Friday, February 4, 2011



Please click on photo's for close-ups. 

The front of our home before...
Well, I am finally getting a few photo's posted..but blogger put a stop to it after just posting a few of is the best I could do. 

...and after...
I painted my little garage sale shelf...and added a Geranium.

Little metal shelf's closeup!  See how proud it is?   Cost me a whole ..what..fifty cents or so.  I can't remember..but it was hardly nothing.  Do you like it?  I hope so! 

Early morning sun cast the shadow of our huge old pine tree.  Howard planted it when he was in his twenty's I think.  Remember...he has lived here since very early in his marriage.  Some 50 odd years. 

More work to be done..but as you see, it is coming right along.  The porch has to be painted.

My hanging baskets are hanging in there.  :)  They've been living in the back patio away from the construction...and are not back home...

This isn't the best of photo's..but..
Our poor lawn took a beating...both front and back...

This is the type of porch roof before...the slates were rotten and so were the big beams.  Also everything burned in the Summer..and it was too hot to sit out there..
If it was raining, which wasn't often...people had to stand in the rain waiting for us to get to the door.
When the mail came..I got soaked trying to get it from the box...

Sweet husband finally gave in and surprised me by contracting to have a new lovely cover added to our porch...I tell you...I nearly cried from joy.  I love my plants...and now they have shade. 
I didn't paint the mailbox.  Somehow it escaped.  :)  Should I ?   What do you think?  I don't want too much red.  However....  :)
Would you just LOOK at those wonderful beams??  Love 'em!

I found out that Pomegranite Red and Colonial Red are the same.  Just differnent manufacturers.

And last of all...I put up my PEACE flag.  Yes, I do have a Valentines one..but...with all that is going on in the world...I felt like flying my PEACE flag..which was a Christmas gift from my son and daughter in law.  At least for a few days...
How cute my Valentines Day flag is going to look...:) 

Love and hugs to all of you...
And...thanks for all of your encouraging words over these past weeks.  It was hard...but we made it! 
You were wonderful!!!


  1. very nice Mona! I envy your covered patio! I would LOVE to have that.

  2. Yes, Yes, please do...the mailbox is screamin' to be red!!! Honesty sweetie, I can here it way down yonder in the Ozarks.

    Honey, your place truly pops now and you have added just the perfect touches of red...'cept that pale little mailbox!!!

    God bless ya and have the best weekend sweetie!!!!

  3. What a beautiful transformation, Mona! The red and white really pops. I really like your covered porch, too. It is so odd to see sun and healthy plants when we are covered in snow! LOVE your little window box!

    Tell Howard he did a fantastic job! It was well worth the time and trouble...although I think you said he was enjoying himself! ;-D


  4. It's all just beautiful Mona and I know you're both going to enjoy it so much when it's all finally... and totally... finished. Love the red garage sale shelf, and yes, the geranium looks quite happy there!

  5. Everything turned out so nice. The colors are just right too. I really like your home. I like older homes that have been well loved and cared for. They have character and yours certainly does. The porch cover is the icing on the cake.
    Hugs, Sue

  6. Mona it turned out wonderful girl and here you were so afraid..GREAT job how fun that porch wil be in the summer time even your LR will stay cooler now..Tell Hpward he did a great job girl..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  7. The colors you have chosen suit your home very nicely...I really like it.

  8. Hi Dear Mona! Oh, I love the new look of your house. I love the colors! And your new porch cover - I'm so happy for you and I'm sure your little plants will be singing your praises! Your little plant shelf is adorable! Now, I love red and I don't think it would be too much to paint your little mailbox red! :) Now remember, you can snap again for me anytime you want! I always love to welcome back a returning Diva! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. I love how it all turned out! It looks great Mona. I bet you are thrilled to pieces with it. And to have the covered patio - perfect!

  10. Mona, kiddo, that represents a great deal of work!
    It is such a remarkable transformation. Don't you guys feel a great deal of pride in what you have accompolished! Good job, well done.

  11. Mona, how beautiful and cheery. I love it, what a sweet husband you have. Yes, I like your garage
    sale shelf, great find. Enjoy your newly painted windows and trim. Looks great! sandi

  12. Oh it's lovely! Great job! And yes, paint the mailbox red! White will still be the predominant color and the red an accent. Actually, I'd add a red print cushions to the white chairs.

  13. Hi Mona,
    I love it! The red really pops and the beautiful plants and darling table and chairs!
    And I love seeing somewhere without snow!
    Great job my dear,
    Come visit me sometime, I miss hearing from you!

  14. so happy to have some blog reading time while we have been snowed in...which is rare in our state....always love my stops here...

    Happy Saturday

  15. Mona,

    Your home is beautiful. BEFORE & AFTER....honest. I know you are happy with the completion - it is beautiful, I love the colors you and Howard chose. It truly looks very "PEACEFUL" and very much loved. Just as you are to me, sweet friend.

    Love to you both and have a wonderful weekend. Rest. And yes "PEACE" for our world.


  16. Happy Saturday; love all your photos. That green grass and those flowers make kind of envious; our lawn is under a couple of feet of snow. Your pretty little shelf really stands out!

  17. How prety, Mona! I love the new color! And a covered fabulous! I know you will really enjoy that! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  18. Hi Mona. It's so nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving such a nice comment. I love all the bright splashes of red that you have used in your decorating. Your little patio set is adorable and the geranium below the window is perfect!

  19. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!! All that worry about the color for nothing, you did good.

    The porch is so inviting. I am sure you and your hubby will spend many wonderful hours on this jewel of a porch.

    Now, it is truly a home for the both of you.

  20. What a beautiful transformation Mona. Your hubby has lived there for 50 years? Wow! I would love to be able to say that. Your home is beautiful, and it shows with all the love you're pouring into it... Your porch is so inviting, wish I lived close by I'd be a regular visit for coffee and a cool refreshing drink. I know you're going to have many hours of pleasure spent underneath your new porch.. hugs ~lynne~

  21. Love the red and the porch cover is fabulous. What a treat It will be neat to sit out there and enjoy the weather, flowers and just relax. Good for you. It looks fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  22. What a beautiful transformation Mona. The red trim just makes such a difference. I love the porch and you are going to get so much more use from it now. I bet you are thrilled to have it done with though. LOL!It always seems to take forever when you want something done so bad. Your iron table and chairs just make such a pretty spot too.

  23. Your house looks wonderful Mona. I love the red and the geranium in its delightful shelf holder. I think you should paint the mail box too when you feel like it. Maybe black? or very dark brown to match those fantastic beams.

  24. Your home looks beautiful, Mona. I really like the colours you selected and the other red accents you have make everything 'come together' perfectly! I think a red letterbox would look great :)

    Your lawn still looks marvellous BTW! You're obviously quite the perfectionist! Your whole garden is so well maintained and perfectly manicured. What a lovely welcoming feeling it has about it all! And your porch looks super! I'd want to sit out there all day if it were mine! I hope you're making time to relax and enjoy it all yourselves, now that everything's looking so smart :)

  25. Everything is looking great! I do think you should paint your mailbox red...I don't think it would be too much red at all. Everything there looks like you're ready for spring. Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

  26. Your home is beautiful and I love the patio cover.

  27. Hi Mona, thanks for the before and after photos. The house looks very pleased with its new colors and porch covering. My suggestion for the mailbos would be to paint it with red, but not solid red, perhaps a flower pattern or stencil as you already have wonderful plantings on the porch.

  28. It all looks so beautiful. But Mona...paint the mailbox! It wants to be red. Really...can't you hear it??
    Have a great weekend.

  29. Looks fabulous and I agree to paint the mailbox !

  30. Mona, you have done a beautiful redo of your home, the red is perfect, the planter is darling ... MAILBOX definitely RED.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

    GIVEAWAY ends Fri

  31. Your Home is gorgeous Mona you should feel proud of what you's have done.
    Hugs Mary.

  32. Ooooh Mona wow! I love the new look you have created! I'm loving the red. Just absolutely loving it!!!


  33. It looks wonderful Mona! Too much red? Never. I bet you've painted that mailbox by week's end. Your peace flag is lovely and a wonderful sentiment any time of year.Come by when you get a chance.

  34. Ohhh Mona...I love, love, LOVE the red trim!!! It's absolutely gorgeous! You definitely chose the perfect color for your beautiful home! It turned out beautifully...I'm soo happy for you, Darlin'! Everything is looking sooo good...can't wait to see your porch when it's finished! By the way...I just adore your pretty red metal table and chairs! Your porch has such a sweet quaint ambiance to it...yes, I would love to take my morning coffee out there! You sure will enjoy that extra shade when they get the porch covered, etc! I'm just tickled pink for you, sweet friend! So happy that you shared this fabulous metamorphosis with us! you probably know by now...I have started at your most recent post and have worked my way down to this post! I just had to come and see how your exterior project was coming along! I seen the post where you and honey painted the mailbox looks awesome! Sooo very perfect!

    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design


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