Sunday, January 27, 2013


Someone told me once..can't remember who because it was so long ago, that the entry to your home is so important.  That it should be warm and inviting..making one want to come in and stay awhile.
I tried.  But I was a busy, busy mom and could not do it like I wanted.  Now I have time. 
The front porch is a favorite place of mine for morning coffee, for reading and visiting with friends.
A Valentine wreath for the front door and Michael's had these adorable little hanging one for me...and one for daughter #3.  She admired one I bought last year.  She is going to LOVE it!
I love hearts!
I love fresh flowers and a big bow..

add more flowers in baskets..
and yes, I suppose I overdo a bit...
...doilies outside...sure..why not I say!

A puffy heart with a sweet message in it in the window..oops..(forgot to change Mele's sofa blanket.
I washed hers..and substituted ...anyway...)
Another puffy heart with a message on the mailbox. 
There is more on the porch, but I think you've had enough pictures for today's post.
Like I said..I tend to "overdo"...
You understand don't you?
I knew that you would! :)
My love to you, and thank you for taking the time to stop by and see me.


  1. I am admiring the fresh flowers and plants and thinking how refreshing this is, as I cannot even see my garden yet. We still have a lot of snow, however; it is warming up - its only -12 this morning, a lot better than past two weeks of -21 to -30. I love your front porch.

  2. hi mona! your porch is terrific! i used to decorate a lot for valentines day when the kids were young. now i do nothing. i should at least put a wreath up! i love all of your decorations!

  3. Oh I love your porch and the way you always have it decorated. Just perfect. Hugs, Marty

  4. Oh Mona your porch is just so pretty all decked out for Valentines. I love the wreath and of course the basket of cyclamens are just beautiful.

  5. Your porch is so pretty! I love all of your Valentine touches...

  6. Looks like the perfect spot to enjoy your morning cup! Very inviting!

  7. Your porch is just so sweet. I'm sure visitors and people who walk by know very special people live there!


  8. Mona- Your front porch is just beautiful. I would sit out there and enjoy it every chance I got, too! Your hearts are all beautiful- xo Diana

  9. Never too much Mona. Just right, and it looks warm and inviting. Just like you.

  10. Now that's a porch almost as sweet as you my friend!

    How I would love to join you in some tea and great conversation on that beautiful heart haven you've created.

    God bless and have the sweetest day beautiful lady!

    (How's daughter? me...we'll dish!)

  11. I love hearts and I love yours! I love the porch and I love the new blog look!

  12. Your porch does look inviting and I would love to come and sit a spell..especially since it looks warm and sunny! You wouldn't want to spend anytime on my porch unless your bring a snow shovel! You've made me want to go and find a cute wreath for my door!

  13. Doesn't look overdone a single bit:) I love the wreath and puffy hearts! Enjoy your next visit on the porch with all of the pretty decorations! Sweet hugs and prayers coming your way!

  14. If I could describe your porch with one word it would be "welcoming" :-)

  15. I'll bet your postman loves coming by your house. Love the cyclamens on your front porch. I need to get down for some for me. I still have hope it will cool down again. It was 78F here today. I'm longing for some cool weather again. :)


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