Saturday, January 30, 2010


I decided since my office was right next to the kitchen and so small, that I would paint it red with white trim like the kitchen. I mean, why not? I already had two rooms and the hall in Haystack gold so..might as well. It worked for me.

This is a view from my office into the kitchen. You can see part of the bifold doors in my office below...

Below is the sample of the carpet..

Well, after several trips to Lowe's and about $20.00 worth of samples I settled on
Tradewinds, the Earth Elements collection by Velspar. That green keeps changing colors on me. That picture is NOT the true color. Oh well...
Green makes me crazy! Why do I use it? Desperation? (I feel the urge to giggle when I look at it..)

The carpet is this mossy green. The name is Grand Teton Green Clover from Lowes.

Two rooms and the baths left to go. Can't put things back...because you KNOW the reason why. They (the carpet layers) won't move ELECTRONIC equipment. Doesn't fall into the "basic furnature" catagory. I was just thinking, I don't really have a whole lot that falls into that catagory. Antiques in the guest room have to be moved by us also. Every single dish...I mean EVERY SINGLE DISH had to be removed from the curio cabinets and hutch.
So we got dish barrels and used every piece of paper we could find and every rag (and we have a ton of them thank heavens) we could find to wrap those dishes in.
We used dishtowels, bath towels, anything at all..but it's done. I might as well have moved!

Now for my paint HORROR story.
This happened in Bakersfield, CA. We hired a painter, "Dave" was his name and it took Dave three months to finish the painting. Dave had developed a habit of showing up tipsy, looking around and saying he would be back in a minute and not showing up until the next day. Dave had been painting our home for two months and the carpet HAD to be delivered and installed, and in spite of our misgivings we went ahead with the installations. We had no choice.

Anyway, Dave was busy painting and chatting away and climbed down the ladder and put his foot into a gallon bucket of snow white enamel paint, spilling the entire can onto the new 3 days old carpet very expensive carpeting!

What happened? Well, I quickly began scooping the paint from the carpet with both hands like you would gather spilled beans from a floor. I pressed and scooped as fast as I could, then ran to the garage for the shop vac and a bucket of cool water. Then he vacuumed while I poured the cold water and worked all the white out of the nap. The carpet was very thick and it did not get through to the backing. We got it all up. We got lucky, I think. I'm afraid my husband was on the verge of thrashing Dave! The straw that broke the camels back?
When I near panic and in odd situations I laugh. I know it's terrible but I do. And I laughed and couldn't seem to stop. The giggles kept coming even though I knew I was looking death in the face!
"It could have been worse. It could have been RED paint!" I said, still giggling. Frank did NOT laugh! I do walk a fine line sometimes...

Hey, my glass is half full! *smile*

I admit I am a bit, just a bit mind you, worried about that green in the bedroom. I never have had great luck with greens. I'll post a picture tomorrow..ok?

Did I tell you I can't find anything around here?

Hugs to all...


  1. Oh Mona sweetie...
    What a beautiful story. I found myself giggling as I read it. Not funny I know but I could just see myself trying to scoop too. I mean that would be the natural impulse to start scooping, anything is better than nothing.

    I hope tipsy Dave was let go, and never asked to return. He had to many chances, and proved he was not going to change.

    Thanks for sharing and I will be back to see the beautiful green you have selected. I can't wait.

    Have a beautiful Sunday sweetie. I so love to visit with you.

    Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  2. Like You I start to laughe in situations like that :-) :-) Good thing that You got all the paint! Nowdays most paints are so enviromental good that they don´t stick that hard as long as they still are wet. The old paints would probably have been impossible to remove.

    I think it´s a good idea to continue with the red paint in to Your study. It actully looks like the red my neighbour has in his kitchen.

    Have a great day now!

  3. I think that is a really pretty green and think it will look very nice in a bedroom.
    OH I'm so glad you got the paint out of your new carpet! What a disaster!

  4. O, I love this color green..I hope you will just love it all. Your cottage is going to be so pretty. I do hate to paint and it seems like I do way too much of it. I love the finished products, tho! :O)
    Good luck and may be ya'll can just rest today!
    xo bj

  5. Beautiful sage green! I loved your paint story, but pretty maddening. I see I am not the only one to have had some bad experiences with remodeling. We are still waiting for that guy who came 2 weeks ago to give us a quote.
    Have a nice week!

  6. You surely have more patience than I to put up with a painter taking 3 months to do a job! I would have chased him out of the house with a baseball bat when he stepped into the paint!

    But I love your colors Mona, all of them and can't wait to see the finished rooms.

  7. Oh my goodness, having to move everything for new carpeting is just like moving. A ton of work. But the one thing is when this is all done you will really have done spring cleaning, clear down to the bottom. I really like your colors, the green is pretty. Hugs, Marty

  8. Very anxious to see the end results since this has been a lot of work for you. I'll bet it's going to look smashing! Love the Dave paint story.

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    (the green is so easy on the eyes)

  9. Love the colors you are choosing! And what a paint story! I laugh at the wrong moments too....

  10. Oh Mona! Yikes! I think I would have flipped out if it were me. On the color choice, I did the same thing with a green paint selection and picked a color that ended up being WAY too blueish. I ended up repainting the whole room myself a month later. My perfect color was called "Pickling Spice" and I'll never forget that name. I was so happy with it! I love your carpet color and I am sure your green choice will be perfect :)


  11. Mona!
    Take a look at "Octoberfarm" today.

  12. Mona, you sure have a great sense of humor! I think I would have held Dave down and let Frank have at him with a GOOD thrashing!! LOL I'm sure that whatever color you go with, it will be beautiful like the rest of your home. BTW, having new carpet installed is worse than moving. It's such a HUGE disruption! But just think of how gorgeous it will be. :o)
    Patricia :o)

  13. I love your reds and greens and yellows! I can't wait to see it all done. I really wanted green carpet but Hubby vetoed the idea!

    I can just imagine how hard it must be moving every thing at once. It's hard to swear off shopping though. I think it's part of nesting and it's just in our blood! My mom and I were just discussing our stuff today. I'm afraid we start off trying to help but in the end we enable each other!

    Try to get some rest, your going to need it when when it's time to put all those trinkets back.

  14. This is almost a painting horror story! Good thing you have been blessed with giggles. You know, i have been struck with giggles at funerals, and that is not as funny as it should be.Struck with the giggles at a funeral of someone I think giggles in the midst of a painting tragedy is highly entertaining.( Frank might not agree)

    The green is a very nice green that is almost a neutral, so should you change your mind and decide to decorate with other colors you need not worry about tying your life up for a few months to get another color scheme, just go with it and enjoy!

  15. Well Mona, I feel like I am a glass half full kinda person, but I really don't know if I could laugh over spilled paint on new carpet! You are remarkable! In our last house we had green paint in the bedroom. When I look back at the pictures it makes me want it again. It was a very restful color. Your color selections look very pretty!


  16. What a story dear Mona. I have one similar, except I wasn't tipsy or a hired painter. I dropped the paint, Navajo White on oatmeal carpet in the dining room. I used a dust pan to scoop up the paint and poured on the water and used the carpet cleaner to suck it up. Like you said....would of been worse...could of been red.

    You have a great day and I can't wait to see how great it all comes together. God bless your day sweet one!!!

  17. Your painter sounds sort of like the old "Murphy Brown" series! I know how hard it is to match greens well -- lot's of work -- I'm trying to just match a blue one of our bedrooms is painted -- it doesn't even look like the color swatch of the same color (I guess 17 years takes it's toll). It always seems halfway through a project -- it would have just been easier to move! But then there is that wonderful "ahhhhhhh" moment when everything is back in order and you can just enjoy the fruits.

  18. That paint story scares me. I'm so careless.

    Now..embrace the green. It is soothing and comforting and I just betcha you are going to LOVE IT!

    Love to you~Rebecca

  19. Hi Mona! Oh, to laugh instead of getting mad is awesome! I'm afraid I would have cried. How marvelous you were able to get the white out! I've done that before but was never successful at getting it all up! And the carpet tried hard! You're a hoot.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. I remember the last time I went through new paint and carpet . It was worse than moving because I couldn't move out !! Yikes !
    I like your green!

  21. I spilled a can of dark blue paint on my son's light beige carpet....panic!!! I did learn that wd40 will take out paint! I am glad you guys survived the contractor.. he may not have survived me if I was his boss

  22. Oh Mona, you have such a good outlook in life and the best attitude. I like that! Love the green colors. You have so much to do and it will all be so pretty when you are done. Can't wait to see it. Good luck!...Christine

  23. Good Morning Mona,
    Been so busy...had to pop in this morning and see what you are up the paint
    colors and the green carpet is going to be fab.
    Cant wait to see it all will be
    ready for spring ! So glad you got to have your
    vision completed ! You really are an artist with color and putting your home together.

  24. of those "If I don't laugh, I'm gonna throw myself on the floor and sob" laughs! I'm so glad this story has a happy ending....My eyes were as big as saucers. I have a shop vac that I've used a million (ok, probably not quite THAT many times) to clean up wet spills. We've lived here for seven years and still have perfect carpet....not a stain to be found. :-) Gotta love a great shop vac. And, yours must have been snow white inside!


  25. Hi, Mona. Saw your post on InTheMiddleofNowhere and just had to read your paint story. (I paint murals) Luckily haven't had contractors as bad as Dave, but have heard too many similar stories.
    As far as the green - man, do I know how hard it is. Same w/yellows. They just seem to 'turn' on the walls. Pain in the b*tt.
    Good luck. I'm sure it'll be beautiful when you're done.

  26. I guess it is better to laugh than cry. I hate painting. Good luck. It always looks great when you are finished but, in the mean time.....

  27. Good Morning Mona,
    I think you picked some beautiful colors, I love the red and the green is definately a good one! Your stories always make me smile, Have a great week my friend! Hugs, Cindy

  28. Hello sweet Mona.

    Fist, a huge thank you for dropping by and sharing with us such warm words of congratulations. We are over the moon excited about Baby #3, even if we will be using walkers at Baby's high school graduation...ha!!!

    Second, your paint story was hilarious. I too have had unfortunate luck with a painter. Nothing as dramatic as your story, but annoying non-the-less. My husband has a nasty habit of hiring his know, every fireman has a 2nd job kind of thing. Most work out fine, in fact his whole dept. basically built our home except for roofing and drywall, but I digress!

    Anyway, the painter didn't work out so well. First, he overcommitted himself to several jobs and can only work every other day which turned out to every other week! Then, the summer rains arrived and so he couldn't finish what he started...basically, it took him over 4 months to finish the exterior of our home which made us look like the WT of the neighborhood!!! The problem was that I really couldn't "fire" this guy. No written contract, plus he was on duty with my husband so I had to be diplomatic. GRRRR!

    Anyway, hope you are having a lovely day.

    Blessings to you,

  29. Stopping in to say I hope things are moving right along in a GOOD way with all your fluffing. It is going to be so so pretty.
    Thanks much for coming by today. We are having rain and .....I am LOVIN' it !!
    xo bj

  30. I have that same green on my corian kitchen countertops and I know how hard it is to match. We went without a backsplash for two years before I found something I liked. (HAD to at that point. I'd decided to be domestic and can something. The steam from the canner blistered the paint. :)


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