Saturday, May 18, 2013


Mercy, but it feels good to finally finish a project!  I haven't done much painting of LARGE places and I really dreaded this, but once I was into it..I really enjoy it!  I loved the final results.

Keeping busy keeps me sane!
I pulled out the medium ladder, PH got out the house paint and I masked it all off and got it done in a couple of hours.  What was neat was near the end when my arm and legs were beginning to give out, I came back out from a potty run to find PH up there doing the top edge where I was struggling.
I gave the shutters a fresh coat too. 
(Another goal is to have a larger flower box under that window one day!)
The trim on the garage door a couple of weeks ago...
How would a couple of potted evergreens do on each side of the garage door???  Shhhh..don't tell PH!

...and the front window a couple of weeks before that.
I really like the red trim with the rustic little front porch. 
I captured a picture of Mele on the back of the couch..barely!  That's her favorite perch so I have a little quilt over the back of the couch.  I didn't use the flash as I thought that might be the part of picture taking that alarms her....or..maybe not...

That's all I have today.  Nothing of great interest..I guess I'm just fishing for compliments on all that painting.  I know, I know, not good..but I need something to help me feel like all the pain in my legs, arms, and BACK was WORTH it!  Do you think all that red will be noticed?  :) 
Pain pills are going to be part of my diet for the next couple of days! 
Big graduation dinner here this evening.  Granddaughter, Ireland graduated from College last night.
It's been a long road..but sweet daughter Mary and her husband Brock have all three through college!
Good job!! 


  1. You have such a wonderful life, Mona! I always look forward to your blog posts and seeing what you and PH are up to. The red trim looks fabulous! Oh, and a big flower box would be perfect! I say DO IT!

  2. trim work is so difficult! but, you did a great job! my whole house needs to be painted.

  3. The red trim & shutters looks wonderful! Job well done!


  4. The red trim will get noticed and in a good way. I wish I could paint the trim on my house red but it would probably be too much since the house is green. Congrats to the latest college graduate. Enjoy your weekend and by all means put your feet up and rest.

  5. Oh I love your red, it is so pretty and you did a fabulous job of refreshing everything. I so need to paint all of my baseboards in the house, but I keep putting it off. Congrats to your granddaughter, that's wonderful. Have fun at the party. Hugs, Marty

  6. OH, Sweetpea!!

    Your way of making a home and keeping a nest is the most inspirational lesson for me---we just got back from a week in VA, and I'M SURROUNDED by all the unpacked to-wash-and/or-put-aways. In addition to all the scatterings of the getting ready to go.

    All the windows and doors are open to this moist, getting-muggy day, and I've just been putting off and putting off.

    And with YOUR help, I'm gonna clean and neaten this room to a fare-thee-well. I don't think I'm going to get much past that, but who knows---by Fall, I may be out up a ladder tackling the shutters. LOVE THAT RED.

    And YOU, of course,


  7. The red trim was the perfect touch. I agree . . . go for the larger window box . . . the best time is now!

    You worked hard, now rest a bit until the celebration . . .
    Congratulations to Ireland!

  8. Mona, You are an inspiration to me! Your
    home is beautiful and you never cease to amaze me with your constant energy and sense of style. I wish you were my neighbor! :) - Rhonda

  9. I love the color and yes, yes it was worth it - gorgeous. I wish my hose looked like that. Hope you have a good time tonight. sandie

  10. Yes, ma'am, here comes the compliment ~ I love your paint job, you did a wonderful job and I love the deep deep red color. Everything around your home looks so pretty. You're not about to put it on the market to sell are you?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. It turned out "great"! Fresh and clean, love the idea of plants on either side of the garage.. hope you're able to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. fondly ~lynne~

  12. Everything you do is worthwhile and a visual feast. As you know, the old "no pain, no gain" adage applies to almost everything in life, so swallow those pain meds and you'll soon be ready to tackle your next project. I, too, would have loved to have you as a neighbour! What an inspiration you are and to think of all those cups of tea we could have enjoyed sitting on your charming porch or beautiful patio! I'd spend hours looking at all your carefully chosen treasures and would stroll idly around your gorgeous garden, imbibing all the peace and beauty around me. Visiting your wonderful blog and hearing you tell of your days and what gives you pleasure and pain is absolutely the next best thing!
    As always, big hug and much love,
    Des xxx

  13. Your paint job look fantastic Mona. Red is my favorite color and I love seeing how the red trim really adds a nice pop of color to the neutral tone of the house. I totally agree with your idea for adding large pots with flowers or shrubs on each side of the garage would look great and balance the front of the house.
    Mele is always so cute. I think some animals just don't like having the flashy box pointed at them period. Most animals fear the flash, but I don't think they like to see their mamas hiding their face behind the camera either.
    I always think it's funny that little dogs love to sleep just like my cats do on the back of the sofa. When I was looking for a new sofa I had to make sure the back was just right for their napping pleasure.
    Take good care of your back after all that tome on the ladder. It was nice that PH finished the last bit for you.

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  18. Mona I certainly will give you a good comment. I looooove the red. It looks wonderful, and just like you to spice it all up a bit.

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  20. Hey there Mona - no pain, no gain - I've been doing the same as you, except I have torn up the rest of the deck and re-supported supports, etc, added the tar paper on top, everything can sit in the sun today cause this girl is healing from 6 hours on that job yesterday. Also, the heating pad, nice hot bath came in handy in evening. ha,ha Aah, but isn't the finished product worth it all, Eh. Front new paint job looks really, really nice and PH came to the rescue to finish up top. I do think your yard elves might just arrive with a couple of potted evergreens one night. Congratulations to your grand daughter Ireland on her graduation. Mele is looking right at you and thinking she's gonna snap my picture again....I know it. he,he
    Have a lovely Sunday,hello to PH :)

  21. I forgot to mention - I noticed you have been receiving numerous Anonymous comments from sales pitch web sites, etc (junk robot messages). I started to receive so many, I had to turn off Anonymous messages - on my end, it got to be really annoying.

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  26. Mona, it looks fabulous! You are the WOMAN! I bet everyone at the party loved it too. Congrats on your Granddaughter's graduation from college. I love it when college grads get celebrated...sometimes it seems like only high school get recognized when it's much harder and expensive for college! Have a good week and please rest up!

  27. How a propos! I was just telling hubby we needed to put some accent on our island ranch style home and you came up with that stunning view of shutters and flower box in a great colour!
    Thank you for sharing and sending prayers!
    God bless,

  28. Great job, Mona, as always and it's OK to fish for compliments cause we enjoy giving them AND you and PH too so deserve them for working to keep your home so welcoming, inviting and lovely looking. So, give yourselves big pats on the back and then go take those pain relievers, ut your feet up and r-e-l-a-x...K?
    And you have gotten a LOT of Anonymous comments so you might want to consider resetting your Comments and OpenID might work for you as it has been working well for us after we reset.

  29. Fantastic, clean, crisp, fresh, renewed!

    Now tell me the vitamins you take so I can get three bottles of them, please.


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