Monday, May 13, 2013


was a snap...with a little help from my friends....
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day...
..Coffee!   Always my beginning...otherwise NOTHING gets done! 
..and my wonderful PH... 
because when there is lawn to be mowed and the heat is rising in Southern California to 100 degree's...this man is up and out without coffee, newspaper, nothing....totally focused.  WISH I could do that!
I wandered off to Lowes for flowers to fill the little old wagon.. freshen up the baskets.. baskets to hang from the front porch..snapped this one while I sipped my coffee and PH drug out the mower..
Then I painted our little window basket with a fresh coat of red paint, new liner and new flowers...
..and PH mowed..some more..
New roses to plant.. (puff puff!) (later!)  There I go again putting off planting! 
Two new RED extra lawn chairs for extra seating.
They look pink in the sunlight, but they are actually dark red..inexpensive and pretty.
(Oops!  Mele's little skunk got left behind when Mele's zoomed to the other end of the yard!)
Yep..pretty but ran back and bought cushions!  Hawaiian print?  Oh well..
...and sweet PH mowed on...
(NOT voting for that friend of PH's.  Friend or no friend!  Would you believe stubborn husband would not take that sign away?!  I hate signs for politicians in our yard!)
Things are shaping up...
..and that was only the beginning..all this in preparation for our Mother's Day weekend.
*painted the bistro table and chairs
*ran and bought four new chair pads.
*rearranged all the patio furniture
*finished weeding the flower bed
*cleaned out the refrigerator 
*washed front room windows and back patio door windows. 
*vacuumed the and...
never get the idea.
NO photo's of us snoozing the late afternoon away...
Perhaps next year..
*a housekeeper
*a gardner
just for starters!!
So..are you inspired?  I mean for the housekeeper and gardner??
I am joining Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life for her Inspire Me Tuesday party!
A cloud hung over us this Mother's Day. 
Thank you to all of you for all the love you have sent to my family and I.
Grieving is a process and we are going through it.


  1. Mona, are you OK. I mean so much work in so little time... All while PH mowed the lawn.... May be you took a little longer. It all looks perfect. I'm sure you all had a wonderful day.

  2. G'morn sweetie ~ I'd love to be sitting in those lawn chairs chatting away with you, once again. Your yard & gardens look lovely. How is that gorgeous rose bush coming along? I know that Sunday was a hard day for you, but I hope you felt the LOVE coming your way ... may God continue to hold you closely & shower you with His love.

    We'll call later this week, I've been down. Was in hospital with my first attack of Vertigo & it was nasty.

    Love you, big hugs,
    TTFN ~

  3. Aah Mona, this is all so lovely, while PH mowed on. ha,ha The red chairs look great and guess what - I bought the same ones. I have them on the front deck, with rather colourful cushions - then I mowed the lawn. Everything around your property looks so lovely and full of life. Great job - Did HP ever finish that lawn? Have a great day.

  4. Everything looks pretty, cozy, cleaned up ready for company! I hope your family showered you with love Sunday . . .

    I thought of you . . . and your grieving heart . . . I still say, sweet memories may bring my tears at the same time i am thanking God I have them . . .

    Thanks for the "political sign chuckle" . . .

  5. Mona, your yard is beautiful. Your grass is so green and lush. Your hubby is good. :)

  6. Beautiful yard and flowers:) Love the new RED chairs! They sure look comfy! Have a blessed day dear Mona, HUGS!

  7. Hi Mona! Oh, I love your porch, yard and your beautiful blooms! I'd love to sit out on your pretty porch with you - you sipping your coffee and me sipping my diet cherry Dr. Pepper! :)
    All the while Mr. PH can continue to mow! :) I think of you often and Mon, I always say a prayer for you.
    Love ya,
    Shelia :)

  8. Mona
    What a beautiful yard ~ and lovely flowers! So nice you have a helper to keep the grass mowed, too! LOL!
    I'm visiting you today from a Stroll Thru Life. I co-host a Linky Party Tuesday (open thru Sat). I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog, leave a comment and Link Up, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206
    Join me each Tuesday for Brag About It Link Up Party

  9. Dang, you do have some awesome energy. AND, mowing first thing in the morning is a must when living in those kind of hot days. Love those inexpensive chairs and have been considering getting one for next to our garden so Hubby can sit there and watch his garden grow after he weeds is. LOL

  10. Oh,my you all were busy bees....such a wonderful post. I love your pretty coffee cup,your beautiful lawn,plants,the chairs,your little old many fun things to make up a lovely outdoor space. Blessings friend

  11. Everything looks beautiful. The lawn and the flowers are perfect. It's obvious that you and PH are a good team, just look at all you got done. I still don't have the plants from the last trip to the nursery planted. Don't you just love those new red chairs? I nearly bought two of them myself but the patio needs more work before I do. Enjoy your week. Hugs

  12. Good morning dear friend. Your front yard is beautiful. Love all the plants you got at Lowes and the chairs are perfect!
    I found a wonderful Nursery in Huntington Beach - PLANT WORLD NURSERY at 1912 Brookhurst St Huntington Beach. They have the most BEAUTIFUL plants I have ever seem. Needless I blew my budget getting plants.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful Mothers Day - have a great week. Too HOT to work outside - 104 here yesterday.

  13. Your garden is perfect! Enviably so! And the lawn is incredibly lush, healthy and a marvellous shade of green. You were trying to show up all of the rest of us, weren't you? I'm afraid you succeeded!
    Love Des 😉

  14. Your garden is perfect! Enviably so! And the lawn is incredibly lush, healthy and a marvellous shade of green. You were trying to show up all of the rest of us, weren't you? I'm afraid you succeeded!
    Love Des 😉

  15. You always have the most beautiful flowers and lawn. You both have a green thumb! Enjoy your week...get some rest my friend! HUGS!

  16. oh mona! everything looks so beautiful! you worked so hard and it shows! i know how tough this mother's day was for you! hugs!!! joyce

  17. Gosh Mona you could join a ton of blogs with all that work - are you tired?
    Do you buy flowers every year for those special places - that is a good idea.
    I went to Ulta and got the pink tulip polish! Thank you for the name of it.
    Your yard is gorgeous.

  18. Oh Mona, you sound like you got a ton of stuff done. I didn't do anyting much. The boys took me to breakfast and then I cooked spaghetti for dinner and my daughter came over, so just visited with my kids and enjoyed. Your yard and garden is looking amazing. I so need to get something done with mine, but it is already starting to burn up. Too hot. Thanks for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  19. Phew....what a work out...everything looks great can you come over and do mine please...Happy Tuesday with love Janice

  20. Hi my Mona friend,
    Gosh, EVERYTHING looks soo lovely !! I'm with Marydon, I could just pull up a chair and chat the afternoon away with you !! Your hard work definetly paid off !! Bet everyone enjoyed themselves with you on Sunday !!Soo happy you have so much family around you sweet one.

    Take good care of yourself, and wishing you a happy, restful?! kinda week .. love to you as always ~Tanza~ xo

  21. Whew! Your were busy. Your flower and window baskets are very pretty, and so is that little wagon. Suddenly, it's 90+ degrees here. It was in the 40's at night on the weekend. My seedlings were broasting today. Your flowers and yard always look so green and gorgeous.

  22. p.s. I also forgot to say I like the pattern PH was mowing the lawn in - that takes extra time. Love the squares.

  23. Belated Mother's Day wishes, Mona, but didn't you know that this was to be a day for you to relax and enjoy yourself? The lawn and yard looked lovely and glad you got a nap on as did both deserved it. I am sure you received lots of smiles from loved ones in Heaven and surely hugs from family.

  24. LOL I think the pattern you saw was a TOTAL accident! :)

  25. Your yard must be the envy of the's so sweet and pretty and PH did an awesome job of mowing! Love all the flowers and I have the same exact red chairs! They sit out in front under our huge tree. I love them! I hope your day was great and I know Mother's Day was tough for your family. Hope this weekend is a good one.

  26. Your lawn looks amazing! I really like that you went with the plants and shrubs rather than stick with just the turf and grass. It really does look more presentable and freshen up the place, what with the flowers in bloom and whatnot.


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