Saturday, February 19, 2011


Well, first it was UGGS.  First the slippers..and then I tried the shoes.  Both were fine..but..I wanted something I could wear that made me feel barefoot and Tennis shoes were also great but not ....just... IT!
I kept looking.  Then I found theses. 
Pardon my pajama' was a pajama's day when I took this picture.  :)

Yes, yes, I know.  Old women don't wear toe rings...but like some dogs that don't know they are not human, this old lady does not seem to know she is old. 
I let the hair go gray..but those toe rings were bought when  two dear friends and I went shopping...that was 14 years ago now, and they have been there ever since.  People seldom see them unless I am wearing certain sandals..but..
is not what I want to write about.
It's comfort!  Yes.  Comfort is what I wanted to write about.  I seem to be all about comfort these days.  I will always be a blue jean Grandma...and that is a comfort thing.  No, I don't wear the stretch sided jeans.  Just plain old Lee's jeans is what I wear.  Straight legged.  I love them.  No skin tight stuff for me.  NO
Tshirts that hug my poor old bod either.  NOTHING to hinder me...nothing.  Got it?  Good! 
Loose shirts, usually worn over the T's...some with soft crochet insets and some with a bit of lace around the bottom but all with nice detail. Denim is long as it's soft (fabric softner) and fits well.

Sooooo...that's it.   T shirts are fine, as I said, as long as they don't hug me..and are soft, fit well and not sloppy looking.
Nice dress slacks...good for dressy occassions.
But on an every day basis...give me soft cute shoes, soft sweaters and blue jeans and I'm set. 
The moccasins above are my latest purchase and I love them.  The soles are rubber with grips to keep me from slipping.  Right from the box it was like barefootin' it! 

That's all I got folks!  :)
Love'n hugs!


  1. You silly thing Mona, I too have a toe ring..But youngest daughter tried to tell my Mom wrinkles and rings don't go together but who cares ha ha!!
    I think their sexy at any age girl..and like you I'm all about comfort now..I live in sweats in the winter time and big T's under the top...I like your new shoes..Now what kind are they girl..Hope your weeks been great my Dear friend..we have been snowed in now for 3 days..Lost power on day one and just got it back this morning..Love ya Mona, Hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. See the great thing about getting...gulp...old right now, is that there are no rules! We're making it up as we go. We Baby Boomers (I know, you're not quuite a BB, it doesn't matter!), anyway Boomers have broken all the rules for a long long time (dare I say, flower children, hippies, Haight-Ashbury, etc.) So we're just doing the same thing we've always done! Why change now? Thus, wear your toe rings, keep your grey or go red or pink!, wear those jeans til they wear out, who cares?? If it makes you happy, nobody has the right to say NO!

    See the thing is, kiddo, we haven't got forever here, ya know?? What ever is left is still the only lifewe'll ever have, I don't want to lose a minute of it to worrying about what somebody else thinks!!

  3. Great toe rings!

    I´ve been looking for moccasins over here but they just don´t exist here. But I did find some slippers made from sheep skin with all the wool on the inside and they make me feel like You describe :-) Unfortunately not rubber soles, so I have slipped down the stairs a couple of times :-) :-)

    Have a great day now!

  4. Hi Mona!
    When I grow up I want to be just like you! LOL!
    I think your toe rings are sexy and I don't think it has a thing to do with age. Your toes are cute too.

    I am all about comfort too. I used to worry about looks but now it's comfort in tshirts and jeans. These new jeans that fit "slightly at the waist" are so uncomfortable. I like my Granny jeans that come up to my waist! I also live in flip flops and wear them all year round.

    I'm with you girl, comfort all the way.


  5. I have a girlfriend who has long pretty toes and wears a toe ring quite nicely. I tried a couple of times to wear one but it just bugged the buhjeezes out of me on my toe. More power to you in wearing it well, Mona. More power to you.


  6. Oh I like jeans too. Seems like that is the normal dress. However I seem to wear knit pants around the house. Nice big ones that don't hardly touch me and definitely let me move. I love men's shirts. They are big and also don't touch me. My neighbors are probably confused as to how many men live at this house. lol Love the shoes. Hugs, Marty

  7. I am a jeans and tee shirt type of gal myself. And shoes have to be comfortable! Your new ones look like they them!

  8. I am 100% with you in the comfort stakes, Mona! I've never been a fashion follower and have always worn shoes that are first and foremost, comfortable. Same requirements determine my clothing - cool cottons as opposed to synthetic fabrics and the older I get, the more essential this requirement becomes :)

    I've never worn toe rings, but I do think they are pretty on other people's toes.

  9. I think it's very cool that you wear a toe ring! Comfort is the most important thing. It doesn't matter how trendy something is, if you're not comfortable it will show in your face and body language. I have to laugh at the silly shoes the women on tv wear. Wobbling is not fashionable!

  10. Oh, I just love you. Such a girl after my own heart. It is all about comfort for me as well. I wear Crocs and Mickey Mouse ones as well. I am loving your sweet music today as myheart is breaking at the moment.

  11. I remember wanting a pair of the plain buckskin mocassins...totally like being barefooted. Never got any.

    A+ for comfort!

  12. The toe rings are cool...just make me wonder if you anything pierced we don't know about...or a tatoo! Kidding.

  13. I'm with your Mona. I think I've always dressed more for comfort than for style. Blue jeans are my favorite, and I often wear clogs around the house, because they're so comfortable and easy to slip into and out off.
    I like a top over my t-shirts too :-)
    Love your toe rings!

  14. Yep....agree totally.
    I admit the toe rings surprised me, but, I think it's great. Most people don't realize that grandmas can be cool too! So, I say GOOD FOR YOU!

  15. Um...I didn't start wearing them because they were cool really. No one see's them for the most part. I do admit to loving silver you really think they are COOL??? REALLY? Well... now I'm all puffed up...feelin' COOL!! :)

  16. I'm with you Mona, it's comfort for me all the way but like you say, not exactly grandma jeans and shirts but ones that look good and fit comfortably!

  17. Ah comfort! I an such a grouch if I am not in comfortable clothing. Jeans and tees demand the most room in my wee "old house" closet. The greatest challenge is finding a loose, but nice shirt. So many are made to cling to the skin...not so nice on my 55 yr old body.
    Oh yeah, love the toe rings :-)

  18. Why dear sweet Mona...toe rings??? You go girl!!!

    Yep, I'm comfy all the way too!! Here on the Ponderosa you'll find me in leggins and a tee topped with a sweatshirt when it's really cold. Summertime I'm all about biker shorts and a cute little tee and don't forget my croc flippies! Heaven...just sayin....

    God bless you sweetie and have a marvelous Monday!!!

  19. I hardly ever wear anything but jeans! Love them.


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