Friday, April 24, 2009


Yes, I did this ALL wrong. You are supposed to put photo's up first..then go back and put your name in..but..I was right there...and it was staring me in the face on Designs By Gollumand before I could lose my nerve I found myself hitting that little button....and it was OVER. I was in. So...I rushed to my computer to put up ...a not so great Foodie Friday thing..which is nothing to be proud of. (I don't mean to bring shame Gollum! Sorry!)

On the back of the Hersheys Cocoa can is a chocolate cake recipe that I love. My favorite, actually. I just didn't add my usual Hershey's frosting but added chocolate chips..and a dusting of sugar. GREAT with coffee. I know, I know, lame..but hey, I am at least in there..kinda...
p.s. Now my dishes I AM proud of. They are Royal Doulton and are called SPRING in a series of four seasons from the Brambly Hedge Collection. ~smile~ I have all four of them and I love them!


  1. Yum...looks delicious and I love your pretty green cake stand too.

  2. OH Girl I am loving this cake stand here...just add that to my list of things I want from your wonderful home OK ha ha!! Cake looks YUMMY! girl and I do so love me chocolate..Love ya sis...hugs and smiles my dear friend...Gl♥ria

  3. What are you talking about! Anything made of chocolate brings honor to any post!!! And it does look really yummy sitting on those beautiful dishes!

  4. Thanks for comment on my post. You are just so sweet!!!and you made my favorite....Chocolate cake. I'm definitely gonna make this. Thanks again!!!

  5. Oh honey it sure looks good because when it comes to chocolate I am first in line. Want to say congrats on your GS film. How wonderful for him and for you to see his name in print and lights on the big screen. Thanks for sharing and have a fun weekend.

  6. It looks really delicious! Nothing lame about that picture at all!

  7. Wow that's a great first share! Thank you and welcome to the fun!

  8. It look wonderful and I prefer the less than perfect bloggers who make me feel like I am not totally out of step to the ones who must have gotten a doctorate at Bloggy College. And the cake stand is just lovely.

    The Raggedy Girl--Roberta Anne

  9. I don't think you have anything to be embarrassed about either. Your plates are spectacular by the way!
    The photos are good; the cake looks and sounds yummy,and the cake stand is to die for. So there!

  10. Aiiiiiiaiiiiiiiahhhh... that green cake plate is to die for gorgeous!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  11. I think you are all crazy...but I love you for being that way. ~smile~ Maybe I will do it again some time. I decided on the very last second..and threw in my hat..and you have made me feel welcome. THANK YOU!

    Joy.... I am so glad you like the cake stand...there are more..

    Gloria..Those hobnail stands are great. I have many of them and they stand on top of one another...or side by side..and there is the sweetest little compote that goes with them. I will have to send you a pic. My daughter is borrowing them this evening for a party...a cupcake party no less...and I going to be there to take pictures of them all filled to the brim! Good idea? Yes..I thought you would like it. Me too!

    Nikki..You sweet THANG!! You made me feel SO much better. Wow..thanks!

    Painters Place....You are so welcome! I never say what I don't mean. You can always take it to the bank!!! :) The prettiest people...I swear!!

    Joyce...DEAR Joyce...thank you SO much for that! is good to see family make good. We're proud for sure! :)

    Christer...As make me want to pack it all up and ship it straight over there to you. Send your address and I will put some in a tin and ship them off. T and I are getting too darned fat anyway! :) Now GO do it!! Don't mess with me, Christer!! LOL

    Chandy...Do you really think so...even with out taking pictures of the mess? I wasn't going to and then I thought...shoot...why not! Thanks!!!

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  13. Raggedy Girl...WHERE have you been all my life??!! What a neat thing to say!!

    Gaston Studio...Awwww, Jane...I am getting SO spoiled. Pretty soon I will be so puffed up...LOL (forget it ..I roll from room to room as it is!!) Thanks, Jane!!
    SMOOCH! YOU make me smile!!!

    The Blue Ridge Gal...Di...really??
    Yeah..I think you like it or you wouldn't say so!! Hugs!!! I love you sweetie!!

  14. Hi Mona....I goofed on my first comment and called your into the trash can. Here it is again,

    Mona..what are you doing, trying to distract me with comments about my apple pie...when you have chocolate cake over here?It's my next favorite thing.

  15. Balisha.... ~smile~ Yes, yes, Chocolate cake is good. I's great. I love Chocolate..anything. But..sorry..nothing compares to a juicy warm piece of fresh apple pie. NOTHING! It's my post so Apple pie WINS! LOL Hugs!

    P.S. Say..I'm there anything such as a ..Chocolate Apple pie?? Hmmmmmmmm??

  16. I love your blog was the first thing to catch my eye...then the chocolate!!! I love the black and white check ribbon and bows...DARLING!!!

    I am going to make this cake so I will be everyones favorite mom this kids are chocolate crazy!!!

    I hope you are having a wonderful day!!!

    P.S. I love~love~love the green cake stand...BEAUTIFUL!!!

  17. LOL! You are so funny. I saw "Foodie Friday" on your post and thought, "Wow, Mona is really getting techie, she is passing me up as is the rest of the world"
    Then I read your post and could not quit smiling and laughing.
    The dishes are beautiful and the cake has increased my hunger pangs.

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  19. Gee, I never looked at the recipes on the can, but I will now!
    Love your cute cake stand and the dishes. Could you please post some up close photos of the four different ones?

  20. It looks yummy and your dishes are beautiful. As far as the blog etiquite goes I wouldn't have even noticed. :)

    Have you tried to make Chocolate Coka Cola Cake. Or a Chocolate Raspbery upside down cake. They are very yummy indeed.

    Kudos to a fellow foodie!

  21. The cake sounds good! I love the dishes and cake plate. It's a lovely setting. You done good, mona!


  22. Oh my I love chocolate cake and this one looks so good. I will definitely have to give that recipe a try. Your dishes are just gorgeous. I also really LOVE that fabulous green cake plate. They look so pretty together. Also I just wanted to thank you for the kind and gracious comments you always leave on your visits to my blog. I really look forward to your visits and really appreciate it. Hugs, Marty

  23. Cathy....Thank you so much for your nice comment...and you will LOVE this cake. It is truly great!
    Glad you like the cake plate too...

    English Cottage in Georgia....the day I get TECHIE..will be the DAY!! As you can see..everything I do is the EASY way. :) How are you, by the way? I hope all is well.

    The Cottage Girl...I already answered this on your blog..but yes, I will show all those dishes. You bet. The green stuff is all at Mary's right now for the shower..but I will post photo's of the entire thing. I promise.
    Hugs... :)

    Visiting Voyeur...YOU MUST post those recipes. They sound like they would make great cupcakes..YUM!!

    Nancy...OH..thank you SO much!!! If YOU think I done good...then I DONE GOOD! :) are always SO sweet to me...and you are so very welcome! I enjoy my visits to you...VERY much! :)

  24. Mmm chocolate cake... :) From what I can see your plates are beautiful!

    All the best,

  25. Oh my gosh...are you kidding me? This is a fabulous Foodie Friday post..first of all you have the MAIN ingredient...CHOCOLATE...
    Secondly, the cake stand in itself brings honor to this event...and the little plates looks really beautiful.
    I am late in getting here as we have been a grandkids baseball games most of the day...
    So glad you decided to join is a whole lot of fun and everyone is so easy to please...they are all just precious.
    Have a wonderful weekend...
    xo bj

  26. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. I do love the old country roses, they are so pretty and just feel nice. Your cake looks soooo good!

  27. Everything is beautiful here, Mona!

    the cake.. the table setting, your pride dishes(Royal Doulton spring collection)

    have a great week end!

  28. Mona,
    You should be proud, your cake looks delicious! The cake stand and china are really lovely. Cindy

  29. I have a recipe I love from Hershey's called Snackin' Cake that is so delicious. It's my Moms recipe hadned down and it is a frequent flyer arounf here. I LOVE BRAMBLEY HEDGE...just another reason why you and I are friends.
    I have all of the books and a few of the cups and saucers, but want the whole collection!


    Pastry for 2 crust pie
    1/3 c. sugar
    1 tsp. ground cinnamon
    1 c. semi-sweet chocolate pieces
    Cinnamon sugar
    6-8 tart apples (peeled, cored & thinly sliced 6 c.)

    Combine sugar and ground cinnamon; mix with apples. Turn into an unbaked pie shell. Top with chocolate pieces. Cover with top crust, cutting slits for escape of steam. Seal; flute edges. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.

    I knew there was a recipe out there. Never tried this you're on your own. Balisha

  31. HI sweet Mona! Oh, that cake looks scrumptios and I'm in love with that green cake stand!
    Don't let this be your last Foodie Friday! You did a great job!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    I'm still going to be busy for a little while and then I've got to get back to my life - blogging! :P
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  32. Is you cake plate depression glass?
    It is so pretty

  33. Good grief, woman, I think I just gained 10 lbs! You're killin me.
    I left you a little something over at my site. You can practice your linking skills. *wink*

  34. I love that cake and I love that recipe - frosted or not! And it tastes even better on that pretty cake stand and your china! ~ Robyn

  35. You caught my attention when I saw that Hershey's Cocoa. We make the Perfect Chocolate Cake and Icing all the time! It's so good and I always have the ingredients. You presented yours beautifully. :)

  36. I'm bored with the computer. Think I'll go read or watch TV.

    Love ya


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