Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Our lawn swing was old, weathered and the canopy had finally rotted.  After marrying PH and moving lay in a heap of  metal out back by the shed.  Finally we got around to putting it together..finding replacement springs the movers had lost...
I repainted it white..and fixed it up which I have shown in old posts..
Then once began to look ...shabby and though was on my mind to redo it.

 I chose my favorite Satin spray paint, Apple Green, and on Monday got busy early in the morning before the winds picked up.
The immediate difference was  wonderful!  I loved it!
 I finished in about an hour or so..I did the feet last by just slipping a piece of newspaper beneath each.
Then I dug out some fresh lace curtains.  I keep old curtains on hangers in the guest room closet.
Then those garage sale curtains that I bought some time ago.  Roses!  I love the print and the tiny polka dots.
I used two valances recently (striped with roses, in the living room.)  Remember?

A total of four lace panels form the canopy.

The with PH's help..up goes the center bar, and the canopy is complete.
Next comes the crocheted tablecloth.  Simple over the back and down over the seat...the height is adjusted so the tablecloth does not touch the ground when someone sits on the swing.  I just fold it to size.

Then the already recovered pad is replaced.  I pin the center crease to keep the material in the fold of the seat.  Then I flip the crocheted tablecloth back over the padding to match the drop in the front...and I'm done.

Would love to replace that security door.  Maybe one day.

The old ratty wicker end table is covered with the one curtain that has no match but deep ruffles...I just wrap the table and then add a white crocheted piece over the top of that and the plant is replaced.
Fat yellow froggie goes to the shelf of the metal plant stand at the end of the swing.

I repainted the wicker coffee table and left the crocheted piece under the glass so it never gets dirty..
A Chintz tea set in black with roses.
(today I added a perfect Battenberg doily to the bottom of the green tray..I will show you that later.

I also added the little TEA TIME rose sign to the clothes line.  I leave it across the patio to use..and to hang the lace piece on to filter the hot sun in the afternoon.  I have an idea to fix that problem too...soon.

I also added a cushion to my old bench.  A pillow and another crocheted piece add a bit to the little wood bench.  I have had it for many years.
Do you like it?  Even if it isn't your style...I hope you approve.
(I am sooo glad I'm finished with this project before the heat sets in once again.)

 That hanging white basket is gone and a huge ivy is now there as of today.  The afghan is protecting the fabric from the sun.

I've ordered two "Dragonfruit"  umbrella's.  After that.  I do have a table and chairs I am thinking of painting ..a butter yellow.
I still have things to do...but this has kept me very busy for the past two days and I am beat!
Sorry for so many photo's.  I do try not to do that.
Much love to all of you,


  1. Everything looks so beautiful and elegant! It's a wonderful way to use our vintage treasures...all of the pretty crochet things. Enjoy your week my dear friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. Mona, You are a frilly girl .I love your new swing. it looks so cozy with the curtain on it. What fun. Hope you get to swing and sip a cool drink while reading a wonderful book. Enjoy. xoxo,Susie

  3. you are such a girly girl, romantic, its beautiful! Looks like a page in a magazine,

  4. Mona!!! I knew you had it in you...this is your best work EVER! I love every single detail of your porch swing, your clothes line "shade", the little padded bench...all of it! I can't wait to see more....hugs, Penny

  5. Hi Mona! Oh, this is just beautiful and so romantic! I love all you've done - the pretty apple green color, the lace and the lovely roses fabric. You're outdone yourself and take a break and rest now! Or...go take a nice nap on the lovely swing! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Oh Mona, I love the swing - it looks great!. Can hardly wait to come out and see you and sit on the swing and visit. You really did a wonderful job.

  7. Thanks for all the photos. I like that. You've done a great job. Everything looks so nice. I love how you have put things together. Maybe some day I will have an outside living space too. Hugs

  8. Mona Mona Mona!!!! That is absolutely stunning!!! Absolutely creative and so so beautiful. I lOVE it!
    Hey you could even paint the security door apple green I suppose...or white. I love the apple green color tho.
    Great job.

  9. I have a very serious relationship with spray paint too! Your porch looks lovely and very inviting. I would fall asleep in all that comfort! However, I'm afraid if I came to visit you would decorate me! I'm in sore need of some sprucing up girlfriend! Beautiful job Mona! Do your neighbors ever ask you to help them decorate their homes?

  10. i just love your projects mona! you really have a lot of energy! don't get rid of the security's not bad. paint it!!! instant improvement!

  11. Your swing looks so comfortable, but I can't believe you are using that beautiful crocheted tablecloth on would be on my table!

  12. Dear Mona, Oh how I would love to visit you and sit on your swing and sip tea and talk for hours.
    I don't know any one with a back porch like yours.
    I hope you have many happy hours out there enjoying it.
    Hugs Kay

  13. Everything looks so pretty, Mona! I love the Apple green paint. I love it all!

  14. Oh YES, I do love it! Your patio is absolutely precious! It is wonderful to get some things done that you will enjoy for years to come! My list is pretty long, you inspire me to get busy:) Have a blessed day dear Mona, HUGS!

  15. I LOVE it!!! It's definitely my style but what is really exciting me today is that our Happy Homemaker and Flyboy bought a house last year ans they inherited a beat up swing like this. They want to re-do it but aren't sure what to do. I have to show this to them. It's gorgeous!!! The entire area is a place I'd call home.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  16. Wow, you did a wonderful job and it all looks so lovely.

    It is very homey and inviting.


  17. Goodness, what a busy bee you are. I love doing things like you do as a lovely home is so relaxing. What a beauty you have fixed. The crocheted tablecloth I think I would be scared to have it sit on. Trust me, alot of time and energy made that. Do you have a round table in your klitchen or what size?

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  19. Good Heavens, Sweetpea!

    I'm beat from clear over here, and I just got up!! All that teenage energy, and all those perfect touches of romance and elegance---I'll have what You're having.

    Simply charming, M'Dear, with all the lacy and rosy and beautiful of my Country-Garden dreams. I love it, every bit, and the spiffy new green---that's about as pretty a color as I've seen all Spring.

    Enjoy, and have a cup of tea for me out there.


  20. I'd say you deserve a huge
    BRAVO . . . WELL DONE!

  21. Please let me come and sit in your beautiful porch...just lovely.

  22. You did a wonderful job on that swing looks good everything is so fresh and very inviting. Wish I lived closer so I could come see you and enjoy all your very creative projects. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  23. delightful!!!!

    and i love that green which you spray painted the lawn swing in!

    everything is so, so, so pretty. i love roses, and pretty.

    and i'd say you deserve a rest, after all that work!!! :-)

  24. Love it! Love the color a lot, too. Your porch is inspiring!

  25. You have been VERY busy, Mona, and great to see the photos of all your craftiness. Your porch looks very inviting and cozy and I wondered if you do spend a lot of outdoor time in your lovely retreat. Also, I agree that the security door would look better painted a different color...would Howard mind?

  26. So, so beautiful! If I lived close to you, I'd be over there every day just to sit in your yard. You'd be tired of seeing me. I don't usually like green, but that shade is really pretty.

  27. Everything looks just your use of all the pretty laces and crocheted things.
    Also love that Apple Green for the swing.
    I have a few pieces I need to paint but the wind has been blowing too much....maybe later. :)

  28. That looks like the most inviting cushy spot to swing! I wish I were there right now. I like the green. Green is always better than white or at least it is in my book.

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  30. Love your swing and what you created. I had the same swing for years and did the same thing adding or subtracting lace curtains, solid ones and crocheted tabecloths. Reminds me of my old home. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great holiday,

  31. Everything looks beautiful! I especially like that pretty green that you used, and your gorgeous crochet pieces. It all looks dreamy. You have such an eye for detail and colors!

    I can only imagine living somewhere that the weather would cooperate with such beautiful outdoor décor as you have. I have to tie potted plants down with clear fishing line so they don't get blown over by our summer storms. One year I was using our concrete birdbath for a pedestal for a beautiful pot of vining flowers. I secured the pot to the bowl of the concrete birdbath with heavy fishing line. A storm with hard straight winds came through one night and blew with such force that it blew the concrete birdbath bowl part, with the flower still tied to it, off onto the ground.

    Have a great weekend!

  32. What a sweet little place you've created here... and I enjoyed seeing all the photos of your loved ones... how nice.


  33. Dear Mona - your creativity is an inspiration! I love the paint colour you chose and the end result of all your tweaking is ever so lovely. You have the most perfect cottage patio, a restful, beautiful space surrounded by flourishing plants and pretty treasures. The view on to your garden beyond completes the tranquil scene. I would spend hours there, if it were mine!
    Big hug, Des xx

  34. Oh, and by the way, you can never share too many photographs! I enlarge and scrutinise them all and through them, escape for a moment into your special haven! Des 😘xx


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