Thursday, January 14, 2010


It really is difficult to discuss the importance of floor tiles and getting just the right laying pattern, grout color, and paint color. I'm giving it a day or so..I can share all that later? Just not right now...
Adding to the horror is the fact that it could have been us! There but for the grace of God...
What kind of person would say terrible and destructive things at a time like this! OR feel holier than thou...etc. Makes me sick at heart!
much love..


  1. Yes, my heart goes out to the residents of Haiti who were struggling to survive at best before this horrific tragedy struck their homeland. I pray for them and I pray for the workers who are lending a helping hand, may God be with them.

    Heart to heart, I am with you dear Mona.

  2. It certainly puts things in perspective. I wish Pat Robertson would just shut his trap. He makes a bad name for compassionate Christians everywhere.

  3. Mona, I'm with you.

    I had a different post planned but just couldn't do it today. Just couldn't.

    Right now the world is hurting. I saw a clip of a beautiful Haitian woman who lost all five of her children. She is devastated. Near hysterics.

    Who wouldn't be?

    God has shown mercy on our Country for many years. I pray that each of us find the time, MAKE the time to pray and ask God for direction.

    I don't know what I'm going to do but I'm going to do something.

    Peace to you, sweet friend.


  4. PS: I am an evangelical Christian and it made me SICK to hear Pat Robertson as he spewed his irreverent opinions across the airways. I'd like to pull his unattractive face (trying to be nice here) through my computer screen and punch him out. He CERTAINLY doesn't represent the healing, loving, merciful, gracious God I love and serve.

    Mr. Robertson needs to go back to Vacation Bible School... I'm SURE that is where I learned this:



  5. We are not believers in a great being in the sky and if Pat Robertson thinks he is a good example of a believer then he's sick... just plain sick. The man needs to go live on an island somewhere all by himself. I have one for sale if he would like to buy it!! Oh, and I'll give him a boat to get there on free of charge.

  6. Hi Mona,
    I so agree with you. As I stood by my sink and did dishes, I thought of all those people. I felt so blessed just being able to do a mundane, ordinary thing. Tonight, I don't have to worry about loved ones, food, shelter, medical aid, or safety. But those poor people do! Such a terrible, unfathomable tragedy. What Pat Robertson said was so totally off base! Talk about giving Christians a bad name!

  7. I can't even watch the news footage, it's just so sad. As for all the talking heads on tv, I quit paying attention to most of them a long time ago. There are very few I respect whether they are religious leaders, politicians or journalists.

    I'm sending prayers for the people of Haiti and the aid/rescue workers going in to help. I'm also praying that those who will try turn this tragedy into a religious/partisan split will feel God tap them on the shoulder before they do more damage.

    Much love to you to Mona!

  8. I agree with you Mona. I can't bring myself to post anything. It seems so unimportant right now. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti.


  9. I dread that I one day have to read about the big one over at Yours! It´s bad enough with the fires You have now and again.

    Terrible what has happened in Haiti! It´s hard for me to understand that the earth can shake so hard that everything just falls appart and so many lifes just ends, living in a part of the world that seldome shakes and if it does we seldome notices it.
    Take care now!

  10. I agree with you fully. Pat Robertson is not an example of a caring Christian. He is one of the many Pharaises we have in our midst today.
    We must pray for our fellow Christians and non-christians alike who are in this country. What devastation - just heart-rending. I could be us. Thank God for our comforts and safety too.

  11. OH Mona,
    I am so with you and I think you know it. My heart has been sick watching the tragedy in Haiti unfold and if I could I would like to get on a plane and go help. Oh, and I will never, ever tire of your notes! I cherish them! Keep on writing me I love it! Hugs and thinking of you, Cindy

  12. I know what you mean about our pretty little "things" not seeming as important any more. I keep blogging as normal in case anyone wants to take a break from the sadness.

    Hatie is such a poor country and what they had before was even heart breaking. Now even that little bit is gone. I have no idea why things like this happen. Though I do believe it's a sign of bigger things coming our way.

    I was without our electric for 15 hours not to long ago and it was a nightmare. To think about what these people are going through is something I can't even wrap my mind around.

    Big hugs to you,


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