Sunday, December 1, 2013


I got such a kick out of this picture of my youngest daughter,  Dawn.  She called several times on Thanksgiving to ask me questions about her turkey.  She had her fiance' with her and he had his version of how it should be done and between the three of us..I guess it got done.  :)
Her very first TURKEY!
My  baby girl has grown up!
I have not a clue what they put all over the turkey..but it looks a bit like some sort of cranberry sauce.  No matter, as you can plainly see, she was grateful when it was over.  :)  She had to carry it, in THAT pan to a friends house.  For Christmas I am getting that girl a nice roasting pan!  
She wasn't home for Thanksgiving...and I missed her.  We all did.  We had a lot of missing members of our family ...and our prayer was that next will be different and those living far away will be home.  
My children's Dad and big sister, Sandy, were missed beyond belief....
All told, we are a bunch of cut ups and there was never a dull moment in spite of our loss this year!  
I am so blessed to have a large and wonderful family...
and I am thankful!

Today is December 1st and I spent today decorating! 
Isn't it fun to decorate for Christmas with the fireplace blazing and a bit of Christmas music?
I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  1. neither of my kids have cooked a turkey yet! it sounds like you had a great thanksgiving. you have such a big family. it is just the four of us here but i was so happy we were all together. my tree is up and the lights are on and today it gets decorated!

  2. Hi Mona, what a fantastic job your daughter did on that turkey.
    I don't know how you do it in America, decorating for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and now Christmas,,,... It wears me out just decorating for Christmas.
    Families are like the blod that runs in our veins. They keep us alive and our souls happy.
    Hugs Kay

  3. Cute picture of your daughter. I think the turkey looks great! Would you believe I have never cooked a whole turkey? I've done the breast, but never the whole bird. So your daughter is one up on me.

  4. That turkey looks pretty good to me - congrats to Dawn. I am sure it tasted pretty good too. I turned on all outside lights last night for first time and the house was "lit up", like the fourth of July. he,he
    It did look quite nice and now the chore of decorating inside. I will do that today after I get back from Calais as Jack is visiting good ole USA morning hour at her wonderful groomers for Christmas trim, bath and play.
    I haven't heard from Gail and she hasn't been online for over two weeks - do you know if they are OK - just thought you might know.
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. How lovely to hear of your wonderful celebration! We DO miss our absent ones, and we're so rich in memories and sweet stories.

    Sending you all the joys of this Blessed Season, from way over here in the Heartland,


  6. Beautiful picture of your girl and her turkey:) I bet it was very yummy! I am busy decorating too! Love getting it done! Have a blessed day dear Mona, HUGS!

  7. Fun picture of your daughters "First Turkey!" Ahhhh . . . the stories to be told about first turkey bakes! YES, she needs a turkey roasting pan!

    Happy this "first" found your family enjoying some laughs and fun together . . .

    Don't forget . . . I care about YOU!

  8. that is a super shot for sure of the turkey and your beautiful daughter. I am 69 Christmas's now and have never cooked a turkey. my mother cooked them for me until i married bob at age 40 and he has cooked them since. i hate cooking and will do anything to get out of it...

  9. Morning, I had wrote you a nice thought but lost it, this sillt puter. You have a wonderful day and thanks for all your help but I still can't get it right, Lol


  10. Dear Mona,
    I have never cooked a turkey either! My husband is the holiday cook in our family and I feel so blessed that he enjoys it. Her turkey looks delicious to me, but a nice roasting pan would make a wonderful gift for her for sure. I am sure your Thanksgiving was spent with all of your family members in your thoughts. My Mom and MIL came to mind many times this past weekend. We spent yesterday putting out some of our Christmas decorations and our tree also. I had some country Christmas songs playing on Pandora and of course a fire in the fireplace. It does help put you in the spirit! Have a lovely day!


  11. My youngest is 34, and a very good cook,but I still get those calls from her from time to time :) Kinda makes a mother feel good...doesn't it? My son does the same thing :) Your daughters turkey looks wonderful...I know she was very proud....blessing friend

  12. Your daughters turkey looks delicious. She did good. I only had 7 of my family here Thanksgiving. In years gone by there have been as many as 18 but with so many living in other states or having to go some where else it seem the larger my family gets the smaller the gatherings. We did enjoy ourselves but did miss those you were unable to make it here. I have my Christmas decorations done both outside and inside the house. I have a tree in each room of the house they range from 12 inches to 5 foot tall. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. Yes she really need a proper roasting pan :-)

    Swedes rarely eat turkey and when we do we usually make it way too dry :-)

    Have a great day!

  14. She sure looks happy! It sure looks good! She will so appreciate a nice roasting pan and I always appreciate one of those disposable tins inside my roasting pan. No messy clean-up. I sure wish that I could still call my mother. I would have been on the phone asking about her stuffing!

  15. Well the turkey looked delicious on the photo! And your daughter is beautiful. You will always miss loved ones. I don't think it will ever be the same. Love, sandie

  16. Your daughter is so beautiful and that turkey looks like it turned out perfect! I have the inside decorated, except for the tree, and the outside needs lights...maybe we'll get them up, maybe not! I'm betting your home will look wonderful and I'm also betting a fun post to show us! I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  17. Your daughter is a beauty and looks rightly proud of that turkey! It's fun to have this photo of her and her first turkey. I haven't gotten any decorating done yet, but I've started to listen to Christmas music. Love it! Have fun decorating!

  18. Your daughter's "First Turkey Tah-Dah Moment" picture was fun to see. It looks like it turned out great.

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  20. A great shot of your daughter and the cooked turkey, Mona, and sure it tasted just as great as it looked. Glad you had a nice gathering with family, despite the sorrow of missing family members.


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