Wednesday, January 27, 2010


No..I am NOT kidding! We moved FOUR book shelves full of book, and I do mean full!
This is just a bit of it out in the garage.
In front of the books were family photo's and knick knacks. We had to empty them (the top was crowded with pictures and more STUFF! I have not a clue..never mind..yes I do!
Three marriages and 60 years of collecting and buying stuff I thought I had to have. Not to mention gifts of bric a brac my sweet children thought I needed for every birthday, Mothers Day and Christmas, yes and Easter.

You see, tomorrow morning at 7am sharp, dear sweet SIL will arrive to paint the office. We still have my giant size desk which has book cases on top of it, the return, stuff all over the place, not to mention the walls crammed with a very large bulletin board, family photo's, clocks and heaven knows what else.
There also is a large closet which is also full of shelves filled with my Easter and Christmas decor, sewing things, a million coats (in California?) and clothes I will wear again when I get thin. Never mind! Don't say it!!

The carpet people called today and my lovely (I hope) carpet is in and when can they deliver it? They can't! We are still painting! They were great and said they could bring it out on Monday...and I said it would be better next Thursday. They agreed.
They also informed me that they will be moving only "basic furnture items."
But of course. I knew that! In my imagination I guess I hoped they would come in, look around and say "Oh my goodness! Such a lot of stuff you have! Not to worry, we will move it all for you because you have GRAY HAIR and shouldn't be working so hard and lifting things and *pop*
I wake up about there... :(

I KNEW I would be punished for buying so much stuff one day! I bought things I didn't need and would probably NEVER need..but I just keep on collecting. My usual excuse was "My girls would just LOVE to have this some day!" (again in my over active imagination) and I would then buy the item feeling good that I was buying for the girls. Bull!

I have wondered, and I hate to admit this, but I have wondered if I have a tiny problem? Just a passing thought you understand..but the dead of the night when I wake up in a cold sweat and wonder.

I remember one time about six years ago, before Frank passed away, I discovered ebay. (Ask Rebecca! She knows me from ebay before I ever heard of blogging)
I won't go into detail but two years later I went through withdrawal in a self imposed intervention. I STOPPED buying on ebay for a full year.

At first it was awful. I would get up in the middle of the night, couldn't sleep and creep downstairs to the office, turn on the computer (and sometimes forget to turn the sound down) and "YOU'VE GOT MAIL" would boom out of that computer and shoot through my bod like a bolt lightening! I would nearly have a heart attack trying to turn down the volume! Then I would sit and listen for footsteps above me see if I had awakened Frank. Had it been Howard, the jig would have been up! He is the lightest sleeper I have ever known! I can whisper "Howard, are you awake?" and in the middle of a HUGE snore he will calmly say "Yes, what's wrong?" Are you kidding?
No! Honest to God! S'true! The man is amazing!

Of course Patrick was deaf in one ear (big guns in Korea) and a hearing aid in the other with a 96% hearing loss. I got by with a LOT!! I can't tell you how many times I called him a bad name and flinched and the man never even blinked. HE DIDN'T HEAR ME! :)
No more. Howard can hear. AND Howard is FRUGAL! AND Howard gets the mail every day! And..Howard looks are me weird sometimes. I have to say he is good about it.
I mean at least he doesn't punch me out! :)

SO..after this little experience I am going to try and lay off the buying. I mean it! Absolutely! I won't even brouse! I will ONLY go to garage sales...when I can't stand it. I mean this! Do you believe me? No...I'm NOT kidding!

I have to wonder when the heck this GRAY hair is going to start paying off! Basic furnature indeed! Hrmfffff!!

I think I'm tired! G'night sweet bloggers!


  1. I sure do know how stuff can pile up over the years! That is why we try to participate in a garage sale every year. It feels great to get rid of things we no longer use/want and create some extra space in the house.
    Before you bring anything back in from the garage, maybe you and Howard could go through everything and decide what is really important to have back in the freshly painted rooms! The rest you can give away to Goodwill. :-)
    Or have your own garage sale and donate the proceeds to the Red Cross for Haiti. I have been thinking about doing that as soon as the weather warms up.

  2. Ok you're a closet hoarder, no doubt about it. My problem is charity shops. I can't go past one without taking a look inside. I just know that lurking in there somewhere is something I've just got to have and I must find it. It's like a treasure trove to me. I see things in there that my mum used to use, I used to use, books I want to read, clothes, you name it. It's an addiction! However, it is also fun to sell - get selling and give yourself some space; then you can buy more stuff to fill the space you've just created. Carpet? what carpet, you won't even see the carpet. It will be covered in newly acquired purchases.
    Blessings, Star

  3. I know what you are talkinga about. A few years ago we downsized from our home of 35 years raising 4 boys to a smaller place in town and I love it. But there was so much stuff; thank God I was in better physical shape than I am now. Good luck with the big renovation. Get some rest!

  4. Mona, girl I can so feel you on this...I had made up my mind this year I was not going to buy any more stuff and so far I have done great...and for one thing I buy I have to get rid of one thing...tit for tat so to speak...
    I think it starts because when we were yonger we wanted things and could't afford them...then when we can we just start buying when Wally died I had to have stuff all the time ...I think it was my way of dealing with my pain...Good luck with your painting girl Oh I wished I was closer I would so help you with this...been there done that 2 years ago...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. Hi Mona!
    Sorry to say girl, but it ain't gonna happen!
    It's not until we have to move all our stuff, that we realize how much we have. And, it can be frightening. But I say if it makes you happy, then bring-it-on!
    As for the gray hair, forgetaboutit. You too young and probably won't get any sympathy.

    Hugs and good luck with your remodel.


  6. That post was supposed to say you look too young and probably won't get any sympathy.

    My goof.

  7. Yes, Dolling,

    We DO acquire---for the house, for the children, for the "just because" and then we HAVE, and therein lies the rub.

    And some of us---nameless, of course---have a THE ROOM, which is piled to the ceiling with STUFF. We open the door and pray there won't be a FIBBER MCGEE cascade onto our feet. We fling in another thing and slam the door, and vow "no more."

    your Sister-in-STUFF

  8. You made me laugh! I know this will all be awesome once you get it organized & finished!

  9. You can sell that stuff on E-bay, in yard sales, or on Craigslist. Easy Peasy... just list it and "poof" it's gone like a bad habit. Good luck my dear!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  10. Oh dear, we all have piles like that. And more if we open all of our cupboards! My sister always tells my mom, go to the basement and there you have your own little JcPenney's or Kohl's or whatever, lol! Open some of those totes and you have your own little yarn shop! It can be I turning into my mother, hmmmm...maybe! Gasp!

  11. You do know, Ebay goes two ways, you could sell some of these things. Also donating to some organizations is a tax write off. Or yard sale!

    I have been trying to simplify for five years. I am, oh, three quarters there. When we open the shop, what is not nailed down is going there.

    You have made wonderful progress in all this. The finish line is closer than you think.

  12. Oh, you are so funny. I'll bet your room is going to come out so pretty. Can't wait to see pictures.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  13. We all have been through what you are going through. When I married Joe...I opened my house, after filling 25 boxes of things that I loved,and sold or gave away the rest.The first day I invited my kids to come and take whatever they wanted. The next week was the sale. Old friends came and bought so many things.We had a real party...everyone laughing and going through my stuff. They had come to take home a piece of me and wish me good luck and tell me goodbye. Now I think about all of them enjoying my junk and it gives me a good feeling.The only thing that I miss are my cookie cutters. You don't know how freeing it felt for me to get that clutter out of my life.
    Right now you may be overwhelmed...not knowing how it will look. Mona,my friend, once you get it all will post pictures of your beautiful house and we will come here to enjoy it.

  14. Hello dear Mona,

    Oh, I know what you mean about "stuff" I am always taking it to the Goodwill. Of course, I buy stuff too. lol Yes, sell it on e-bay, or have a yard sale. I bet the room will be so pretty once it's done.


  15. How well I know the art of collecting! My daughter says she will have the biggest yard sale ever when I am gone! It is so much fun to look for and find things I 'need'!

  16. I'm just a little bit crazed when it comes to cleaning and clutter. Hubby has been overheard tellin' people, "don't lay it down around Nezzy or she'll throw it out!" If I buy something to bring in I get rid of an item. Sorry, is my type-A showin? Heeeheehe!

    You'll get there sweetie! It will all come together and will be just beautiful.

    Have a great day and don't let those big bad carpet layers bully you!!! God bless you lovely lady!!!

  17. I´m so lucky! My cottage is so small that I have np place to put things on :-) and I have only one closet :-)

    I laughed so much about not turning down the sound on the computor :-) Nowdays I have to bend down to the floor to turn it on. But when I forget that and shuts down the computor that sound it makes when shutting down really scare me :-)
    Have a great day now!

  18. I'm laughing with you my friend and I have a feeling reading snippets of my future unless I stop buying now! LOL

  19. hi mona..what a funny post. i bet i have more stuff than everyone on here combined...groan!!!! i am trying desperately to get rid of stuff but i am buying as fast as i throw it out the door. please don't give anything to the goodwill because i will probably buy it!!! i always said my kids would want everything but they are horrified by how much i have already given them. i am a stuff addict!!! you should see my witch collection. and my plate collection. and my jewelry collection. ok...i am a little sick now so i guess i will stop!!! joyce

  20. You made me laugh. I work at a second-hand store in my area and so I am always looking for things "I need". I too have to rain myself in this year. Get rid of things and not keep buying. When we get a certain age we really do not need everything we see, do we.
    By the way, I think gray hair is fab........
    The gray hairs I have I say "I earned them".

  21. Hi Mona,
    You are just the cutest! I loved hearing about all the collecting and painting. My Mom would go to auctions with my Dad and come back with boxes of goodies. For my Mom, it was the fact that her parents lived through The Depression and they had nothing for the longest time. Having something can mean a lot. Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Cindy

  22. Oh dear! You find it hard to part with things. :-)

    I am always trying to get rid of things, myself. Never fast enough though. We still have so much stuff in the house, which should be "out of the house." ,-)

    And I never shop, unless it's for a needed item. And I never go to garage sales, etc. So whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do I still have stuff to get rid of?!?



  23. You my dear are an absolute scream... you put a smile on my face the whole time I was reading... what a joy you are.. you put a song in my heart and a smile on my face... girl... your stuff is going to look wonderful put back in and will all look brand new.. can't wait to go back and check your previous posts.... how exciting... would "love" new carpet, ain't happening here anytime soon. More tests and procedures for Mr. P.. just trying to stay a float... so I'll enjoy yours with you.. hugs ~lynne~

  24. I won['t even show you a pic of my basement..and we are only here years. I got rid of so much stuff, then managed to buy more.
    So sell, sell, sell, and then you can buy more..keeps you happy!

  25. I was laughing at your post, but I'm guilty of the same thing. We have 8 people living in this house, and stuff really piles up here quickly. I have yard sales, and give things away, but it still seems to gather. Books are a weakness of mine and they're so hard to move. It will be wonderful to have new carpet though!

  26. Hi Mona, Sounds like you and I have alot in common ! I am swearing off buying so much stuff too !

    I also wanted to thank you for the sweetprayers you have been sending my way.Now hurry and come see me !!!

  27. It's a disease but it's OK as you can see you have lots of company. Also, it depends on who's basic it is. Mine says you a desk in an office, a chair to recline in, a footstool, a table to put your tea and snack on then you have to have all the other things you need to utilize an office. Sounds basic to me.

  28. I tell myself the same things -- I've got waaaaaay too much "stuff" -- and running out of room to store it -- I tell myself the same things too -- my Grands will love getting all Nana's stuff someday -- I hope so anyway.


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