Wednesday, February 16, 2011

~MELE AND ME...and "VERMIN"...~

"Come on, Mom!  Wanna play?''

"S'my Vermin, but you can play with a minute..."

  "Go ahead, Mom, you can have it!"

I was Kiddin'!  No ya can't!!  S'mine!!!

Yippee!  Blogger is working again!  I paid and I'm back in the yes, you do have to pay I guess.
Ah well...needless to say..I paniced when I couldn't load my photo's...
NOT that they are that's scarey when you can't!  It really is!!


  1. Mona I had to pay also last year the five bucks to be abe to load they say nothing is FREE in life ha ha!! Gad to see you run and running once again...come see my newest thing I just got today YIPPEE!! Love ya my Dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. Great news, Mona! I know exactly how frustrating that must have been, as it happens out of the blue and, after happily sailing along without a care in the blog world, suddenly you're informed 'NO MORE PHOTO UPLOADS POSSIBLE' It feels as if you've suddenly lost your lifeline!

    Mele is an absolute cutie - she must take hours of brushing to keep her looking so beautiful!

  3. Bello,dolce e simpatico il tuo cagnolino!Saluti,Rosetta

  4. If all fails, go play ball with your puppy dog.

    So glad everything is loading properly now.

    I had no idea we will have to eventually pay to post pictures. Thank you for the insight.


  5. Woohoo!!! Your little ball of fluffy joy is just too sweet!

    She reminds me of the long haired guinea pig my daughter had. We had to keep Bunji's hair trimmed outta his face or ya couldn't tell which end you were talkin' to! Heeehehehe!!!

    God bless ya and have a glorious day my beautiful friend.

    BTW: Today is National Random Acts Of Kindness Day....pass it on!!! :o)

  6. Hi Mona, just read yesterday's post about running out of space - yikes, this may happen to us soon as well cause we DO like to include photos on our blog! It is true that all the photos used on the blog are stored online in a photo album;removing them would also delete them from the blog posts (wouldn't want to have that happen!) I believe you have a gmail account just by virture of using blogger and I think it is the same user name/password combination used for Blogger. I do all my post using Live Writer (free Microsoft download) and use Picassa for the editing, resizing and collages (also free download). If and when we are asked to pay, we will ante up because it is such fun! Great photos of your pupy today :-)

  7. So glad you got the photo problem sorted, your piccies are so lovely! I adore your little dog, such a sweet little baby. xxx

  8. If you had a cat that would probably be real live vermin she was bringing you....


  9. Isn't it just the PITZ when Blogger goes down? And to think a few years ago we didn't even know what the word meant.

    I still don't!


    Love you girly...


  10. Mele is adorable! So happy to hear it all worked out for you.

  11. Great that it worked!

    Now You only have to learn how to reduce the size of Your photographs. Just think on how many photographs I download to my blog and I haven´t even used 5% of my allowed space yet :-)

    Have a great day now!

  12. Mele is adorable. Glad to hear you are back in business.

    Hugs, Sue

  13. So glad it all worked out for you


  14. Your dog is adorable. What's this thing about paying for your pictures? I don't understand.
    Oh well, someday I may find out.

  15. Mele is a sweety! Glad your photo problems are over with.

  16. I just don't understand this paying situation. I am still such a novice at blogging. I wonder who gets the $ you pay and what they do with it!

  17. What a cute pup. AND well groomed too! :) Happy to know that you are up and running again.

  18. Hi Mona, what YUMMY cupcakes your daughter brought you! They are sooo pretty! I was looking at one of your photos and saw your red floral sofa - it's just beautiful! May I ask where you got it - I would love one like it too!!!

  19. Mona
    What a happy sweet little pup face! Adorable!!!Lori

    And they dod tease us with their toys - yes they do.
    Or you throw it and they get it and then stand there looking at you like..."nanny nanny naaaaanny!"
    I had that problem with Blogger too. Sorry - I am a day late a a dollar short on advice!
    But I loved visiting with your little cutie pie.
    I think you should go find that little shopping cart and start using it at all those garage and yard sales you go to! :)
    I think I need to break mine in at the Rose Bowl or the PCC flea market.
    Hmmmm...I wonder when those are?
    Have a great weekend! Karen

  21. Mele is soooo cute!!! Bentley likes to tease me with that game too. Glad everything is up and running for you again!!

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley


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