Sunday, December 8, 2013


...well, sort of.  I'm trying but every year when I try to fix up this porch..I have to wonder what the builders were thinking when they designed a front porch with the bathroom window right next to the front door.

 You hear the door bell and THEY hear the toilet flush!
My dear friend and neighbor across the street never fails to shout "ARE YOU IN THE BATHROOM, MONA??   How does she know I am in there?  The flippin' lights on!  
I always shout back "NO!  I'M IN THE KITCHEN!"  
:)  (A little bathroom humor, you don't mind do you?)

 I took a garland and turned it into a wreath.  I kinda like it.  I do!
I am resigned to the fact that I will never have one of those beautiful front doors..and the older I get the less it matters.
Our security door was PH's choice and I mean, after all, he DOES live here too!  :)

 This very old wagon belongs to daughter Mary and even though it is falling apart..I hang onto it for her.
It needs some repairs..but like me, it's being held together with bailing wire and a bit of glue that keeps falling apart anyway.  This wagon and I have history!

 Mele's perch on the back of the sofa is all covered with a Christmas afghan instead of her little pink patchwork quilt.  The new cushions are not very "Christmasy" but it's okay.  In Spring they will be perfect!

I when you get all dressed up to go out..they say to remove one accessory?  My porch is like that.
I think one accessory has to go.  I think my sweet tall snowman has to go.  It's that bathroom window and the cords that are making me crazy.  (Oops..I see one has already slipped out of it's hook.
I am having an electrician install an outdoor outlet before too long.  As in SOON!
So, I think that's about it for the outside.  
  Now for the inside.  (puff  puff!)
I'm on a roll here! :)
Love'n hugs,


  1. What a sweet porch. I think the wreath looks just right on that door. And the wagon is just too cute!

    P.S. Who in their right mind puts the bathroom window facing the porch?

  2. Well you certainly have more decorating energy than I do!!

  3. As always what a beautiful blog. I sure wish I lived across the street from you, what fun we could have.
    Barbara xoxo

  4. Hi Mona...Looks like Christmas on your beautiful porch. Love your humor...Balisha

  5. Get that outlet done outside - its such a headache. We had several done many years ago and REALLY - no frustration, eh. Do not kill the snowman or I will have the snow police after you - eh, put im in front of the bathroom window eh! I cannot even make a snowman yet - NO SNOW IN THIS PART OF CANADA - I MAY AS WELL HAVE GONE SOUTH WITH MY NEIGHBOURS...he,he I love everything about your porch and all your decorations Mona. You add to my very "Christmasy" feeling Pal - hi to PH :)

  6. A little red does the trick and turns it into a Christmasy porch! I like the garland front door wreath . . . Leave all "your touches" in place . . . they are you! Snowmen need homes too! Can't wait to see the inside tour . . .
    With hugs . . . Love, Lynne

  7. Looking mighty festive sweet Mona! I think your porch is perfect! Have a blessed day, BIG HUGS!

  8. i did not even see the cord until i read your words, then i went back to find it. i was focused on the wagon and snow men and i love that wagon and i would keep it to.. the front door is beautiful, and it is odd the window is there. you could always put a pretty stained glass there and no one would no... except of course if you flush at the same time as some one knocks. now i am wondering is their a silent flusher out there? LOL

  9. Good morning my friend,
    GOSH !! It's been to long !! I am well tho !!Just that time of year .... whew .... lots going on, and, trying to just skip and keep up !!Hahaha ..... okay !! Your porch looks GORGEOUS and FESTIVE, and, I think Mr. Snowman can STAY !! Poor guy, getting the boot .... :):)
    Your wagon is sooo AWESOME !!You make me laugh all the time .. love the I'm in the kitchen !! Sooo funny !!
    Hope this is finding you well, and HAPPY !! Christmas can just do that, no matter what hurts we may be having..It's going to be a bit different this year for our family as well, as our hearts continue to heal..gosh, does that really EVER happen ... I STILL shed a tear everyday, but, can make myself move on more quickly if you know what I mean !! Very tough ..
    Well, my friend was sooo FUN catching up with all your beauty and fun. You make me smile and always warm my heart !! And giggle, something about your posts always make me smile :):) And that's a great way to start off my day !! Love you dearly, hope your day is happy, and praying for a happy Christmas time for you Mona..okay, go play in your kitchen my friend :):)
    Love to you ~Tanza~xo

  10. mona, everything looks so pretty! you should cover your loo window with a shutter! it would look so nice on your porch and look less like a bathroom window.

  11. That would be just my get caught in the bathroom when a visitor knocked on the door. Haha! Oh well, they gotta go, too!
    Love all your Christmas decorating!!

  12. Hi Mona,

    Remember me?

    As always your porch looks lovely....very welcoming and full of holiday spirit!

    As for the bathroom window, may I just say........ARRGGG! I swear sometimes architects and builders get so caught up in the design process, they forget that these buildings are supposed to be homes in the REAL world!!

  13. Love all you outdoors decorations. So pretty, you did a very nice job, everything looks so nice. I love your wreath on the front door. I love it all. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. I wish my porch looked as welcoming as yours. Just shut your eyes to the bathroom window.

  15. MONA, your front porch looks great.
    Unfortunately it's way to cold to even go out there for a minute.
    Hopefully it will warm up soon and then that is a great place to sit and have a hot toddy.
    Have a great week Mona. Thought I would never finish decorating - getting to old to do all the decorating that I did. LOL I guess I am just older than dirt.

  16. I love bathroom humor - but who would put the bathroom next to the front door? ALthough I would not know if you hadn't told me!

    I do love your home!


  17. Your porch looks so cozy. I love it!

  18. Hi Mona, is my email addy, looking forward to your email.


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