Thursday, May 23, 2013


HE speaks to us every why don't we listen?

When I'm supposed to be sleeping is when I think of things I want to do.  I've even been tempted to get up and go turn on the outside lights and do things in the middle of the my pj's...and it's just plain silly!
So..last night..or rather at 4 this morning, I began to think what I could do with that little Fairy House I love......
I've been putting this off until tomorrow ..for ages.. 
I bought some sheet moss... this morning I got out the glue gun..and scissors..and the sheet moss I bought.
I laid it on the little roof and cut the moss to fit..then hot glued it down. 
MUCH better!  Now to touch up the trim..add some tiny vines...maybe tomorrow
Yes..much, better..
Do you see the hanging haphazardly under the arbor..because I had lost the hook it had been hanging on in all that growth.  I'll look for it tomorrow..

Then when I took this picture and enlarged it...I SAW IT!  See that metal hook there through the greenery to the right of the little's brown... YIPPEE!, I DON'T have to look for it tomorrow!
So I ran right out and retrieved it and hung the lantern back where it belonged. 
I need to REMOVE the pink faux flowers on the arbor.  NO unreal flowers in our garden!  That's just plain ugly!!
Tomorrow...I'll do it tomorrow!  
 See all the gardening I have to catch up on?  The little stone path is all overgrown, the hen and chicks plant and all the other pots are all out of place..lots of work to do and that little Fairy there is NO help at all.  She just sits and looks at me helplessly.
She said she would help me..tomorrow..
And the kitty...Where is that kitty??
She better watch her tiny steps, because I've been shopping around..and there are some mighty pretty little Fairy's out there.  Would I do that??
 (no..but she doesn't know it!)
Yep..lots to be done still...and Mele's no help either! 
Mele, get your little furry fanny over here and help me!
No,  don't tell me you'll do it tomorrow!  I NEVER put anything off until tomorrow!
I just LOVE it when I finally finish a project.  I really, really do!!
Lov'n hugs,
P.S.  The other Fairy Garden (Cockroach Haven?) is still sitting around the corner...waiting..waiting...for me to stop doing something I never, ever do.  Procrastinate.
OKLAHOMA!  Please put shelters in your schools!  Do NOT procrastinate!
LISTEN when HE speaks to us!


  1. Oh here I am awake in the middle of the night, just too much on my mind, but I love seeing your little garden. It is growing so beautifully. Love the sheet moss roof, it looks so pretty. Now I need to go to sleep. Hugs, Marty

  2. LOVE your Fairy garden! It needs to be in a magazine! Great addition of the grassy roofs:) Have a blessed weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  3. theresa is right...this should be in a magazine! it is so wonderful! now you know why i get up at 4:00 each morning. it is the perfect time of day to accomplish lots of things with no interference.

  4. The moss on the roof is the perfect touch to the fairy house and your little garden is wonderful. I'm still planning and collecting and maybe tomorrow I will finally get started on my fairy garden. Have a wonderful weekend dear friend. Hugs

  5. Oh my goodness that wheel barrow and fairy land is gorgeous! You do fabulous work on designing, Mona. The grass on the roof really added a nice touch and now the house looks as though it truly belongs there in it's surroundings... Perfect!!

  6. Hi Mona, I think your moss roof looks far more natural. Well done. I adore your fairy garden. We need to be in a make believe land some times.
    I laughed about cockroach Heaven....
    or haven...
    Have a great weekend.

  7. That sheet of moss is the neatest stuff - I didn't know you could buy that - OOH Mona, you should be featured in "Home and Garden" - I love the fairy house with its new roof and it looks so nice in your garden - the reason none of the garden elves and/or fairies help in the garden; or even Mele, is because Grandma Fairy just finally dug in and started fixing things up. Great job, cute photo of Mele - have a wonderful day.

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  9. No wonder why you think of things at night - that requires a lot of thought and planning. And may I add it is gorgeous!!! Just gorgeous. You are very talented. sandie

  10. I love that you got up & got crafty rather than just lay in bed unable to sleep. The sheet moss really made the house come alive and your fairie wheelbarrowland looks fantastic. Now you can check one more thing off your procrastination list.

    I have been meaning to tell you a funny story(funny now) that happened to me because of the lovely music playing on your blog. A few months ago, I had just click onto your blog and while it loaded, I ran to fold some laundry. I suddenly hear the sound of rushing water and frantically began searching for a broken water pipe or the source of all that running water. I could not find anything in either of the bathrooms or laundry room. I was almost in a panic becuase I live on the 4th floor of a condo. & feared that if a pipe had broken, all that water was damaging my neighbors too. Finally, I ran back out to the family room where I noticed the water was much louder. I thought I had found the source of my disaster as I went from wall to wall listening. When I could not find anything, my eye caught my computer screen and my brain suddenly kicked in that rather than music playing, you were playing the nature sounds and it was quickly flowing water that had caused me to think I had broken water pipes in my walls.
    I thought it was so funny that something you meant to be calming & soothing had made me run around my house like a mad woman for 10 minutes.
    Just thought I would let you know all the carziness you created. It worked out OK. I got my exercise in for the day, got my heart rate up and I have listened to each & every wall in my home and they are fine too! Thanks for a very exciting morning and please stick to music. Love you & your blog Mona.

  11. I ♥♥♥ your faerie garden, Mona!

  12. My Mom always wakes up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep because she's always thinking of "things" that need done, or people she needs to pray for, or anything else that keeps running through her mind! I like the idea that "fairies" are running through your mind instead of worries! Those fairies are tricksters so don't be surprised when things change or disappear and reappear! Have a wonderful holiday weekend Mona and I think your garden looks enchanting!

  13. Ellen..thank you for that cute story. I'm so sorry my music gave you such a start! I'm glad it was just my blog and not something really wrong!
    I love my took me some time to pick it all out...I just leave it on sometimes..I'm glad you like it too.
    I wish you had an email I am hoping you come back and see this note.

  14. Fun post Mona, like your fairy garden . . . now hop back in bed and get some slep!

  15. I love your garden.

    I don't have one but every one tries to convert my water garden into something else by leaving me surprises.

  16. Oh, how sweet. I just love all your flowers and sweet fairy things. I think this is the prettiest fairy garden I have ever seen.


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