Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is NOT the picture I wanted to it's not! It should have been one of the theatre..and the framed's a ...hamburger restaurant. ask? I HAVE NO CLUE..other than it is the only picture I could think of to take when I realized I had blown it!!!

Yes...and this is a picture of the MAJOR LOSER!! you think I could use a bit of hair spray (and some color??) Sweet husband snapped this..I didn't feel like smiling..but I did. I am showing this because I DESERVE to be seen like this!!!

This is a close family friend, Joanie, my grandson, Brock, and across the table is my daughter, Mary. (She is the one that lives in The Barn.)

I am not sure where the time has gone..but here I am on Thursday and not much accomplished. I did get to go to a local theatre and see my Grandson's documentary tonight. That was a wonderful thing! It was odd to see his name up there in one of those framed ad's for films. I'm really proud of him as he has been working on this film for a long time. His best friend started it and then at the age of 19 passed away. Brock stepped in and picked it up for his friend and has spent a couple of years completing it. The name of the documentary is
THE LOST SPARROWS OF ROODEPOORT. Lots of work and time went into the film and it is now complete. here is where I become a MAJOR LOSER. I took my camera but got caught up in all the fuss of family and friends, etc..and didn't take a single picture.
Makes me sick. One of those times when you want to stand next to a wall..and BASH and BANG away for about five minutes...
But I'm old and going to die one day soon bother!! GOOD GRIEF GERTIE! Can't I do anything right????

I am being hard on myself because I can't get this moment back! The next time one of my family accomplishes something this great...I WILL TAKE PICTURES!


  1. Hi Mona!
    I couldn´t get the link to work, but found the trailer on YouTube instead. Looks great! A very important film to make I feel!

    Don´t be too hard on Your self now! Surley someone else haave taken pictures that You can get? These things always happens when You want it the least. And I do hope You´ll stay with us for a long time more :-)
    Have a great day now!

  2. Awww don't beat yourself up! <3 (that is a heart lol) We <3 you! That is so neat that he made a documentary! I had to make one for a class a few months ago and wow! It's a lot of work...good for him! Take care Mona!

    All the best,

  3. Congrats to your son...
    it happens to all of us sometime or
    another...don't be to hard on yourself
    maybe someone else got some and will share with you...
    great pic of you though...
    Prim Blessings..

  4. Don't be too hard on yourself. I do it all the time!

    Congratulations to your grandson. What an honorable thing he has done!

  5. I think your hair color is perfect just the way it is... I would kill to have your gorgeous hair! So leave it alone!!!

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    (and quit talking about being old and dying... Toyotas are good for 300,000 miles.. maybe you will be too. LOL)

  6. Hello! I love the honesty of your blog. You express some of the same feelings we all have quite well. Yes, I too have brought my camera to important events and regretted not using it. We are all just human! So enjoy the moment and remember it always. Just thing of all those before us before electricity even who could not record their moments.
    Hugs to you!

  7. Hey, you were there for your grandson, there's nothing more important than that for him, plus I'm sure there were many others taking lots of photos!

    Congrats to Brock for his accomplishment; what a wonderful tribute to his friend.

  8. What a gracious and kind act your son did. Congrats to him. You must be so proud of him. I, too, have taken the camera with me to events and family get-togethers, and forgotten to even use it. Those moments are in our hearts, forever. My give-away is posted, just stop by, leave a comment and you will be entered. Hugs, Kathleen

  9. Hi Mona, :)
    Oh that definitly happens more often than doesn't it? Photos are great to have later but you have the precious memories.
    You look gorgeous dear lady and the restaurant looks like sooo much fun!

    Thanks again for your kindness on our home. I appreciate it so much!
    Please know you are welcome to follow along!
    It would be so nice to have you since I use that feature so often.

    Have a wonderful and blessed day my friend.
    ~Melissa :)

  10. I spend many moments of my day saying...I should have brought my camera. I loved your post, how proud you must be and the hamburger place looks just too yummy!

    The Raggedy Girl--Roberta Anne

  11. I sometimes feel like I have a better time if I'm "not" trying to document every moment with a picture!☺

  12. OH Mona...those moments are felted in the heart girl and no picture could ever capture those...I have also done that...when we had my Grandson going into the Army dinner in Jan...I left my camera in my purse..on the way home I thought OMG I never got one pic of him and I...My daughter send me one she took and oh girl I was crying so bad I looked like a wrinkle old prune...
    Congrats to your Grand son Mona WAY TO GO!! not an easy task...and I know your very proud of him..You look wonderful my dear friend...I always love seeing pics of one of my favorite ladies...may you have a great day my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  13. Congratulations to your grandson for making sure this important message is told to the world. I am sure his friend would be so proud of him, as I am sure you are.

  14. The cottage by the Cranelake... Hi Christer...I always wonder "What on earth is Christer doing up SO early??!" and then I remember.. :)

    Allidink... Lots of work..and these films had to be voted on. You tear the paper at whatever level you think is deserved. Interesting! Thanks Sweetie..^3 nope...that's not it..I <3 you too! :)

    Woods Olde Homestead...Hi Tonja..I am the only one in our family that brought a camera... isn't that the pits? I am getting used to carrying mine..they are not. Pictures were not allowed inside..but at least I could have gotten the outside..

    The Blue Ridge Gal...Thanks Di..I look like a had been hanging around a light's over now and at least I hope I learned. I think this picture taking has to become a habit. You always do a fantastic job. Everyday things that no one would think interesting become interesting and even riviting with your blog! I have a lot to learn! Thank you so much for the sweet "thank you!"

    Stacy... :) Thank you..I still feel regretful...but I am going to try and do better!

    The Cottage Girl... awww..thank you so much for saying that. :)

    Gaston Studio...HI JANE! I will give Brock (we call him Alex)you sentiments! He is a great young man.

    Kathleen... I will be there with bells on, as they say! Thank you for the sweet words...You are so kind!

    Millisa Miller....I will try once again to get you on my side bar...I copied it perfectly but this happens a lot to me. Thank you so much for your sweet visits.

    Raggedy Girl.. Roberta Anne...I have several little friends around my home that look just like you!
    I wouldn't say I'm ARE a favorite of mine! :)

    Tammy...that is probably why I had such a great time! Still....sigh...

    Happy To always make me smile and feel better. Always. Thanks! Hugs!

    Mimi....Thanks so much. Yes...I am proud of him..and of my daughter, Mary and her husband, Brock, because they raised their children so well. All three are wonderful young adults. I thank God for them a lot!!

  15. awwww....don't be too hard on yourself! At least you WENT and showed up in person to the event. That's the main thing! :)

    PS: Your puppy sure is cute (from your previous posts!)

  16. Hi Mona! I do see my blog listed on your blogroll sidebar. Thank you for adding me. I meant for you to click the "followers" button at the top of my blog. I hope I don't sound like a naggy friend. I'd love to have you is all. :)

    Have a really good evening.
    ~Melissa :)

  17. Hi Mona,

    You crack me up! Don't worry about the photos, you have your memories and that's what counts. Your daughter looks like you.

    I'm so glad I found your place. You're a hoot.


  18. Thank you Mona!
    You're a sweetie! ;)

  19. Mona you look great and how proud could you be of your wonderful grandson!! This is an unbelievable feat! I too went to google and watched the trailer as I could not access your link and it looks to be a wonderful film. What a subject too. Don't try to be so perfect...just be you. Noone is perfect except God. You have a wonderful life and a very loving and talented family.

  20. Marsha's Mpressions...LOL..well..not sure if I am a hoot or not..but I certainly can screw things up totally. I felt a bad today when my daughter's face fell when I told of my regret at forgetting to take pictures. She stood rooted to the spot..and suddenly hung her head and said "WHAT kind of mother am I?? I totally forgot my camera too!!" So...there you have two LOSERS. Of course I tried to make HER feel better...and so I wasn't alone. I completely knew how she felt. A "blow it" day! At least camera wise! :)

    Milissa Miller...You are welcome, Milissa! :) And thank you back!!

    Debbie..Aww...thanks Debbie! What a sweet and thoughtful thing to say to me!! I appreciate you!

  21. That happens to me all the time!

    Congratulations to your grandson.

  22. I don't want you to get mad at yourself again or anything so stay calm. I can't get the link to work either.

  23. Producing a documentary is no easy task. You have every right to be proud of your grandson and Brag Brag Brag. I think it's fabulous and Cheers to him. Who knows you may be at the Academy Awards sooner than you think. It's speaks volumes about him that he finished the project for his friend.
    Happy Twirls

  24. Nana...well...shoot. My sweet upright non cursing, soft spoken husband would love me for this. I didn't cuss. No...not one word. :) See..smiling. See?
    Ok...I am not sure why it doesn't work. I did everything right. I copied it straight from the program! Christer and Debbie got it from YouTube and Google...

  25. Libby Murphy...Libby...thank you for saying that. How sweet and kind of you. He worked SO hard for so long. He is now working on "The Killing Fields" and has to travel to Cambodia. It is sort of worrisome. You know? We are proud of him. All of us. :)

  26. Hey don't feel bad. I've forgotten my camera more times then I care to say. We have all done it and it's normally at the times it's a once in a life time deal.

    I did have to laugh at your remark about being to old so why bother. You just crack me up. Even when things go wrong your humor is always there!

    I think you look beautiful by the way.


  27. The pictures you did take were beautiful and will always be a reminder to you of the night. No need to kick yourself. The important thing is that you were there. Your grandson will never forget it and neither will you. You must be so proud. What an accomplishment!

  28. OOO, Mona, we've everyone done this very thing. I know how you feel but it's passed and not to worry anymore. Bet someone else got some good photos that will share with you....
    Happy day!

  29. GM Mona...girl thanks for coming by today..Now girl I don't live in no Manison here in the mountains..I had a one room cabin and just kept adding on to started with a 350 ft cabin and kinda grew like my collecting does ha ha!! its only 2 bedrooms...but I have 4 bathrooms I know most peeps have it the other way around..but girl I march to a guitar and not a drum ha ha!! always have and always will...may you have a great weekend dear friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  30. First I think you look you didn't succeed in punishing yourself posting that picture! And about the other thing. Sometimes I think we actually miss the event and the fun of it because we are too concerned about getting just the right picture. We live behind the camera and forget to actually "live the moment" So I think you did the RIGHT thing. I'm sure someone else snapped a picture or actually got to enjoy every second of the big event. And congrats to your son!

  31. Thank you my dear friend for coming by ...I can alway count on you girl..are you working in your beautiful yard this weekend...I have been trying to paint an old desk I have in my sun room white to match my wicker..I need to give that room a new face lift without spending any $$..Oh Girl I ordered more dishes and flatware yesterday and they have already been shipped YAHOO!! they are of lighthouses..also go S/P and napkins rings from Ebay...that why I needed to paint the desk so I have a place to store my sunroom dishes ha ha!! does it ever stop! did you ever see my sunroom? any hoo have a great day my ya sis, Gl♥ria


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