Thursday, January 31, 2013


This was such a simple Valentine make over for our fireplace..
All I had to do was remove the Christmas theme, leave the evergreen and holly berries and add a red satin ribbon I had on hand and one of my stuffed heart Valentines with dried greenery and white roses.  Done. 
I left a lot of what I had up for  Christmas and just added the Valentine theme to it.  As I get older, simpler is just easier for me.  No expense or crafting.  It's ok.  I had my day and being retired we are being a bit frugal..I mean...a bit! 
I'm trying to use what I already had..and trying hard to keep out of the goodie stores.  I hope it doesn't look Christmasy...does it?? 
I did pick up these little green birds which will also be fun to use through the rest of the year and perhaps even for Fall.  ( For Michael's I use coupons like crazy!)
I think it was the shade of green that caught my eye.  They are not a matched pair but I put them together.  Coffee tables are NOT my strong point AT all!
The runner is the right color, but NOT the will change it..

The wall is NOT peach.  It is actually Laura Ashley's  "Haystack" but in every light the camera makes the walls a bit peach. 
I want to paint the curio cabinet white..but..NO nerver and besides, it was my Mom's.
The rocker seat pad was made by a wonderfull seamstress on ebay some years ago.  The pillows, all of them by different ones. 
Question.  Do you see the ring forming in the mirror?  Can you see the little dot at the top?  This shows up every now in then in my photo's.  As you can see from the top photo, it isn't there.
Tell me, does your mirrors show all sorts of designs when you take photo's with your flash.   No circles on the one above.  They remind me, up close, of vapor trails made by airplanes in the sky.
I would be so please if you would write and tell me this happens with your mirrors too??
That's it for now. 
I did some painting today.  I will show you a before and after tomorrow.


  1. Hmmm don't know about the mirror but it is pretty;). I left out stuff that was red for valentines day even if it didn't have hearts;). Love your mantel. Enjoy you week dear Mona, hugs from Georgia.

  2. Hi Mona! This looks really pretty. Little work is good! I don't think I have seen that in my mirror though I see orbas on walls sometimes....Christine

  3. I see that. That is weird. I have never seen anything like that.
    I had a weird picture. When we took a carriage ride there were some weird foggy like things to the side of one of the pictues. We boarded the caarriage in front of the Buxton Inn that is known to be haunted. Hmmmmmm. Then when I looked at the pictures,,,,it sure made me think.

  4. No- That has never happened to me- Perhaps you are capturing spirits?;>) Wouldn't THAT be cool I love your sweet things, too- xo Diana

  5. Love you my sweet friend..We need to do a catch up phone call..Hugs and smiles Gloria


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  7. Oh Mona,
    You do such pretty decorating! And your front porch for Valentine's looks fabulous! I can't believe your amazing winter weather...well really not winter at all.
    That mirror thing is spooky and I wonder what is going on there.
    Thanks for the best wishes to my mom.
    The hardest part has been her eyesight. She cannot drive right now and we are all just hoping more of her sight comes back.
    Big Hugs friend,
    You will always be one of my favorite blogger friends.

  8. Hi Mona, I can't tell you anything about photography because I don't know much at all. I do know I like your mantle piece.

  9. Hi, Mona! You are ready for a wonderful Valentine's Day!!! All the pretty red going on inside goes perfectly with your newly-painted porch trim! It's a love fest from the moment you hit the front porch and on in through the house!!! I'm with you on the Michael's coupons! That 40% or 50% off really helps out a lot! They have really good clearance sales, too! I don't know if there's a Hobby Lobby near you, too, but they have excellent sales, too! I try to stay out of the stores as much as I can, but sometimes you just have to have that special little something! :-) I have had that weird light in my mirror in the past, too. I don't know what causes it, but I imagine it's because the light from the flash bounces off the wall and its reflection is captured in the mirror. Or ghosts. Could be ghosts. :-) :-) :-) Have a great day!!!!


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