Wednesday, January 29, 2014


....which is just fine with me.  You just never know what is going to turn up..sometimes almost nothing..then the next time..the FIND of the year!

Our first garage sale stop I found this basket with liner in brand new condition!  
I put my large fruit bowl in so you can see how large it is.
Plus a large quilted heart ..I'll show you that tomorrow.

This big nice heavy basket was sitting in the kitchen at the Estate Sale and it was full of kitchen utensils.  So...I just emptied it and bought it for three dollars.  Totally worth it~ 

This pretty berry colored afghan was 50 cents at a garage sale we stopped at.

If you look carefully you can see that the edges are scalloped.
I bought another one for my neighbor who loves lavendar for just 25 cents.  No fringe..but so lovely..the softest lavendar picture.  I forgot to take one.  

Here are two of the four doilies I bought at the Estate Sale.

I have put two of them in my hutch..

Yeah...I like it ...I do!  Oops..I forgot to move the little felt bag for granddaughter.  

 SO much work goes into these.  I know, I used to make them.

Ecru is not a favorite color of mine for doilies, but it was so pretty and round and....and all of it came to just $8.00.  Of course it was the following day Sunday) and everything was half price.  :)  
Daughter Maryalice, who was with us, called later and wanted me to go back and check on a green leather chair...LIGHT GREEN!  Yikes, but she loved it.  It would have been just $50.00 and I have to say it was sort of pretty.  However it had sold just an hour before I arrived...but I did get deals on all of the doilies.  I was so pleased! 

This pretty linen and crochet dresser scarf for a quarter at a garage sale.  I later found some tiny, tiny holes in on end.   Do I care..HEAVENS no!  It's on my ironing board ready to be pressed...and put with the rest of the crocheted things.  :)  Lots of pretty crocheted things...yes..that's security.  (ok..just kidding!)  But it is a nice feeling to go pick out fresh linens etc. when you are decorating..IF you are into that sort of thing of course.  

I was watching a program on TV called "Sell This Home" and a couple came in to look at the home that folks had up for sale.  The woman looked at the agent and said in a scathing tone, "It looks like DOILY CENTRAL  in here.  :)  Not everyone likes them.  That's just so sad ...but tastes in decor are very different.
Does this indicate OLD?  Heaven's, I hope not!

 Pretty glass heart with red ribbon to hang it with.  I think it was a quarter at another garage sale we stopped at.  Cute, isn't it?  

More tomorrow.  Really?  Yes... :) really!!  I told you we did good! Not much, just a few more things I think.
Stay warm, stay home and stay safe.  You are loved.



  1. i am SO getting my vicarious garage sale/thrifting thing through you and not feeling like a horder! thanks so much mona!!!

  2. I am so envious. I miss yard sales. We have a few more months before they will start up again.

  3. What a deal on those gorgeous doilies! I noticed some family pictures on the side of your blog when I was writing this comment, so I took a peek. What a beautiful family you have...You are truly blessed! My oldest grand daughter is 23 but, I don't have any greats yet..and I don't see any in the near future! Have a wonderful evening...hugs, Penny

  4. Wow I used to love to go to garage sales and rummage sales, so much fun, not sure if it was the stuff we found or the lunch after or just the fun of parking with friends and family and running up to see if this was the place we would find our treasure..alas, the house got too full and had to thin it out though those were fun memories, thanks...

  5. Some very nice doily handwork. One either has an appreciation for this art of old, or they do not. I have several old crocheted table cloths made by Gary's grandmother, very old. Gorgeous they are!
    Love the little heart, you must have found it because you are sweet!
    Like your basket finds too . . .

  6. I was thinking of how a yard sale would go over in our neck of the woods...I can just see people trying to get in a driveway full of snow and bargaining with the sellers when the temps are 20 below zero with the wind chill! It would be a very fast sale! Ha! Your finds are super good. I would have loved to see the leather chair! I guess if something catches your fancy you better grab it then! (He who hesitates is out a green leather chair!)

  7. You got some great items! I can't wait until it warms up a little and we start having lots of garage sales! I am your newest follower!


  8. Garage Sales already - I am living in the wrong place - now anyways.

    I love the basket - but I love the color of that pretty afghan.


  9. Well, you cleaned up there, Mona. Love your finds. My cousin just sent me the most beautiful large doily -big enough to cover a small table top. I love it.

    Hope you are having a great week. xo Diana

  10. Mona, you really got some wonderful items at the garage sales.
    I used to do alot of that, but I started getting so much stuff I had to start getting rid of things.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Oh Mona, the Berry Afghan is so pretty. You certainly had a good day.
    Hugs Kay

  12. Mona, you make my day every day with your neat blogs. I love Crochet and I crochet everyday as this is my stress relief. I wish I could find a Estate sale like this. Your home oh so beautiful, I can tell we have alot in common as decorating goes and likes. See, we need to live closer, how about moving to sunny Florida (smiles)


  13. I love the doilies - My Mom used to make them and they were all aboot n around the house. You struck oil girl and looks real nice to me - I would love to find estate sales like the ones you go to - I am living too far up north and too far in the wilderness, eh!! Hullo to PH :)

  14. You have the most fun garage saleing! Love it!

  15. Love finding a good basket for a bargain and I am a doily type lady:) I have lots of them too! Enjoy your day dear friend, can't wait for MORE! HUGS!

  16. I used to make all those beautiful doilies too. I had them all over the house. But not since I got married. Ah, well, times change. But you are right they are a lot of work. Not everyone appreciates that.

    You got great buys. I love that little heart. That is something I would display for Valentine's Day.

  17. You had a great day and found lots of nice things. It is to cold here for yard sales, they will start in the spring time. Looking forward to seeing what else you found. Have a blessed day Madeline

  18. You found some really nice things. It's sad when something that takes some much time to make is just discarded. Great that they can find new homes with people that appreciate them. I had to laugh about the thought of a garage sale here right now. Oh it would be so cold.

  19. Well my house is doily central. I love them. I take them off sometimes to be more "with it" and gradually, they come right back out!

  20. And so are YOU, Sweetpea. I always think of you in color---the lovely bright rosy tones of a happy home and warm welcome.


  21. You got some great finds, Mons! I love the beautiful afghan. I can't wait until the garage sales start up in my area!

  22. Mona :) I have missed dropping by and visiting You.Your blog hasn't been showing up as much on My blog roll?I need to come by more often because I always enjoy what I read on Your posts.I've been loving old linens and doilies since My 20s.Your finds are so fun.Thank You for Your visit and sweet comment on My post.-Denise

  23. Glad I took a look. You are a person after my own heart. Garage sales rule. Great photos of everything.


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