Saturday, April 18, 2009


Perhaps it's just me...but to me it's the little things in life, just those little things, a kind word, a smile, just anything to show love, beauty or understanding. I love to write and when I began this blog, that was pretty much my intent. Then something happened and it made me a protective of my private thoughts and life.

One of the lessons I have learned on here from precious bloggy friends is...that it can be easy to be misunderstood...and when that happens and you cannot fix it...just keep going. Be yourself. I am having a wonderful time. Oh..and that reminds me...
Smart Mouth Broad is going boot me one if I don't get my "8 ball" thing going. I gotta get hot on that.

~Mr. and Mrs. Twee T. Bird~
It was a Spring wedding and really quite lovely! Trailing feathers ..the whole shoulda been there..or not... ~smile~

I won these little Target birdies from Linda at My Shabby Rose Cottage and I am delighted. I missed out when Target had them for they must have been really popular. She had a giveaway and I was fortunate enough to win. Thank you Linda!
Please do stop by and see her delightful blog when you get a chance. She is so warm and charming.
Another sweet blog and delightful person is Marcia at Frugalicious Living. She is just precious!! Do pay her a little visit also.
When I first began my blog in December, wonderful bloggers like Swaddle Cottage, Smart Mouth Broad, The Blue Ridge Gal were quick to jump in and give me courage, make me smile and were just there for me. I went on to meet wonderful bj from Sweet Nothings and Sheila from Note Song...and the list goes on and on. You need only look at my side bar to get a sampling of those that were just there with a kind word!
You are in a community of women (and a few wonderful and kind gentlemen bloggers too) like none I have ever seen and I will likely never see again. We share our good days, our bad days, our tragedys and our loves..and I want to say this... MANY of us love our homes and families and that love comes across through our blogs. I don't think any of us expects perfection every day. We are human beings and life is NOT perfect. We write, we craft, we sometimes sell, we show our pretty finds and bargains and we share our talents!!
If you have not found what interests you...just keep looking and you will come across what you are searching for. Someone with the same interests and talents. A good story now and then. Some that make you laugh, some that make you cry and some that just make you scratch your head in puzzlement. ~smile~ Occasionally you won't agree with someones view...but how boring it would be if we all saw life exactly the same way! Blogging. What a great thing to do and what a great place to share.

~Smiles and love...
P.S. I just want to add (just tryin' to do things right here..)

My birdies are Mr. and Mrs. Twee T. Bird. Let me intoduce them. So...anyhoo...
Mrs. Twee pointed out immediately upon landing and being let out of that very stuffy but safe bubble wrap that she would be waiting for him near the baggage return while he got coffee.
NO ONE flippin' told her it was just my turn table and she was NOT happy and I felt bad. She went nuts looking for her baggage! (it was on the floor!) Oops...

Mr. Twee was not too pleased at seeing THIS kind of sugar for his coffee..but Mrs. Twee pointed out he should not be so picky..and THEN...Suddenly....

Sorry this post is so blankyblank long. I was fine..then I remembered I had to do the birdie thing. (oh grief! now it's even longer...sorry!!

Mr. Twee noticed this...and began to yell "OMG..I think we are in Hawaii!!! Linda didn't tell us we were going to Hawaii!!" Naturally, I hurried over to straighten him right out by grabbing my pineapple...when I realized they had FLOWN THE COUPE! I mean MY COOP! I went rushing out to find them..oops! Uh oh...

There was mad barking..a flutter of feathers...and they were GONE! YES! Right out the door!

Needless to say..knowing where they thought they were...I was frightened to death that they would... THEN...shouts of joy...something about a "BLUE LAGOON??" (blue??? I gotta clean that thing!!) and guess where I found them...yep! In my birdie bath..Mr. Twee kept shouting "lookeee..I can float!" OMG!! He was filling with water..the FOOL! I rushed right over and jerked him out..saving his life.
THIS STORY IS REALLY GETTING ME DOWN...AND NO DOUBT YOU!!! So..I marched them right back inside the "coop" and showed them my lovely "Emilie Barnes" book and AW and decided perhaps California would be fine...and Hawaii could wait!
The (puff puff!) E N D!!

(Whatta pain in the tail feathers that was!!!) :) Just kiddin'..don't kick me outta blogland!
AND Thanks Valerie for reminding of our wonderful blogger men that help make our blogging days a joy!!! Hi Christer!!! :) Um...was "blogland" politically correct? :)

not! shhhhh..


  1. Mona, great advice to be ourselves. You're a delightful woman and I really enjoy your blogs. You have a talent for writing and it's so easy to sit and take a peek into your life while sipping my coffee and come away feeling as if I visited you in your home. I'm so glad you won the little birdies. Enjoy your weekend! Nancy

  2. Oh Mona I so agree with you girl...I have meet some really special peeps from blogging you being one of them..Now girl you have my tea cup book..don't you just love it...I made the devonshire cream from it and it was so YUMMY..oh befroe I forget I am having my 100 post give away today..Please come by and toss your name in the hat...Love ya sis..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Hi Mona.. lovely post... not feeling well today but just wanted to say 'hello".

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. Hi, dear one..thank you for such sweet words. I just love you to pieces and think we could be great REAL life friends. I am so glad to know you.
    I enjoyed your stories of your life and hope sometime you might want to write about that again. You have a talent for writing, you know.
    What fun we had with these silly little birds...don't you imagine Target thought "What the heck?" when everyone stormed their stores for 5.00 birds?, tho.
    Hope you are having a good weekend..we just spent 5 hours at the soft ball field in a blowing dust storm to watch a 7 yr. old grand play..they won the first game, then won a second and a third will be played tonight...whew..but fun!
    xo bj

  5. Mona,

    I so agree with your sentiments. It is funny, really, the way my blog has evolved. At first, it was merely a way to communicate what was going on in KC with family in St. Louis, but now, it has become more about me (while still bragging on my 2 sweet and precious miracles). It has been so much fun connecting with other gals (and guys...Christer ;)and rediscovering things about myself that sort of got lost while on this journey of life!

    Many blessings to you, my new friend,

  6. Mona...I'm glad you got some Target birdies and I loved their story...especially the pic of the large orange furry friend checking them out! Isn't blogland full of wonderful people? I haven't met anyone yet who hasn't been anything but nice! Thanks once again for the sweet words! I hope you are having a good weekend...hugs..Debbie

  7. So cute Mona, and don't ever apologize for writing 'long' blogs! When something is worth reading, we'll read it. Full stop!

  8. Mona, so glad to see Mr. and Mrs. Tweet T. Bird got home safe and sound. Hawaii? MMM...I should have jumped in the box with them....hehehe..I need a vacation!! Loved your story and thank you for your kind words.

    Keep blogging and have a wonderful Sunday.

    Warm Hugs,

  9. Hi Mona :-)
    I think Blogland is very politically correct :-) Because we don´t have borders here :-)

    I think it´s the little things in every blog that makes them interesting! The everyday things if You understand what I mean.
    Have a great day now!

  10. Hi Mona,

    You are so right. This community is a very special place, and I am so glad that you are here. Write from your heart girl, write what you want.

    Now, how in the world did I miss those Target birdies?


  11. Mona....You are a hoot! So glad you finished the birdie story.We all love reading here...that's why we come each day.

  12. Nancy...Hi Nancy and thank you for the compliment. You have no idea how appreciated it is!
    I really sort of hated to tell yet ANOTHER story about those Target birds. Not even sure what the whole thing was about but the little birdies are cute.
    See you on Monday. :)

    Happy To Be...Hi there...and yes I have your "tea cup" book. I have several of them. They are really pretty to display.
    I don't know about where you are but it is HOT here today!

    The Blue Ridge Gal..I hope you are feeling better. Howard is ill today..gets up and then goes back to bed. Hope it is not catching. Poor guy. I don't want to slobber all over you but just get well!! Ok?

  13. bj...Yeah...I think the gals had fun with those birdies...I think I should have let mine drown!
    NO! I didn't say that!! I'm sure I just thought it...oh dear...

    Valerie...I love your blog! I also enjoy your visits. Those babes of yours are adorable!!

    Prof En Retreate...I love your visits. They are always so uplifting. Makes me feel good.
    I have only met one that really did a job on me...but just one is not bad out of so many wonderful people. Blogging really is a joy..and it is a creative outlet.

    Gaston Studio...I need to tell you..that I am honored that you bother with this blog. I really don't say much anymore. I really do enjoy it though. My confidence comes and it goes. You know?

    My Shabby Rose Cottage...Yes, Linda..TARGET'S little darlings arrived. I have to tell you ..that they were really not the greatest house guests at first. VERY FLIGHTY to say the least. LOL Oh....LOL...that was a good one...LOL..and another LOL.
    Seriously...thanks so much, Linda.
    I am hoping folks check out your blog.

    The Cottage By Crane Lake....Christer...thanks so much.
    You always make me happy, whether you are visiting me..or I am visiting your great blog.

    Dena~swaddle cottage....
    You always say the right thing to me. Thanks. You have been a wonderful friend. I appreciate you.
    The Target Birds...I finally decided to run down and get a pair as they were so cute..and I mean everyone was getting them. You KNOW how it is. I wanted to be part of the action...however...
    THEY WERE ALL GONE. Then Linda at
    at My Shabby Rose Cottage had a giveaway. I threw my hat in and won!! Not many players...but that was even better. :)
    I think they are so cute. Nice for Springtime.

    Balisha...You....liked ..birdie story??? You HAVE to be kidding! It sucked actually..but once I started..I had to am lying. I just plain dropped the ball. Got sick of the adventure..they were flipping and flapping all over the place..fighting with my birds, hogging the lagoon..and kept calling me BIG MAMA!!! GRRRRRRRR

  14. Really cute blog Mona. Thanks also for coming to mine. My husband is just not a blogger he says! He is way too busy fixing other peoples computers and needs a break I guess sometimes. We have all told him he does a good job but that did not convince him to keep going. I read what you wrote to him and he smiled.:) Thanks and keep up the great blogging!

  15. Hello again! I have the "If Teacups COUld Talk" book too.It was a gift from my Mother-in-law and I love it!

  16. Very cute story. I have loved reading all of the stories about the Target birds. I hope you have a lovely day.


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