Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I have been meaning to post these photo's of the lovely Mother's Day brunch my children gave me.
Part of my gift..with my favorite things to eat.

Eggs and sausage...called a furtada?  Fertada?  Whatever.  It was delicious.  

My favorite!  Rice pudding!

What's left of the blueberry pancakes.  (I always forget to take pictures...)  Note the syrup in the little glass log cabin?  That was sent to me by Joyce at October Farm.  She is the one that sent me a box of goodies from her adventures to the Festivals.  The best syrup I have ever tasted!  Thanks again, Joyce!

Gotta have lots and lots of bacon!  My son, Pat, did the honors!

The little glass bowl with the white sauce in it went on the egg dish..and it was amazing. NO idea what it was.  I should have asked before I posted this.  Shoot!

I redid our lawn swing yesterday...and finished it today.  Not as difficult as I had imagined.  Looks so nice.  I will show you tomorrow.
Happy Wednesday, tomorrow.
Mona :)

*Notice I didn't put my bunny and her babies away.  I couldn't, she is just so cute.  Or my baskets with eggs..or some of my other bunnies.  They all seem to go with Spring...so..you know.  A good excuse to be lazy?  Oh...probably!


  1. what a treat on Mother's Day, beautiful meal!

  2. Your family are all the best cooks.
    It all looks so delish. I am glad your bunny is still out. So is mine and it is not even spring.
    Family times are wonderful.
    Hugs Kay

  3. Such a lovely brunch. I must do that one of these days.

    Keep the bunnies out. There's nothing that says spring like bunnies.

  4. What time do we eat? Your Mothers Day I bet was wonderful, and tasty as well. I will post to my blog soon

  5. what a delightful 'spread'!!! in honor of you!

    re: your question, on this post... about our 1st grand daughter graduating... i tell all about it, in this post... :-)

  6. OH YUM! Loved the display of yumminess! Precious children to do this for their Mama:) Enjoy your day sweet Mona, BIG HUGS!

  7. Wow! What a wonderful food items on the mothers day!

  8. Mona, That was affine mother's day meal. Plus all those hugs and kisses from your loved ones...it's a blessing. xoxo,Susie

  9. glad you all enjoyed the maple syrup! nothing like the real stuff!

  10. Your children did well in preparing such a delicious meal everything looks so good. I know you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. What a wonderful meal! It looks just delicious...especially the bacon! Love the stuff!! :) I almost always fix bacon on Saturday mornings unless we're going somewhere.

  12. I think I need that Frittata recipe . . . looks yummy!
    Everything looks delicious . . .
    And having the Fitz &Floyd Bunnies out is just fine. It is Springtime . . . Better inside than in your garden . . . SMILE!

  13. Oh Mona, the food looks so good. How sweet of your children to make you this wonderful feast for Mothers Day.
    Looking forward to seeing your swing make over.
    Have a great Memorial Weekend.

  14. Your sweet kids know the way to your heart...although I know they already
    have your heart forever. Looks like you had a wonderful day!

  15. Yiur Mother's Day brunch looks delicious even in photos, Mona.mthe first dish which you struggled to name looks like a frittata, which we have made often as well. But, we have never used any white sauce on ours, just salsa.

  16. Oh, my gosh that breakfast looks amazing. So glad you had such a nice Mothers Day....

  17. What a feast! I am drooling. I, too, love old fashioned baked rice pudding. My Mum used to make it for us , but I have never been able to get mine to turn out as deliciously creamy as hers. You had a wonderful treat!
    Hugs, Des 🌹


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