Monday, February 21, 2011


Not this Saturday, but last Saturday we had a great time hitting the garage sales and finding little treasures.  Nothing to shout about, but just lots of little goodies and lots of fun.  Exactly what it's all about!

Actually this is backwards.  The decorated copy paper, pretty flower decorated pens, glue stick, childs scissors, were all found at the last garage sale of the day.  Everything is brand new.  The pens all wrote perfectly.  I gave the little scissors, paper to my little five year old neighbor girl. 
She loved them.
Kleenex, pencil and pens were found in another sale in a little zippered pouch which I didn't show. 
The paper was 25 cents each and she threw in the little scissors and glue stick.  The pens were 50 cents each.
Zippered canvas bag was 25 cents with all the goodies in it.  I spent a dollar.

Avon products.  The perfume is, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and cost $5.00.  It smells wonderful.
The eye cream in the gray container was 50 cents and so was the Rejuvinator. 

I bought these Avon Talc's at a different garage sale for 50 cents each!  I have daughters.  :)
All brand new with little plastic circles in tact on every one of them!  I checked! :)

I bought two of these at a quarter each!

Each one was filled with these beautiful little eggs.  A nice bowl filler at Easter, don't you think?

Two sets of these adorable lace kitty kat curtains.  A quarter each.  Never opened!  Price on the back said $13.99!  I am putting one in the garage.'s my *sigh* laundry room also.  For 25 cents I couldn't go wrong.

And this also for just a quarter....
....and inside was stuffed with gift bags, boxes and tissure paper..LOTS of it.
I love this stuff and use it for packing or storing delicate things as well.

This book on English Literature for just 50 cents! 

Two hand knit scarves for just 25 cents each..long and soft.  I couldn't pass them up and I have neither of these colors.  All brand new.  She had about a dozen for sale and I chose these.

This brand new denim shirt!  Yippee!  I was in Denim heaven and it cost $1.00!!

..and last but certainly not least was this wonderful Washington Navel Orange tree complete with pot and loaded with orange blossoms for just $15.00!  The pot alone was worth much more than the cost of the tree.  I think actually, twice the price of the tree at Lowes.

And that was our day.  I would say not bad at all.  I usually come home with at least some silver plate but not this time.
Still and all it was a profitable day.
Hugs  and love to all...

Oh, and dear eldest son came for a visit and saw all the silver plate I had.  Talked me out of it by dangling a hundred dollar bill in front of my nose!  Said he needed it for the bakery/restaurant "Jammin' Bread"  as they were running out on Friday nights..(they use only silver plate for dinner.)  I didn't want to take the money..but he
I will just go buy more from garage sales with the money and take it to them.  After all, I AM his Mom!
Thing is...I bought all he bought for just $3.00!   LOL   
Still...(OH, I AM BAD!)  One should NOT profit from ones own 55 year old son..should one?  (I threw in the age so you wouldn't feel quite so sorry for him.) :)


  1. Sounds like a fun day and you found some great treasures. Love the denim shirt, I love those. Hugs, Marty

  2. (o: Nope, not feeling sorry. Giggle.


  3. Oh how I wish I could go with you garage saling. What fun that would be.

  4. What a haul love the Kitty curtains and the scarves. I just love a good yard sale...

  5. If it makes you feel better, just think of all those $$$$$ you spent on him when he was a teenager! I think it was so thoughtful of him to give to you so generously, knowing that you hadn't spent that much on the silverplate. Sons can be so sweet:) I love all your garage sale goodies...I may have to start going to these myself.

  6. Hi Mona,
    I've been missing you! I've been really tied up with a hectic schedule so there has been little time for checking my favorite places. Your blog is so fun to read and I always learn something. I love jeans too, however, here it just gets so darn hot. But for now, I am wearing my jeans!! Yayy!!
    Take care, dear friend,
    Ladybug Creek
    (Love the toe rings!)

  7. I adore the kitten curtains!!! And just think how many yard sales you can visit with your profit!

  8. I wish we had such wonderful yard sales here. Everyone I see only has...*treasures* that I don't care for. :)
    Good job on the silver profit!

  9. Dear Twokiddo's...or by another name, Dear Granddaughter!! :) You don't feel sorry for your Uncle Pat? Not even a little bit? :) But of course you wouldn't...look at that devilish grin in the picture.. (and she was such a precious little girl once!) are right. I scored on that silver plate! :)

  10. I would have bought that orange tree too! A big tree like that would cost a fortune over here :-) and it would have to spend winter in a cool place with lots of light. But it would be worth it anyway :-)

    Have a great day now!

  11. Oh, you do have such a lot of fun, don't you! I wish I could tag along with you sometime ;) We don't have anything similar where I live. Here, Craft Markets are all the rage.

  12. You are a born dealer Mona! You really are and you have such fun doing it. You should have your own shop!
    Love the items you bought.

  13. Well...if he insisted!!! Heeehehehe!!!

    I've never had a child that I've birthed dangle and money in front of my nose...they know better! :o)

    You always amaze me in all the treasures you find on your Saturday hunts sweetie!

    God bless you beautiful Mona and enjoy your day!!!

  14. Just wanted you to drop by my blog tomorrow 2/23 and pick up something I have for you......kt

  15. There you go Mona finding those great goodies again. I love the little colored eggs. Just in time for spring and Easter. I use Imari from Avon and really like it. Some perfume change their scent when I put them on and smell terrible but Imari doesn't.
    Have a wonderful week.

  16. You sure know how to have a fun profitable day.
    I read of your excursion and it makes me very curious; you see, I have never been to a garage sale. This sure looks like something in msissing in my life.

  17. I love all your goodies...especially the denim shirt. Mine are all faded, but I still wear them all the time. I used to have moccasins just like yours. I just checked them out online and may have to order a pair. Balisha

  18. Looks like you found lots of great stuff Mona. I love the scarfs. I'll have to keep my eye out for silver plates to re-sell! You made quite a profit! LOL!

  19. I loved all your finds! You made me want to give some of my scrapbooking supplies to the little girls next door!

  20. Great post Mona!

    My opinion??? Take that money and RUN! :-)


  21. Hi Mona,

    It looks like you have been finding some great treasures! I love your little tree!! Hope that all is well with you and oh those little red boots are sooooo cute!!!


  22. What fun treasures you found! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your wisdom about grief. You are right I need to write while the feelings and emotions are fresh. You were also right...not only teenagers, but women of all ages like my book. At least that was the response I got from the first 12 test readers who read it last month. Thanks for sharing. Its fun to make new friends blogging.


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