Monday, May 26, 2014


Remembering our Servicemen.

I am proud to have been married to a United States Marine for over 43 years!
Patrick served 20 years.  Korea and three tours in Vietnam.
I miss him.

Saturday we went to the garage sales but there were only a few.  The threat of (ha ha!) rain made some decide to not take a chance..and some were into a long weekend of something or other.
Whatever the case..not much was happening. 

I did find this adorable apron for a quarter.  Would you just look at that crocheted edging?  
It has a little bib and a large pocket in front.  I love it

I decided to paint my old wood clothespins pink, apple green and strawflower yellow.   They really turned out cute only took seconds.  

This lovely Liz Sport sweater for $1.00!  Such a deal!
I will enjoy it next Winter.  I took the crocheted string from around the hoodie.  I knew it would drive me nuts.   I have one tiny thread to secure...and it's perfect.
AND it's machine washable and can be dried in the smells lovely.  
I love cable knit.

This pretty clay pot was a quarter.

This is the little pot of roses I got at the same garage sale for 25 cents.
So that is the few little treasures I found.  I was happy with my finds..and by now my poor foot was off we went to our favorite place for breakfast..where the owner always comes out and sits with us and wants to hear all about my finds! :)  
(He has never gotten over the $4100 set of "Prelude" sterling silver I found for $10!)
For that matter, neither have I!

I love these sweet tiny roses which are now climbing up and over the patio.  The buds on no larger than my fingernail.  They look much larger in the picture.  
I can't get enough of closeups.   Lovin' my new camera!


  1. Mona- It sounds like you had a lovely garage sale day. Love that the owner sits and chats with you in the diner! God bless your Patrick in Heaven and I hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  2. What a nice weekend. Thanks to men like your Patrick we have this wonderful country to live free. I'm sure you do miss him. Your finds are amazing as always. I love the apron. I have a small collection of aprons that I enjoy a lot....enjoy yours too! Have a good week!

  3. You have the BEST garage sales ANYWHERE! I am so impressed! That apron was an awesome find!! I will have to go back and see if I can find the post about that silver set!!!

  4. What fun it would be to go treasure hunting together. Quite the find for the ten dollars sterling find . . . when was that?

  5. Miss Mona...I would say you are the best at finding such lovely things! I know my sister would be very envious! I love that you share all these treasures! It makes for a wonderful read! I love that you are back in the blogging circle!

  6. Morning Mona, I sure wish I had your kind of sales, I love the Apron. It is so hot here I can hardly get out to go as the heat bothers me really bad. I hopoe you had a nice Memorial day yesterday. Love sharing the memories with you also.

    Hugs from Florida

  7. oh those tiny, tiny roses!!!!!

    i am so happy that you are having so much fun with your new camera!!!!


  8. Great finds:) I love that apron! Lots of time spent on the edging and now it belongs to you! Enjoy your week dear friend, praying you get some rain! Sending hugs and a rain dance your way:)

  9. I love the apron. You found some great items and at a good price. I miss my husband we used to go to yard sales every weekend and I did get some good buys also. All good things come to an end. I hope you had a great Memorial Day. Thanks to all the veterans who served and are serving to keep this country free. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. you and your new camera are doing a great job and your finds amaze me. i despise yard sales and my mother loved them. she used to beg me to take her around and she did what you do, found all kinds of great buys... amazing find on the silverware... my friend and her mother found a a Dali painting and paid 3 dollars for it, had it appraised at 5,000...

  11. We owe so much to men like Patrick...and also to their wives and families! Thank you Mona! H was in the Air Force for four years during the late 60's....
    I love all of your yard sale treasures...esp, that gorgeous white apron! Have a wonderful week...hugs...

  12. A good yard sale day with breakfast out and a new camera!!!! You are blessed.

  13. I love the things you purchase at the garage sales. We don't have such nice things around here.

  14. I love the things you purchase at the garage sales. We don't have such nice things around here.

  15. Sweet tribute to Patrick and mine also served, but in the Navy. Hope you do get some rain for your lovely blooms Mona. Great yard sale bargains, as always. We have. Ot been going to any as not to add more stuff to the stuff we need to one day get rid of...but I still enjiy soing to the local thrift stores for bargains!

  16. wow -- you sure found some lovely things! Love the apron with all the lace! Haven't been here to visit for awhile. Have to get back sooner next time! Blessings, Deborah

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