Thursday, December 12, 2013


Some of what I have done in the family room..
 I THINK I am finally done with the fireplace, but you know me..things could change before morning!
Can you believe that my snowmen were purchased in a little house in the desert that someone had turned into the most charming shop, EVER!  I am serious about this, and I've been in a lot of shops.  
After my husband, Frank, passed away, I never returned to that area again.  Frank would park out front and patiently wait for me each time we passed through on our way home from Riverside.  

The greenery is fresh.  I saved the trimmed pieces off my own tree and the men gave me all the boughs from other tree's that had been cut.  The rest are out back in a pan of water where it's cool and cold.  When these get a bit dry..I will change them out. I do that every year. 
The chairs look a lot more burgundy than they are.  The color is more cranberry. 
No idea how that tray got behind the chair.  :)  That's my favorite red cup on the end table.

The little sleigh with the dolls was a gift from my youngest son, Danny when he was young.  It's a music box that plays "Let It Snow".  Each doll is china/bisque and has totally removable clothing..even the tiny hats.
I always find a place for it.  The greenery in the bowl and pitcher is fresh.  The hydrangea's are silk.
My coffee tables are ALWAYS a challenge.  The cloth on the table I found at a huge Antique Mall in the heart of downtown Riverside across from the famous Mission Inn.  I believe one of our Presidents was married there.  Was it Reagan?  

 This is the sofa table that sits behind my little red love seat that faces the fireplace.  It used to be white and I painted it black.  The knobs are going to be replaced with MacKenzie-Childs knobs.  Just you wait and see.  HOW I would love to find some at an Estate Sale.  :)  Those things are expensive.

 This is my Christopher Radko Christmas tree.  I didn't get the best picture of it.  It has gingerbread men all over it.  Each year I just press the ribbon and plug it in somewhere in my kitchen.  In this home it is on the breakfast bar.  (I painted the bar stools black when I painted the sofa table.)  Wonder what color they will be next.  I have a thing for painting stuff.  Yep...I do!
The tree was a gift from my boss when I was in property management.  They did give the most lovely Christmas presents each year.  (plus bonus!)  

 And of course these are Fitz and Floyd.  I collect the red and clear crystal and I CANNOT remember what it is called.  (I just hate getting old when this happens!)  Shoot!!
(little temper tantrum there!) 
We have "cottage cheese" ceilings..and one of these day they are going to get scrapped and painted again.
It's something that I mentally change every time I look up. AND a beam is going to be installed to divide the room in 2014.  Uh huh...(PH hates that I always have a project!)  

 See???  My STILL untrimmed tree except for the handmade teddy bear angel on top.
A lady in Palm Springs made it.  I have had her for..the late 1970's.   She was at a craft fair I went to.
I am using her this year because little great granddaughter, Emily is going to be here on for her mainly.  Table, lamp, sugar bowl, books and bookends. table topper (matches the livng room topper on the coffee table) are all garage sale items.  The lamp was $30!
All of my drapes were made by a lady that does great things for me and a reasonable price.
Everyone needs someone like her.
I divided the family room with garland.  I love it but this is not a good picture because of the flash. 
So...that's it.  Just the tree is left to do.  When I took this picture I was still decorating..I ALWAYS get in a rush.  Even left my water pitcher on the floor by the tree...When get the tree finished I'll take another picture. Don't expect much..I'm getting worn to a frazzle!  

So...until next time..
Merry Christmas!
Love'n hugs,


  1. Oh Mona, everything is so very lovely. You have so many pretty things. Your tree is a nice one and will be so pretty when you get it finished. Your granddaughter is going to love it.
    Have a terrific weekend with the family.

  2. Mona, your home is so beautiful. Now I want to know some thing. How long does your fresh pine tree boughs on your fire place last? I would love to do that but wonder in our hot waether if I would have to put new in every second day. It is cool and lovely at the moment. 23 deg. but next week we will be up to the 40's like you. What do you think. Fresh or not?
    That china reindeer and plate make me gaze at it for ever it is so beautiful.

  3. Love your mantel and your room, so warm and cozy! Makes me wanna curl up with a book beside your fireplace:) Have a blessed day dear Mona, trim the tree when you rest a bit! HUGS!

  4. You have me worn out to a frazzle. My home would have 1/4 of your decorations, for I would never be able to find the gems that you have. I love that I have your decorating ideas and then ideas come to me. See, I can learn from you, but I must get myself busy and get some more Christmassy things up - I seem to have gotten side tracked visiting people, but there's still lots of time - at least I have my tree up, eh. Love n hugs n PH too :)

  5. Mona, It looks very inviting for a nice cozy cup of coffee. I love the little dolly in the sleigh. So special. Take care and enjoy this season. xoxo,Susie

  6. Your decorations are so beautiful! I am still cleaning so that I CAN decorate. I have so many beautiful things too but I have so much and such a small house that they never all get out at the same time. Different every year.

    Love your fireplace. That looks like it was a lot of work. So now go take a break before decorating that beautiful tree with the cute teddy bear.

  7. my favorite thing is that little tree in the kitchen. love it.. and that deer is beautiful... great job on the mantle. you are all ready but for the tree.

  8. Little Emily is going to be starry eyed looking at all your pretties! Bet she'll find those candy canes too!

    Fitz and Floyd found their way into my pocket book too! Is that a piece of Cranberry Glass I see on the sofa table . . .

    I like your fireplace . . . fresh boughs too . . . what kind of tree . . . Norfolk Pine . . .

    Busy gal you are with all your decorating . . . I can't wait to see your tree!

  9. Oh, Mona! Such a welcoming sight, all your lovelies and their stories and memories.

    And you know, I think a lot of us who don't do a lot of decorating any more, or painting or changing around, we who don't have that bright expectation of the package that's coming, or the happy indecision at the paint sample counter---we miss out on a lot of life that could be LIVED, richly and bountifully as you do.

    You DO always seem to have a work in progress, and that's what's so lovable about you---your energy and your outlook, that feathering of your nest and sharing it, and the free spirit that just sweeps us all up in it, and into the fun.

    I'd LOVE to BE the Work in Progress that your dreams conjure, all that beautiful you create, and your warm, open heart to share.



  10. Love all your decorations. The mantel is just lovely. I know when you finish decorating that beautiful Christmas tree it will be out of this world. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. oh have knocked yourself out! everything is wonderful! i love fitz and floyd. have fun with your guests!

  12. Beautious....just beautious! Love Radko, Fitz and Floyd, and Mackenzie Childs. The latter is verrrry expensive so I don't have anything of theirs!
    Merry Christmas Mona to you and your family. I hope it is filled with joy,love and peace!

  13. As usual, so nice to see what you have done. Looking forward to swwing the tree all decked out. I need your emasil addy and my is

    looking forward to hearing from you.

    Merry Christmas

  14. Your home and all your Christmas decor is just beautiful, Mona! I love the reindeer and the little tree on the table and your mantel is simply gorgeous.
    Have a fun weekend with your family!

  15. Oh I have been so busy, I am way behind on making the rounds and catching up. I love all of your Christmas decor, and I love that everything has a story and memories. That is what makes it all so special. Hope you are having a super week. Hugs, Marty

  16. Dear Mona!
    At long last, I have found the time to catch up with all that you have been up to. Your home is looking absolutely charming! Just like scenes from those gorgeous, old fashioned English Christmas cards that used to adorn our mantelpieces when I was a child growing up in what was Southern Rhodesia.

    What a treat to have been invited inside your home to share in all the magic you have created. You are such a gifted homemaker and I know your guests will be thoroughly delighted with all your preparations, done so lovingly and thoughtfully.

    It was my daughter's birthday on the 12th and she became engaged. Such excitement!

    Sadly, SA has been mourning the death of Nelson Mandela this past week. His state funeral takes place tomorrow.

    I am so glad to see you are well and having fun playing in your lovely home.

    With loving thoughts and wishes,
    Des xxx

  17. Everything looks merry and bright, Mona. Yep, the items with memories are the very best decorations. My tree and most everything else has a story or at least a strong memory.
    Have a restful weekend.

  18. You were taken to my old blog when u clicked on my name..?? Where did you do this clicking?? I thought my new blog was all that my name would take one to. Oh, dear.....

  19. Your room is a joy to behold. It always is. So much for you cutting back on the decorations like you said last year. Can't be done, can it!

  20. Oh Mona - your house is so beautiful and all decorated for Christmas - save your tree - lol!

    You do a great job and I bet everyone comes and just loves it there.

    It makes me happy to see it.

    Can't wait to see the tree!


  21. Your home is a showroom of talent and love and memories.

  22. It is all looking very pretty! Our tree is standing in all its bare glory, waiting for us to decorate this evening. Things are starting to look like Christmas here too.

  23. Hi Mona! I'm so sorry I haven't stopped by in a while. The days just get away from me, although I know that happens to all of us, doesn't it?? I just got caught up (I think) on all your recent blog posts. Everything looks so lovely. I would feel right at home there, having tea or coffee, or whatever! I loved seeing lots of books around, too...but I think there's just one missing....Hmmm...what book could it possibly be?! Have a wonderful week, Mona, and I will be back every day....I hope, I hope...! Big hugs to you!

  24. Mona,
    Happy New Year! I've just been browsing my favorite blogs. It's been a while since I've visited and I have to say that your Christmas mantle is a masterpiece. It's really beautiful with the fresh greens! Simply lovely. Amy


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