Wednesday, January 23, 2013


... and love of course! 
I've been a bit overwhelmed but I wanted to as least make an effort at Valentine's Day.  Any reason to celebrate, make things pretty, look for the light and wonder of life, is something I am trying to do.

I just added my oval heart tablecloth to the top of the red brocade one I used for Christmas..returned my favorite tray to the center of the table and put everything back, added little Valentine heart boxes, a spray of pretty flowers.

A bowl of stuffed Valentine hearts... (now who do you suppose ate the candy?)  Certainly not me!

 I added another little stuffed primitive heart under the glass, tied a larger satin ribbon on the cake saver... I know you can't see it..but I will try and remember to remove the lid for a picture..
Done! Rustic...don't you think? :)
..a little bunch of romantic red roses to the silver tea set...

And other then adding some pretty dishes..napkins..I think that is it for the diningroom table.
 These maybe?  (Notice how carefully I stage my photo's?) 
I leave dishtowels stacked nearby...
Of course if I had ever thought ahead...about anything...
 I remember it being called "pppp"   I won't tell you what that stands for but I'm definitely guilty of that on all counts!  Thus, dishtowels!
I love these red dishes..but..would like something with a little ...never mind.  These will do.
I was just going to say how pretty plaid would be. 
All I did with the silver candle stick is to remove the greenery and just polished and returned the pretty red bow.  I do need some new candles...I need RED and soon.  
Done! least for the moment. 
The front porch?  I'm getting to that. I did a bit today. 
 With love,



  1. Darling Mona with all your worries you still are making your home so beautiful. I love the red cups and plates. I don't think I would have one. Your touch is amazing. All your fabric hearts represent your love for family and PH.

  2. I love your pretty table.
    Most of my dishes are packed so I won't get to do much of a Valentine's table....we'll see.

    I think of you and Sandy so often.
    Love, bj

  3. Oh wow, Mona, this is so pretty. I love how you have used your silver for this pretty arrangement and the cakesaver of course is my favorite. Beautiful Valentine's table. Hugs, Marty

  4. Something about the color red that cheers the heart . . . looking very pretty at Wysprsweetly . . .

  5. You are way ahead of me decorating for Valentine's. I still have to put away my Christmas stuff. I've been busy "creating" my first Craft Room. If you get a chance stop over and tell me what you think. I'd love the visit!

  6. Oh I am in LOVE with all of your pretties! That tablecloth is precious! Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS coming your way from Georgia!

  7. "Any reason to celebrate, make things pretty, look for the light and wonder of life, is something I am trying to do." These are your words. Good Morning Dear Mona - It is people like yourself, that find a way, even through sadness and challenge, to brighten their days and the days of others. You are a "bright Light" to those around you - I love your colours, the red cups and plates - even the dish cloths piled by the side, also very colourful as well. One of your small heart cushions, says "Love You More". My brother Gary, says that to me all the time. I say I love him and his reply is I love you more :) I love that little heart cushion. We have had so much snow if you read my last post, that I am still taking down Christmas Decorations. I don't thing the lights will come down for a while yet - there's usually a good warm thaw, middle of Feb, but then, these days, WHO KNOWS. Have a wonderful day.

  8. Hi darling, I love your table with all the red and white and the glitz of silver. The tray is fantastic. Keeping you in my thoughts. hugs ~lynne ~

  9. I love all the red...beautiful table, Mona!

  10. Love those red dishes! Glad you are home and things hopefully working out and better with your family. Missed your posts!

  11. Mona, I love what you've done with the decorations on your table. The red dishes are perfect and red is such a good color for so many holidays isn't it? Hugs

  12. Very pretty Mona. Your silver is so elegant. Red is a favorite color mine and I am admiring yours.

  13. Very pretty table for Valentines. I love red and I love hearts. So it was beautiful to me.

  14. It looks just lovely, Mona. Your table and dishes just spell Valentine's Day to me- xo Diana

  15. Dear Mona, so glad to have checked your blog to find you at home again. It was heartwarming to read that miracles do still happen. Your hearts day decoys look lovely as always. Oh, and we have also had to scare off a hawk from near our feeders, twice in the past week. It is indeed eerie how in-busy the feeder gets and then I check the nearby tree and see a hawk sitting and looking for a meal. Unluckily for him, I make so much noise and he flies off to hunt elsewhere. I know that he will capture a prey, but prefer it be elsewhere and. To in our yard.

  16. Looks like you're ready for Valentine's Day. It would be great to have you join Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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