Monday, April 20, 2009


Ok...I have been tagged by Smart Mouth Broad to carry the "8 Ball" and answer 8 questons about 8 things (puff puff) about myself. I have put it off for a few days now..but...I WILL DO THIS. So..prepare to be bored to death...and YES know NOT what you have done here!! So...


1. Going to bed.
2. Finishing this task!
3. Losing weight!
4. Growing up.
5. Riding SMB's Harley...before I die.
6. Getting the rest of this hair grown out!!
7. Seeing my Grandchildren in Georgia..I miss them terribly!
8. Tomorrow

1. Cried
2. Laughed
3. watered the lawn
4. Read a book about Princess Diana
5. Groomed my plants on the front porch and the patio
6. Blogged
7. Washed clothes so I would have jeans to wear today.
8. Stayed home from church.

1. See my brother..he is ill.
2. See my sister, I miss her.
3. Install new carpet and hardwood floors
4. Paint every single room in this place.
5. Travel to Ireland
6. Talk to my Mom again.
7. Figure out what on earth is going on in this house!!!
8. See my best friend in Arkansas.

1. Two and a half men
2. Family Guy
3. Dancing With The Stars
4. Hallmark Hall of Fame
5. Discovery channel
6. New
7. The View
8. The Ellen Show

LIST of 8 wonderful people I tag to do this...

1. Swaddle Cottage
2. Cottage in The Curve
3. Happy To Be
4. My Little Cottage in The Making
5. 2L3B's
6. The Blue Ridge Gal
7. Sweet Nothings
8. Note Songs

This was easier than I thought it would be..and really fun.
I am looking forward to seeing what my bloggy friends have to say!


  1. What a fun post. I only hope your tears were tears of joy and not sadness. I'm so sorry to hear your brother is ill.

    I really really want to come visit again...just have been super busy but will try to get there soon.

    I'll post my 8 list next week as this week is full of cupcakes! I sure to gain at least 8 pounds I'm sure. LOL

    So things are still going on at your place?

  2. You hav a great blog...I love the red...Just dound you tonight and enjoyed reading your "Me's"!

    Stop by and visit me when you have some time. I am new andjust learing the blog world.

  3. I found your blog from Barb's over at grits and glamour, I had fun reading it, I will be back! Sue

  4. Great posts; allows us to get to know you even more!

  5. I love anything about Princess Diana! I still miss her :(

    And like you I can't wait till I can visit with my Ky grandkids once again (SOON!)

    I enjoyed reading more about you!

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  7. Okay, Mona...

    I just typed step by step directions explaining how to create a link using the anchor and it didn't work! Blogger doesn't like the broken steps!

    So, I removed that confusing post and here is my suggestion; I learned how to create the links from googling "how to create an anchor in HTML". It really is very simple to do so don't hesitate to try!

    Hope that helps,
    From Our Front Porch Looking In

  8. Hi Mona,
    Great answers!

    Thank you very much for visiting my blog and your kind words.
    I really appreciate it.
    I look forward to getting to know you better as well!
    Blogging is so rewarding isn't it? I have only been at it less than six months and I already cherish many new friendships being made.

    You're welcome to visit me anytime and to follow along if you would like.

    I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day.
    ~Melissa :)

  9. Hi! The wonderful Barb at Grits and Glamour was gushing about your beautiful blog, so I just had to come over and see for myself. I'm now a faithful fan and follower! Glad to meet you! ~Kim

  10. Hey Mona, Fun post.. To link a name in ur post.. click on the name and move ur curser over it, it should turn blue, then go up to ur blog post tools and click on link.. a window will open up and you can put the url in the box.. then you can check to make sure this is where you want ur readers to go.. Hope this helps..


  11. GM Dear friend..I hope you got my email that tell you how to do the linky thingy...after Susan shown me that is was so easy girl..your smart will get it quicker than I did...Now I have to do WHAT we 8 things?? Oh No I am terrible at this stuff..May you have a great day dear friend..Now go paint that coffee table...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. I just found your beautiful blog today and I love it! I will visit it often.

  13. Great stuff Mona...let's us get to know you more. Looks like you have some newbie bloggers joining you! Isn't that exciting?

  14. You watch Family Guy too! Awesome! I also want to go to Ireland! Here is a website that explains how to make text turn into a link.

    All the best,

  15. I just came over from Grits and Glamor. I love your blog and will be back.

    Have a Terrific Tuesday
    I loved coming to visit you
    Roberta Anne a.k.a. The Raggedy Girl

  16. That was anything but boring! I see we like some of the same shows too :-)

  17. I love your list. And if you ever get to Georgia, call me, I'll meet you there.


  18. I see we both have an Arkansas connection. I grew up there, and you have a best friend there. Surely we must know some of the same people, or who knows, we might be kin.

  19. Must have taken you some time to put this together.. i hope you had as much fun doing it while we have as much fun reading about them!!

    hugs- !

  20. I am related to some Turners through my maternal grandmother. One of her sisters married a Turner. They lived in Warren, Arkansas. Not sure where their descendents live now. My mother has a cousin named Henry Lee Turner.

  21. Enjoyed reading your lists, Mona...hope you accomplished everything you wanted to...take care!

  22. Fun fun...
    Sorry something made you cry..hope your brother gets better soon and I sure hope you figure out what is going on in your house!!
    Thank you for thinking of me..I do appreciate it.
    xo bj

  23. Hi,
    I found your blog from The Crowned Casa so came by to say hello. I read you are the mother of 7 children. I grew up one of 7 children! I have 4 sisters and two brothers. I loved being part of a large family, lots of fun and never dull. I like your attitude, you roll with life and I can appreciate that. I hope your son is doing well with his kidney transplant. I attended the transplant games last summer. A friend of mine with a double lung transplant won the gold medal for racquetball. I am going to have a look around your site. Drop by mine anytime; it is great to meet new friends. ~Cathy~

  24. Joanne Kenney...Hi there and thanks for stopping by. My tears were of things long past. I am smiling again. I am enjoying your "best cupcake" quest SO much!
    You come visit any old time you want. Hugs.

    Teresa@Grammy Girlfriend....Thanks so much for stopping by. I visited your blog and thought it was great! You're sure you aren't an old pro at this blogging thingy? :) I loved your blog!

    Our really empty nest...I am so glad you stopped by. I will see you soon..

    Gaston Studio...I am so glad you are my friend. I love it when I see you have stopped by..but always wonder why..LOL Now yours has something to say! :)

    Tammy...Ohhh...I know what you mean. It is still hard for me to believe she is gone and she died the same year my husband did. sweetheart! You did everything you could to help me..and I finally...finally doing it! YIPPEE! :)

    Milissa Miller...well...fall off MY chair! I just visited your blog..and WOW! I mean..WOW! :)

    Kimmcl.....Awwww...thanks so much! I will be over to visit you in a few seconds..playing catch up here... :) What a sweetie you are!!

    cat...thanks so much. I am finally linking...thanks so much for helping!!!

    Happy To Be...Sweet Gloria...I am doing it..finally! Now...on to that coffee table!

    Tracy...OH..thank you so much for your sweet comment. I appreciate that sooo much! :) hugs!!

    Debbie...thanks Debbie...I appreciate your comment. I love new bloggers...I are one! :)
    well..not so new anymore...(thank heavens!)

    Allidink...yep...I am a junkie. My son even named his dog Brian. Stewie puts me in hysterics!! Yes..I know..sick humor..but it is done with tongue in cheek..hard to explain. Have you ever tried to explain...NOT. Can't be done. You get it...or you don't. MANY don't! S'ok... :)

    Raggedy Girl...I am so looking forward to getting to know you...:) You are a HOOT!

    The Cottage By The Cranelake...
    My are encouraging. I can be in the total dumps..and you are there to make life real.

    Smart Mouth Broad...I will DO that. You would love my daughter. And..well..she would love you. Yes...I WILL do that!!
    (oh...and bring the bike. Make an old woman happy..LOL)

    KBeau...MY GOSH! WE could be are right! :)
    How nice to meet you!

    Silver...oh know it was all that good. You guys are just being kind..and I LOVE IT! :) only took me minutes once I got the format down and got the ball copied. :) I'm sort of blind here...and that is all that takes time..thank you for your sweet comment. :)

    Cathleen...I will probaby never finish all of it..but the fun is in the trying.. :) Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi bj...I am living with the "house" thing. LOL Getting used to it and so is Mele. Joanne wanted me to write about it..but not a great idea...
    The tears belonged to the past...

    The Stylish House.....Cathy...thank you so much! Thanks so much for stopping by. I am so touched by your visit. bend with the wind..or you break. I chose to bend...Hugs to you!!

  25. Come join my Mother's Day contest, tell your friends about it.

    TTFN ~ Marydon


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