Monday, April 27, 2009


The name of this blog is balisha-never enough time. The reason I have chosen to show case this blog is because she has something so special to contribute. Her blog is one of those ...quiet, unassuming that sort of sneaks up and endears itself to you.

Balisha is wonderful at adding a bit of historical facts on many of her subjects. Gardening being her speciality! (wait...almost forgot that amazing apple pie she baked recently!!)

The deeper you dig into this blog..If gardening interests you, and it does most of us..the more fun it is.
Or if you have questions about plants, I bet Balisha can help you..just ask her. She is a no nonsense person..but SO accommadating to folks.
You will grow to love this woman. Visit her and find out for yourself.

Allison at A LITTLE SHABBY ALWAYS CHIC has been sweet enough to bestow the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE AWARD upon me. This is a young woman who already knows how to make a house a HOME. When you visit her you will see that at her tender age..she is well on her way! SHE IS AMAZING!
Thanks you so much Allison! You always make me smile!

I would like to pass this ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE AWARD on to Lucy at ENGLISH COTTAGE IN GEORGIA. She is a lady that has her plate full and has the most amazing attitude! Always warm, always caring and goes that extra mile to show you she cares!
She deserves this award so much! Thanks Lucy, for being you!

Ok..I'm almost done. By now you can probably tell by the hours that I can't, you poor sweet things, you are subjected to some extra's. I found this little shelf at a garage sale for a dollar I think, bought a pot and filled it with flowers and attached it to the wall under our bedroom window. This little home needs all the help it can get...and I think it helped. I really do!

Just wanted you to see.

Ok..I am finished sharing. ~smile~ If you stuck with me this long...thanks SO MUCH! I appreciate you!!

Love and hugs,


  1. Morning friend...ohhh what a beautiful blog background you have and I love that header picture! Congrats on your award and I will have to go by and visit your friends beautiful blog....that was a gorgeous wedding shower in the other post...loved those green stacked plates and the outside setting was so pretty..
    I want to thank you for coming by and for the sweet comment...I have loved Gloria from the moment I first 'met' her...she is a true treasure...hope all is well on your side of the mountain and that you are having a fantastic week!

  2. Congrats on the Lemonade Stand award Mona, so well deserved.

    Love your garage sale find and think it's looks great under the window!

    Off to visit your friend's blog.

  3. I'm off to visit Balisha. The pictures you showed are enticing.

    You are right about Ms. English Cottage, she is completely inspiring!!

    Congratulations on your sweet award. I am really enjoying your blog.

  4. Mona,
    Congratulations on your spiffy new blog award! It looks perfect with you adorable header. I love the photo filled with red geraniums, they are beautiful. I am off to take a closer looks at your Met Monday post, I can tell already it is wonderful. ~Cathy~

  5. I had to come over from our sweet allidink's blog and visit. She said such sweet things about you I had to see for myself!!!

    I just adore her...she is just the most precious thing!!!

    Congratulations on you award!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  6. Mona...What a sweetie you are. I just don't know what to say except that I am so touched by your beautiful words here. Your comments are so if I can just absorb all the good feelings coming my way. Thanks again to a wonderful blogging friend.

  7. Congratulations on the award. What a blessing to receive awards from special friends. Your shelf and pot of flowers look so wonderful and how nice to look out the window and see them. Thanks for introducing your friend, I will go check out her blog. Always love to discover new ones. Hugs, Marty

  8. GM Mona...thanks for coming by..Now girl I love the shelf with the POP of red flowers on it..don't you just love finding things like that?? I know my old heart does the skip when I do...May you have a great day my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. Hi sweet friend! Your blog is so pretty with the red and black accents.

    I can sure use some gardening tips! Tonight I will check out her blog.

    I hope that this finds you doing good - even though you are up at all hours of the early morning. Do get rest my dear!!!!

    I think of you often!


  10. Oh, sweet Mona! I love you! I wished we lived close ~ I think we could have a ball, or either we'd get into a lot of trouble! :)
    Oh, the pictures from the blog you've shown are just gorgeous! I'll have to pop over for a visit!
    Congrats on your award, too! You deserve them all! You're just the sweetest thing!
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Congrats on the's a cute one.
    Love your little shelf and flowers..I need to add something like that to the front of our PLAIN JANE house.

  12. Hi Mona...I am playing catch up today. Somedays, it is so hard to get to all these blogs..I apologize! Your blog is so lovely and I went and checked out your friend's blog you mentioned too and I love her! What a neat lady. Speaking of ladies, I went back a day or so and looked at the feast that was set up at your daughters house. Martha Stewart would be jealous! Is your daughter a designer of some sorts? I have never seen such a beautiful arrangement of dishes and food and tablecloths and decorations! I could look at that all day long! Fabulous! I laughed at some of your items ending up at her house!:) That leads me to believe you are a great mom and are very loved. Bravo on your grandson taking over that film as well. What an accomplishment. You have some wonderfully talented children and that is only two out of 7? that I have seen!

  13. When You come to redecorate my house, please bring your gardening tools too. I need a lot of help in that area as well. EEK!

    Congrats! I love lemonade and lemons.

  14. Mona, Thank you so much for the award. If I can finally figure out how to download it, I will place it on my blog.
    Have you noticed I only post pics I have taken? I am so techno slow, I cannot figure out how to download URLs.
    Congrats on your award! You are amassing many :-)

  15. Hi Mona,
    I love your new little find and it looks so cute outside your window. Congrats on the award, you deserve them my friend and I will check out the blogs you've mentioned. I love looking at new ones, Cindy

  16. Your pictures are just beautiful. I have had a real nice visit at your blog! Your doggie is just too cute too!
    Take care

  17. I remember that we had a similar shelf in our summer house when I was young, wonder what happened to that?
    Well I like gardening so I´ll check that blog out.

  18. Hi Mona-

    This was my first visit to your blog, and I will most certainly be back. It's wonderful, and I am now a follower.


  19. I am so sorry you are having a hard time. Try

    I copied and pasted this from my blog.

    Hope this is what you need



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