Saturday, December 7, 2013


She is so cute I almost can't stand it!  

Little great granddaughter, Emily, is learning to bake cookies!

She has her own handy little cooking baking set.

 I think she did a great job...

 Her Mommy, Cristina, can show you how enter the "giveaway" for this adorable set..

All of these things are included in the set.  If you are interested in entering, please go to

I'm still trying to get my decorating finished.  Company coming SOON and I in a decorating frenzy trying to get it done.  Gotta get the guest room all ready and fresh...  I don't have to worry too much about food.  It's wonderful having children that cook..and I see another member of the family is on the way.
(I just want to SQUEEZE her little self!!)
Have a safe and warm weekend wherever  you are out there!  It's even getting COLD in Southern California!  ( least by our standards!)
Love'n hugs,
P.S.  I these pictures from Granddaughter in law's blog!  I am a blog picture thief!!  I hope she doesn't call the Blog Police on me!  


  1. She is adorable Mona..what a beauty!
    I love catching up with you. I think about you often. Come visit me too sometime.
    It's bitter cold here this weekend with a high of about 9 degrees today.
    It's brutal.
    Hugs friend,'

  2. What a cutie making those cookies. She looks like she's going to be quite the cook.

    Stay warm. It's in the 20s and 30s at night here in Philly.

  3. Beautiful granddaugter and she'baking already. good for her.
    I still have my Christmas Village to put up and just a few things to re-arrange. I am going up to my son'who lives in Las Gatos for Christmas. Will go up Saturday the 21st and come home the 26th. I had wanted to get out to see you before Christmas but I am running out of time. Right after the first of the year my dear friend.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely family.

  4. We sent to Saint John yesterday to deliver gifts, visit friends and had a wonderful time, also getting some more shopping in - I have got such a great surprise for ??someone?? - another flower come to mind, eh - you know Mona - I wish people in general would hold onto that christmas feeling and spread it well into the New Year. Once could feel the excitement in the shopping malls yesterday - people I didn't even know wished me a Merry Christmas and a gentleman in the Market gave me a "Merry" hug.....which makes me want to sing something "It's a wonderful time of the year" la la la la - have a wonderful day. Will talk

  5. I am sure she won't call the Blog Police:) Cutest ever pictures! Love those sweet cookies, tell her I said "Great Job":) Have a blessed day dear Mona... stay warm! Sending you some Georgia HUGS!

  6. All sweetness in that great grand . . . starting her baking talents early will serve her well . . . Enjoy your guests arriving soon!

  7. Oh Mona, she is just the cutest thing ever. Love the pics and her cookies look fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  8. Awww, Mona,

    How I wish we could get our two girls together in the kitchen. You and I would sit and chat and await all the goodies to come.

    Loved your letter, and would love to see your decorations---haven't ever even seen a PLAIN Redwood, and those must be magnificent.

    love to you all on this busy, bustly day,


  9. so sweet, and really beautiful... i bet she will grow up to be a great cook...the cookies turned out really well... wish i had one to munch on. good luck with the decorating.

  10. Well if she calles the blog police on you, you give me a yell and I will come and Bail you out. Have a wonderful cool day.


  11. what a cutie! it is good to start young. i was cooking before i was 5. how cold is it there?

  12. She looks adorable in her little apron! And she looks like she knows how to handle a rolling pin very well, too! Cute, cute!

  13. Yes best to learn them how to do while they still are interested :-)

    Those coookies look much like some my mother made very rarely when I was a kid, I loved them but have no idea what kind they were :-)

    12,2F here right now and dropping :-)

    Have a great day!

  14. She is so cute, Mona, and already baking I think that is wonderful. I hope you will post pictures of your decorations when you finish putting them up. It is cold here today after a couple of days of warm weather. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. Oh I do love having children cook in my kitchen. Your grand daughter did a great job.
    hugs Kay

  16. She is SUCH a little beauty...and her cookies look amazing.
    I must try to win this set for Deeds. She would love it.
    Stay warm...
    hugs, bj

  17. Mona - I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations! Your little granddaughter is a cutie! I have five granddaughters - from 19 years old to 8 months. Aren't they fun? We're cold here in Mid-Missouri today, too. It's 18 degrees this evening. I finally got my tree up today after going to the Christmas parade with my daughter and the four little girls. I thought about including my email - but wasn't sure that was wise. Is your blog on Facebook? My daughter has a blog (although she's neglected it recently) and she's connected to Facebook some way. As always, I loved checking in on you - enjoyed your post about your daughter's Thanksgiving turkey, too. You have a beautiful family! Hugs - Rhonda

  18. She's a cutie and I think her cookies turned out perfect! I love that little decorating kit too...I might have to take a hop over to that site! I saw that the temps in Calif. were very chilly! It's cold here but that's how it's suppose to be this time of year! Enjoy your company and don't work too hard getting everything done!

  19. Oh- She is just so darned cute I can't stand it. We are so far behind here that I am not sure we will get the baking done with the girls- BUT we have a boy home from the hospital that is getting better day by day. xo Diana

  20. Wonderful lifted photos, Mona, and hope the blog police are not called. Your great granddaugher is a wonderful cookie maker too and maybe grandma will get samples. Rain here today all day and no snow forecast unlike many other places.


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