Saturday, May 25, 2013

~A TIME TO REMEMBER...updated...

I miss you..Patrick.  I always will.
Feb. 1934- Dec 1997
I have decided today that I want to add a few things about my first husband of 43 years.
Pat and I met in high school.  San Diego, California was where both of us were born.
In the same hospital, two and a half years apart. 
We were both taken from California  to opposite corners of the United States.  Him to Florida and me to Oregon.  In our grade school days we were both brought back to California and ended up attending the same high school
Pat join the Marine Corp after graduation in June 1952 and was sent to Korea at 18 years old.
He served 13 months there and when he returned in March 1954, we were married that June.  Him barely 20 and me 17. 
  He was a Ranger in the Marine Corp, spent three years as a D.I. at M.C.R.D San Diego.  He spent a year in Okinawa and three tours in Vietnam. 
I miss you my beautiful brave daughter!  My Sandy Rae.
April 1959- Feb 2013 
Sandy was the eldest of my four daughters and the third of my seven children.
She was the mother of two wonderful children and the grandmother of 3 when she died.
Shortly, within three weeks after her death, she became the grandmother of a beautiful baby girl.
She never got to see or hold her.  She was a dedicated and loving daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother .  She was also the office manage for several doctors.  She loved gardening, cooking and decorating her home.
She and her husband (since high school) had just bought their dream home and she just finished decorating it. 
She was my protector, watched out for my health and probably saved my life more than once.
She watched over me and her brothers and sisters from 3000 miles away.  She was a wonderful daughter.
She loved to surprise me by just suddenly appearing when I least expected it. 
You were my rock, Frank.  Your last words were "I love you" and when I think of you I always say "I love you too!"
Oct. 1933-Feb. 2007
I seldom ever mention Frank.  I married Frank four and a half years after losing Patrick.  He married a very sad and heartbroken woman, and gave me six years of his love and life.  He was kind, honest and loving.  I am grateful to have had him in my life.  He was loving and kind to my children and together we had six brief and wonderful years. 
He served in the 3 years Air Force.   
*Balisha dear, my heart goes out to you and to all of us who have lost one of our babies or one of our loved ones...


  1. Such great losses. God Bless. Hugs, Marty

  2. Loosing two people you love is heart breaking.
    Big Hugs Kay

  3. Thinking about you Mona and caring . . .
    Sandy, so young, so beautiful . . .

  4. Thinking about you dear Mona and how you draw strength from the loss of your dear daughter and your Patrick. Love, Lilly

  5. awww mona! this is so sweet. and sandy looked a lot like her dad didn't she? hugs! joyce

  6. Sweet tribute! Beautiful pictures! Love and hugs being sent to you this morning!

  7. Lovely tribute in memory of two very loved and missed family members, dear Mona.

  8. What a wonderful tribute.

    Honoring all who have passed.

  9. Hugs to you. I am so sorry you have lost your loved ones. I'll be thinking of you today. xoxo,Susie

  10. Dear Mona....Thank you for including me in this wonderful Memorial Day tribute. I have thought about you many times while going through this heartache and felt so much empathy for you.That baby girl of yours is so precious....I know how you must miss her.
    Balisha ((hugs))

  11. What a wonderful memory you have here of your two loved ones. Your daughter Sandy is beautiful! Just beautiful. I wish you a very blessed day. sandie♥

  12. Dear Mona, it's so hard to lose someone you love, especially your children who have their whole life ahead of them.
    Have a peaceful loving day.
    Many many hugs my new friend.

  13. Such beautiful people. Your daughter looks like your husband....her father? (((((HUGS))))

  14. Life is all about the "hellos" and the "goodbyes"...goodbyes being the hardest. My prayers and hugs to you've lost so much. On this weekend of honoring and remembering I hope everyone takes the time to do just that and understands what "Memorial Day" really means. Thanks for such a beautiful, heartfelt post.

  15. How sad and tragic to lose the people you love. They will always be with you. Treasure their memories. I hope this day is peaceful. xo Linda

  16. Oh Mona,
    You have had to endure a lot my friend.
    Your daughter was so beautiful and talented too.
    And I can tell your love runs so deep for your first husband.
    You really have had your share of heartache but you have also had an amazing life as well.
    Hugs and love your way,

  17. Mona, I just re-read your updated post and learned so much more about these 3 loves in your life. As always, thank you for sharing your personal feelings and life. You have more friends than you will ever know and you deserve happiness.

  18. awww...this has been a sad holiday for you. I'm sorry for your losses but I know you are proud to have had them in your life.
    Thanks for bearing your soul, dear Mona...I hope you feel better by talking about it.
    We all love you lots..

  19. Such beautiful, sweet memories of your precious loved ones, Mona! Thank you for bringing them to life on these pages, so we can know them, too.

    Loving hugs, Des xxx


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