentS on my post concerning my friend Nedra.  
I called her today and told her.  We had a great time remembering.  I'm trying to talk her into moving back to California..she and Mick have people here.  Their home is up for we shall see.  How I would love that!!  
So....on to my "hit or miss" post...

This red wooden picture sweet.  50 cents.

NOW..this really made me smile.
On a blanket with a bunch of junk half covered and dusty, was this was this sweet covered serving dish.
This is on the bottom of it.  It was 25 cents!!  
Yep..a quarter!
It is going to look so sweet on the table at Easter.  

This pretty mirror I found at the same Estate Sale as the other things..I should have dusted it before I took the pictures of it.  :(  It's extremely heavy)

 The frame seems to be of some sort of copper material.  The back is entirely hard covered.  No paper.
I was $30 at the sale..I came back on Sunday and bought it for $15.  Where will I hang it?  Who knows.  It's been sitting where you see it for the past week.  I have to do some..rearranging. 
The glass is perfect, it just needs cleaning.
So...what do you think?  A hit or a miss??
A round 50's style Christmas tablecloth.
Flawless.  The table clothes were expensive but half price when I bought them.
This one was $5 and the one below was $10.
A pretty white LARGE round Batten burg tablecloth.

I may take this cloth and have it done at a Laundry.  These are not easy to iron.  It's a really nice holiday tablecloth.  It may go to a daughter as they do more entertaining than I do...maybe..
Do you have a closet where you hang your table clothes?  I have discovered that it's a great way to store them. Hanging them in garment bags is nice.  The crocheted ones go in a long drawer, as do the doilies.
I have a large dresser for those.  

Everything is now washed, pressed and almost all put away.  That little embroidered cloth I said had stains?
The one I was worried about.  Every single stain came out.  
I filled the washer, spray the spots and carefully rubbed in the cleaner..working it into the fiber gently..then..and this always scares me...I quickly tipped the bleach bottle up on the spots..and threw them immediately into the washer and started it.  It works every time.  I know it will make some of you does me too..but it works.  So far..I've lost nothing..or ruined nothing.  Amazing!

It turned out just gorgeous.  NO loss of color at all.
I've probably just been lucky.  A professional I'm sure would have a heart attack!  
Sending love...


  1. wow you sure got some cool deals, I do have to say I would have snatched up that wonderful rabbit baking dish right away...just the best deal ever...How odd I wash white linens the same way...sometimes when I spot clean it I use 409 right on the stain then up end the bleach on the stain and get it in the wash fast, always perfect,,thanks for the post....

  2. I have a small Batten Burg I love.

    Mirrors scare me...don't know why but I rarely buy one. Using the ones that have always been here.

    You find so many wonderful treasures I can see why you enjoy these "hunts"

    Your home is beautifully decorated and your love shows in every piece.

  3. I love it when you n PH go on these hunts - I enjoy the way you tell the story of how you got certain items and what you "only" paid for them. We usually have auctions in the late spring, summer n fall and I do attend some of those but I think it would be more fun to have a sale partner to go with. I do have fun at the auctions and have gotten to know some of the regulars that attend, so those are especially fun. We bid, we eat, we have tea n coffee and bid again. ha,ha
    Great finds Mona - I especially like the serving dish and the white tablecloth and the mirror is very interesting. Do you think PH could hold it up to the sun outside the house and signal us up here in Canada.....Yah....sounds good to me :)(2 flashes for hullo and 4 flashes for "how the heck are ya" :)

  4. Good evening Mona, talk about a bargain hunter. You certainly can hunt them out or talk them down .Love the bunny dish, just right for Easter.
    Hugs Kay

  5. That bunny dish is so pretty and just right for Easter. I don't know what I would do with a mirror that large. I hope you find a place to put it.

    Love those tablecloths. I would be afraid to wash them myself. They would have to go to the cleaners.

  6. Love the covered dish, and Christmas tablecloth.


  7. Ok Mona!! You were spot on with your purchases! My favorite is the bunny! My sister goes to Estate Sales ever weekend in Pensacola, so she is a girl after your own heart. I want to go too! What treasures! Have a beautiful weekend dear girl!

  8. WOW, I love your finds! The frame is just my color:) the mirror is precious and OH the tablecloths! LOVE the Christmas one:) Enjoy your day dear Mona, BIG HUGS coming across the miles!

  9. Mona, while we have no plans to live in CA, what fun it would be to spend time there going to estate sales. But, I fear we would need to take a road trip cause any great deals would not fit in luggage for a flight home. The bunny dish was a great find, not only for the cost, but made in USA did it for me. And, that mirror needs a nice hallway for display and you could look in it daily and remind yourself of your fantastic deal!
    By the way, the new header and your photo are lovely.

  10. You found some great things I love the bunny dish and the mirror I love all your finds. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. Oh they are all gorgeous. I love everything, and the tableclothes are especially nice. Hugs, Marty

  12. hey mona! score!!! you got some great stuff. that is a really nice mirror!

  13. You hit a home run with that bunny covered dish! Good thing I wasn't at that sale, I'd have arm wrestled you for that! Have a great week end Mona...hugs, Penny

  14. Love all your finds . . . I'd say they are all HITS!
    Love the little vintage Christmas cloth . . .

  15. I like the bunny covered dish! And the vintage table cloths are always something I zero in on when I go to sales or flea markets. Love them! The mirror would look great in a hallway or at the end of a hallway.
    Sweet finds!

  16. Hi Mona....Long story short...I've started a new blog this weekend after so many problems with computer. Here's my new name...come visit soon.

  17. I love the mirror... it's hard for me to walk past one and tell myself NO.

  18. Nice hunting which will bring you pleasure, Mona so they're keepers!...:)JP

  19. You sure do have the eye girl. I liked everything. I remember those tablecloths - and how hard they were to iron. And from the Cordon Blue - do you know they have a school here and you can go take a tour and have lunch or dinner there? I did it with some blog friends. The mirror I just had to well not had to - chose too - and it was my mothers - but I am trying to downsize.

    Loved, sandie

  20. Hit, Hit, Hit and more Hit!! I love the bunny dish. I can see it Easter morning filled with something wonderful. I love old tablecloths and have many vintage ones. I store them in a drawer and never thought about hanging them. What a good idea and it will free up room for more things in that drawer! Thanks Mona. Now enjoy your Sunday!

  21. OMG! You find the best yard sales! I love little rabbit and mouse things. I also have a battenburg tablecloth and napkins. Someone gave it to me. What I notice around here about garage sales or yard sales is mostly clothing and used flower vases! I could have sold them plenty of the latter. HA! Hard to get stains out of white and colored things. Seems like you have the trick down pat!

  22. I have a new blog address....please come visit so I know it's working.

    If you already got this...I'm sorry.

  23. I hate to comment again but that has never stopped me before! The mirror was a steal for 15.00. The weight comes from the mirror/glass. We used to do custom framing and the frame alone would cost much more than what you paid. Good job as usual.

  24. I think that every one is a hit. The oven-to-table bunny is adorable!
    I haven't ever thought of hanging tablecloths - thanks for the tip!

  25. Wow, you got some really awesome deals. I never shop anymore, I think it's because I haven't got a friend to do it with, and to kick my butt out the door. :)

  26. Great finds! I especially like the bunny serving dish.

    I usually try salt and lemon juice and sunshine to remove stains, and if that doesn't work, I will use a dab of bleach. I have only had a couple of instances where these methods didn't work.

    We have had small window rattling tremors here in the past. Fuzzy thought that he needed to give those tremors some warning woofs. He definitely thought that our furnace cold air return vent had something to do with the sounds. He is highly suspicious of that vent.

  27. Hi
    My name is Sharon and I live in Kansas. I found your blog through another blog I read a few times a year!!!
    Well...when I read your story, and found out we were very similar I was over joyed.
    I have 3 daughters too. My husband of 40 years passed away 11 years ago, and I haven't moved, but have wanted to oh, so bad. I need a jolt. Two of my daughters live here and their children are grown. My youngest lives 50 miles away in a small town and has my 2 youngest grans.
    I need to move. The house is too big, the yard is too big and I am ready for something new.

    I have a partner now, and he is great. He is a carpenter and can do magic...when he wants to!! haha

    I can't seem to bear the thought of marrying again, so this is just the way it is. The Lord still loves me:-). I use to have a blog called Morrison Mercantile, but I can't find it now. I ignored it for a year and wanted to get back to it...but it lives in cyber space somewhere.


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