Tuesday, May 27, 2014


*click for closeups*

What to do when you like warm and cozy.. but like light and bright as well?  
For me it's "stay cozy" and bring in the fans, listen to the fountain flowing in the old wooden barrel, surround yourself with lots of fern, flowers and soft pillows.
To make it perfect, I enjoy the company of.... 
 ...my sweet PH and...

my shadow, Mele

They arrived today!
  I think PH was as delighted as I was and in moments they were up. 
AND they matched my patio furniture PERFECTLY!
When I ordered from a online catalog photo, I was concerned..
I ordered "Dragonfruit" ...which is a color I had never heard of and I know there are all shades of red, 
so I worried!
 I needn't have...the color was perfect...

 The umbrella's with the tatters and holes ...are in the trash.
these have cranks!  No more pulling and tugging and pushing.
It was a very good day..
Much love,


  1. Your new camera is certainly working well Mona. I love the photo os Ph, and the one of Mele is so special.
    You must have been so pleased when you opened your umbrellas. They are a perfect match.
    Hugs Kay

  2. On Mona, they look great and match perfect.
    Your photos look terrific - thanks so much for sharing.

  3. You are becoming quite the specialist with your new camera. Photos are "Picture Perfect" and of course the "dragon" red umbrellas look great in the "Mona's Land Of Red Things". Just lovely - have a wonderful day and hello to PH :)

  4. Your new umbrellas are lovely and you just have to crank them open and closed, that's great.

    Enjoy all that peaceful, colorful beauty with PH and little Mele.


  5. your new umbrellas are really perfect. you must be thrilled! i love the crank ones compared to the ones with ropes! they are so much easier to use!

  6. Handsome sidekicks:) Love the umbrella color! Great choice for your patio to give more shade! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  7. And again, another great blog. Love the pics of course. You give me the want to redo my lil place.


  8. What a handsome hubby...and a cool one now, too! Reds are so hard to match even when you see them in the stores...the lighting can make them look different shades. You did GREAT! And you'll enjoy these all year long! Have a cool day my friend! Hugs from sunny Florida!

  9. one never knows about color, when not actually seeing before. but yours was certainly needless. they are beautiful! and perfect! hoooooray!!!

  10. Looks lush Mona . . . enjoy that sweet PH . . .
    I love the red against the green . . .

  11. Mona, If it was just the cloth part of the umbrella torn...you could have used the frame....placing lace curtains or table cloths over it, in layers, and pinning or stitching on the ribs. I do love your patio area, so much. xoxo,Susie

  12. Yay! They look great and I'm so glad they match everything too! Your outdoors is so pretty and blooming! Your hubby has the kindest looking eyes and that Mele is one little adorable fuzzy face! Thank you so much for popping in to see my little kitchen and home is where your loved ones are! Hope your Memorial Day was good.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  13. Oh the color is wonderful. They looks amazing.

  14. Your umbrellas match your patio furniture so glad they were the right color. Everything looks so nice. Love the pictures of your husband and cute little dog. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. What a dear face your beloved has! Ohhhh...nice umbrellas! I'm living with an old and ratty one for another summer so I know how nice it is for you to have the perfect set-up!

  16. I love your new umbrellas....they match perfectly! Your backyard looks like a dreamy oasis to relax in, have tea, and enjoy the company of PH! Hugs, Penny

  17. isn't it just the greatest blessing to go to sleep and wake again, looking into such kind, loving eyes? We are so blessed.

    That's just the most welcoming patio, and the colors!! I thought you'd had a mix-up in your ordering---we're awaiting a package now---a park bench for the back patio, and just yesterday Caro mentioned, just off-hand, "I hope he'll bring the box around back---it weighs about seventy pounds."

    Gee, I hope so, too. I'd hate to see us wrestling a stubborn package all the way around the house.

    Much love, and you go enjoy your beautiful sitting place with your sweet Hubby and dear Mele,


  18. You have to love it when a plan comes together! Your yard is so pretty...do you ever get requests for home and garden tours? I really love the red! That's a nice pic of PH! (Mele too!)

  19. I love your new umbrellas! they look great out there!! So glad the order turned out so good!

  20. That color was not in my box of crayons Mona. LOL! The names they have today we never know what it is going to look like but your umbrellas look so good and do go well with your patio. Have a lovely week.

  21. Your patio is just beautiful. Relax and enjoy.

  22. You're right, they do match perfectly and red is so hard to match, isn't it. Lovely pictures of your favourite people Mona, but don't forget your dolls. I haven't seen those lately?

  23. re: this post...

    bow-tie cinemas.... just the name of the group of film theaters... we have one, downtown... and one, out at the mall... run by the same firm... so they can have some films showing at one, and some films showing at the other. "splitting films" :-)


  24. I really like the color of the umbrellas. They add a lot to your inviting garden. Your whole house is cozy and inviting. Now that is hard to do sometimes but you have pulled it off girl!

  25. Jean dear, THANK YOU! It's always good to hear when you are insecure about your decor. LOL Hugs!

  26. Your PH has pretty blue eyes like my BG! I love your pretty outdoor room and the red umbrellas look terrific! Yay for getting the right color!!

  27. Oh, Mona! These pictures are superb! Your dear PH has such gentle, kind, beautiful eyes, a most handsome man and Mele, she is a truly gorgeous furbaby. Then, there's your delightful, lush, floriferous garden and patio enhanced so charmingly by those bold red umbrellas. A perfect scene of a happy day in a loving and richly blessed home! Thank you for sharing your precious moments with us.
    Love Des xx

  28. No worries on the delivery! As I stepped to the front window to uncover the birdcage, I caught sight of a shadow on the porch---a charming young man about to set down an immense box.

    I popped open the door and asked if he'd take it around back, and he was so cheerful about wagging that huge flat package up the drive---I wish I could have tipped him.

    It's standing beneath the eaves, awaiting Caro's day off Sunday, so we can assemble it in all its ponderous glory. Photos to follow.

    Thanks for your good wishes!!


  29. Love the red...and your hubby's smiling face! xoR

  30. Mona, how nice to see loves of your life, Howard and Mele and both loom wonderful in their photos. Glad the new umbrella really made your day and matched perfectly, despite your concerns.


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