Wednesday, January 23, 2013


What an unusual sight to see out our front window.  I think this is a hawk which though he is beautiful he is sitting on my front porch wicker chair for a deadly reason.  My bird feeder  is there and he is preying on them for food. 
The air is still.
No birds come to feed when he is around.
He was calm, unruffled by the flash of my camera...and I took at least five or six photo's.

I thought he was very impressive!
He stayed for at least fifteen minutes hoping for some little unsuspecting Finch or house wren to happen along..but he was unlucky...and finally left. 
This is the first time in four days that  Blogger has let me upload photo's to my blog.  Another blogger mentioned this.. I wonder what the problem is when this happens.
Thanks to Di at The Blue Ridge Gal  for my header!  I love it!
Am I getting ready for Valentines day?  But of course I am!  What's better than a day filled with love?
Thank you to all of you who were so kind as to pray for my family and the crisis we are going through.
You are WONDERFUL and so appreciated!!


  1. Oh they are such a menace. We had one in the back yard and he did get a bird, just made me sick. So happy yours flew away. Still in my prayers. God Bless. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love to see hawks even if they are predators. Just look at it as the circle of life. :)

  3. Looks like a red-tailed hawk, we have tons of them in the area I live. I have never seen one that close to the house, though.

  4. Good Morning Mona.I haven't visited you in a while. So nice to be back and say hello.I love to watch the hawks soar so steady and silently.I think they are gorgeous.I would't want them near My feeder though.I'm so happy that you've seen a miracle in your family.Oh Yes, I do believe and have seen miracles.May He continue to give you even more miracles-Denise

  5. I see you have a pet hawk too??? I have one that comes to my feeder right next to the window...the very same kind. He's there most everyday.Hopefully he's not hungry or he won't be welcome in my yard.

  6. We love hawks and have quite a few of them in our neighborhood, but of course we are much more rural than you. Hawks are simply doing their job in keeping over population of other birds down so that there is enough food for everyone. :) Lovely snapshots you got of him. I'm jealous!

  7. So nice to have you back Mona, and love your new header. Nice, bright, colourful - just like you.
    WOW, a hawk at your feeder - now, that's a first for me to see. I only have the small barn birds, a chipmunk or two and odd squirrell over the winter, however, I notice the hawks n such circling up the street twice a day, hoping to make a catch on their run. Know that you and your family will remain in my prayers and wishes for calm days and precious miracles to continue. lol
    p.s. GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK, with all the colour and beauty you share with us in bloggyland.

  8. These are amazing up close shots, Mona! What a daring guy he is. I know they have to eat but it still makes me sad to see one creature feed on another. Sigh.

    I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and I'm hoping each day is a little better for you.


  9. omg.....what a sight! we have peragrin falcons here. when they come out to feed, you don't see another bird in the sky. if that hawk was here he would be freezing his little hawk tushy off!

  10. Keep an eye on that ole hawk, don't want to lose our precious birds! Love your header, she does nice work!

  11. Glad the birds were paying attention.

    You and your family are always in my thoughts.

  12. What great images of the hawk. We have them in our neighborhood. When we brought our 7 week old Yellow Labrador Retriever nearly 8 years ago, my husband noticed a hawk circling overhead. We got the puppy inside very quickly!

  13. I'm so glad you are back home safe and sound. And I hope things will be resolved soon. You sure got some amazing photos. We see hawks in the sky but hopefully they will stay away from our courtyard! Sweet hugs!

  14. Your friend did a great header for you! It is beautiful.

    And you won't believe this - we saw a vulture the other day - in GA in our neighborhood!

    Beautiful hawk.


  15. I've never seen one close up before, but we have many around my area. I enjoy glancing up at them, flying majestically in the sky above. Always takes my breath away!

  16. Ok, I live in the country with my own woods and I've only seen the hawks flying over..not landing on the deck for tea! Great shot! Maybe he or she will just eat any mice or moles hanging around and leave the birds alone...wishful thinking? I'm keeping you in my prayers...hang in there.

  17. I certainly hope he doesn't have bird for lunch. He certainly is a majestic bird. My love and prayers still surround you all.

  18. How bold of him...I remember when my cocker spaniel was just a puppy, about five pounds, a hawk came out of the sky after her. I went screaming and running at the darn thing and it swerved off. Great photo!

  19. Mona, thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog. What a gorgeous hawk! I love all birds, including the raptors. Where I live in Virginia, I see all kinds of hawks and bald eagles. They're amazing, intelligent birds. It is sad when they prey on other birds, but I believe in the circle of life and love nature. I look forward to visiting again!

  20. Love your header:) I am happy to hear that the little tasty birds are smart enough to stay away while the big guy is trying to eat them! Enjoy your week my friend, STILL praying! HUGS!

  21. Great picture! It looks like he is purposely posing. I know they prey upon smaller birds, but he may have been waiting for a mouse or rat that might have been planning a birdseed feast. Or maybe he just wanted to relax on your wicker chair. Glad the other birds noticed him before flying down to eat. My neighbor warned me of a hawk in our neighborhood circling her little Pomeranian. I don't know if a hawk could keep hold of a snarling, biting Pom or not, but Fuzzy and I don't want to find out from experience.

  22. What a beautiful hawk! Don't worry as the birds have seen him because he is quite visible to them and will only return when they know he is gone. He might be a young bird. The birds get very quiet when there is a raptor around. I always say he has to eat too but I wish they wouldn't eat the birds.

  23. Oh my gosh! Those pictures are fabulous but make me nervous! I'm always afraid when I let the kiddos(doggies) out to potty!

  24. Dear Mona,
    Now that is one "AWESOME" picture. I don't know if you take the magazine Birds ' Blooms...if you do, you should send that picture to them...they would certainly publish those photos.
    We have them around here but the closest you will see them is high on a pole...I know they have to eat but it is rather violent to see them swoop down and grab a sparrow.
    We have some friends who lost their high dollar little puppy to a red tailed hawk...all they could do was cry as it flew away with him...tooooo sad.
    Any hoo, that is a beautiful picture you took.
    I am reading back posts....what a beautiful porch you have. We could sip green tea all day.
    hugs and prayers


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