Monday, January 28, 2013


For me, that is exactly what decorating is!  Therapy.  Something I can control to a greater degree  than I can the other parts of my life.
Plus it's an excuse to visit Michael's and buy RED candles I was whining about in an earlier post.
Earlier in the day, these were the candles on the table!  Burgandy. 
I set the table....
....just for Marty's Table Top Tuesday..
Yes..I know I showed this in an earlier post..but I just love it.
I used the crystal cake cover with a silver cake plate on a pedistal instead of the one that came with it many years ago from Princess House.  One of my garage sale finds.  (The silver cake plate)
My Target dishes I've been wanting and my EXPENSIVE garage sale find silver.
"Prelude" is billed as "the most beautiful silverware ever made."  :)  Not so sure but a $4,100 set of silver in it's case for $10?!!  I still grin when I think of it.  Some of you may remember that day.
 *tsk tsk! Yes I know the forks are backward and the butter knife belongs on a bread plate! *
My beloved hutch.  The girls ribbon drawer is on the right.  I would go to the material store and buy a yard of everything that appealed to me.  Take it home and halve each yard.  The girls got their choice for school in the morning.  Some of the stray ribbons are still in the drawer after all these years.  I can't seem to bear to throw it away.  My youngest daughter of the four will be 43 in August.  *sniff*
I left the winter berries on the top of the hutch...I love the look.
I also left the red lace runner.  Did I tell you I LOVE red?

And this little country heart..the more hearts the merrier!
Have I told you that your prayers are working.. that all your love and positive thoughts send our way seem to be having results.?  We tip toe through every day...and say at the end of the far, so good.  Thank you!
Love always,
I am joining my friend, Marty @ Table Top Tuesday  for another fun time looking at pretty tabletops...and getting idea's and being inspired.  Thanks, Marty!! 


  1. How pretty, love the vignette on your hutch! Looks like you are all ready for Valentines too :)

  2. Your new candles look just so right. Not only is your table beautiful, you ac see the love flowing from it.
    I smiled about the ribbon draw.

  3. All of that red with the blingy silver is just gorgeous on your table, Mona! I love the black and white checked tray holding all of the silverware. And that hutch...... Oh my- filled with such pretties! I sure wish I could join you for tea. And of course, I love the cloche and silver tray holding the plates. :-)
    Glad that everyone's prayers and good wishes are helping things along. Never underestimate their power, I say! xoxo Sue

  4. Ooh MYYYY, SO much beauty:) I love the red throughout your post! The berries are still pretty and the red runner is perfect for Valentines! I LOVE the puffy heart on the hutch and so enjoyed hearing about the ribbons in the drawer:) SWEET memories that last a lifetime! Prayers work, we'll keep praying:) Have a blessed day dear Mona, HUGS!

  5. I love it all Mona! The red dishes, the hutch, the always do things that make my heart sing!
    Hugs friend,

  6. I wouldn't worry too much about the forks and knives not being placed properly - they all look lovely - I love your silver, I love your table, I love the reds and the brightness and sweet mixture of colours you add to your charming home.
    p.s. Of course you may send my snow photo on to your friend - any time Mona. Will write later :)

  7. Oh Mona, I love your tablescape, it is so pretty and your dishes, silver and that wonderful cake plate with all the plates, gorgeous. Your hutch is beautiful and you always have it decorated so beautifully. Love that you still have some ribbons in it. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


  9. Hi Mona,
    I have been catching up with you this morning...I love all your red and all your hearts. You know I love red too so you gave me lots of pretty eye candy. We have the same winter mouse tea cup (how fun). I really enjoyed your post.
    Have a sweet day Sending you a big hug. Elizabeth

  10. I love all your red. So glad that the prayers are working. We need to keep them coming. (((((HUGS))))

  11. lovely mona! my daughter had those same dishes on your hutch when she was little. they are packed away somewhere!

  12. If you are good at something (decorating), keep doing it!! Your table and hutch are just beautiful, makes me happy! I remember the days of fixing my daughter's hair in ribbons and barrettes, very sweet! :_


  13. How beautiful sweet Mona, you certainly have the heart and the touch for the occasion.

    ....'just makes my heart flutter :o)

    God bless ya dear friend and enjoy your day!!!

  14. Oh, Mona! This is so beautiful! Your table and your hutch! :) Valentine's Day here we come.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Oh, Sweetpea!! You BRIGHT me with all your wonderful vignettes
    and tabletops and hutch arrangements and COLORS.

    And you know there's no kitchen to compare with your RED one.

    From one of my favorite bloggers, Kelle Hampton:

    Rule #1 #1: Wear red shoes. Or red lipstick. Or red underwear. Red is Ordinary's kryptonite.

  16. Everything looks great and ready for a romantic dinner! Just the thing to brighten up a dreary Winter day...unless you live where you do! I'm so glad prayers and good wishes are doing their work.

  17. Everything looks so lovely! Love is in the air!

  18. I always love when you share your beautiful things. Your table is so bright and happy. I haven't even thought about decorating for Valentines. hmmmm
    hugs ~lynne ~

  19. Mona, enjoyed seeing all your decos for hearts day and also the outside trimmings in the previous post. You are so talented about decorating for the holidays and thanks for sharing those creations. You can never have enough heart(s). Glad the well wishes and prayers are working too.


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