Monday, December 20, 2010


Brave and foolish, perhaps, but ever so admired Sweet Husband!  Never to ask for help..always wanting to do his own work and care for his own home.....

The rains came down...a bit.. lightly.."wasn't it the sprinklers?"  No, I said, it was raining..nothing to worry about..just a light misting.  We went out to breakfast..and we actually had to turn on the windshield wipers.
It misted.  I joked.
Yes, I joked..and as usual had Sweetie looking at me ..strangely.  "It's just an Oregon Mist!" I said, looking wise.  "What's an Oregon mist?" he questioned.  I giggled and said "It missed Oregon and hit California!" 
OH..HAR, HAR, HAR!  I laughed and laughed and he just looked at me blankly!
Ah much for that!

I thought I would play a little "Up On The Housetop" for you.  I'm known for my great piano playing. :) see that full trash barrel?  We just kept emptying it and in about ten or fifteen minutes..less I would fill up.  It had begun seeping under the door sill and we just had new carpet installed this summer as you may remember!!
Yep..the gutters were full of leaves...(I mean it seldom rains in Southern California!) and we didn't think to clean them

"hmmmmm.."  he mummered...and my heart began to pound and I began to protest..."umm...I don't really think...."

I was ignored...and after checking things out....

 "Gonna clean out the gutters while there's a lull! he says...and off he went to get the ladder! 
He is 77 years OLD and doesn't need to be climbing up on a soaking wet roof!  But.....
(I admit to clinging to his pant legs...screaming NO NO NO!!)
but he shook me off and no time there he was!  Up on the housetop...CLICK, CLICK, CLICK!!!
No...that's NOT his shoes you hear..

"Can I help??"  I shout..." it covered!"  he calls down..
I watch as he digs all sort of junk out of the gutter.  Then he drags the power hose around! 
I ask the Lord what on earth he is doing!!  (I don't think HE heard me either!!!)

"ummm...???" I start to protest again... 


(did I tell you my baby can do anything??  :)

Love and hugs!

p.s. did I mention he is 77? :)


  1. Dear Mona,

    It was on our local news today about the dangerous rains in CA. Please be careful when you are out and about, and your hubby is a wonderful man. He is 77 years old but he knows his abilities and limitations. But I would have been a nervous wreck too. It's just that we love them so darn much......not sure if they understand that THAT is why we are so scared about "up on the rooftop"...


  2. LOL..thank's "Frank!"
    Folks, that's Joyce from "The Bear's Blog"....Hugs to you, Joyce.. :)
    Mona/AKA "Bubu"

  3. Oh Mona!! I don't wonder why you were scared. So glad he got the job done. We are having a snowstorm right now. Balisha

  4. Your man looks strong and surefooted for any age. Yep, I'd sure say your man can do anything!

    Take care you two wild and adventurous people.

    God bless and have a glorious free runnin' gutter day!!! :o)

  5. Hubby really dislikes the job of cleaning out the gutters, but it's a 'must do'. I don't like him doing anything that involves ladders. They scare the bujeezus out of me!

    *Still sick in Virginia*

  6. Your hubby is amazing! I would have been scared too....
    p.s. Merry Christmas

  7. Hi Charlie,

    Yup, the music is "perfect". HO HO HO. Is that you playing? WOW!!!


  8. You are so funny, Mona. I am glad your hubby was ok up there. Great music!...Christine

  9. I don't like to see ANYONE on the roof but a man has to do what a man needs to do! And he did a great job! I know you gave him a hug...or a pat! Enjoy your week, sweet friend! ♥♥♥

  10. :) S0 glad you like my superior playing..yep.
    I knocked myself out! :)
    Eat your heart out Shelia! (Note Song)

    Staggers off laughing hysterically....but stay gets even better. The music I mean. Not the blog...but then you probably already guessed that...Hugs!

  11. Ooo, this is scary, Mona.

    Blessed Christmas, my blogging friend!

  12. What a brave soul!
    You have really gotten the rain haven't you?
    We have really gotten the snow!
    Have a wonderful Christmas Mona!
    Thank-you for your friendship too my friend!
    I always love hearing from you.
    Big Hugs,

  13. glad all turned out well

    love the Oregon Missed. =)
    I'm in Oregon and the rain does not miss us much.=)

    Thanks for your sweet comments about my new nest.

    hugs and Christmas blessings.
    Barbara jean

  14. What a guy!!! Try to stay dry. I saw on the news about all the rain you are getting in CA.

  15. What a Super Hero! I can imagine your terror hubby is a terrible klutz so there is no way he would have made it up the ladder with me hanging!!

    Deanna :D

  16. Your Hero!! Mine's out with the snowblower, dressed in about five layers of clothes and a new pair of BIGGG goggles that fit over his glasses. He opened the bedroom door as I opened one sleepy eye: "Going out with the Blower," he said, and out he went, like a cross between a little kid in a snowsuit and one of ET's captors in that white tent.

    I can hear it, WAY down the drive, and he'll do way down the sidewalks and probably the Neighbor Lady's drive while he's at it. It's his way.

    All we can do is just love 'em and let 'em have at it, I guess. And pray.

    My very best thoughts and prayers to you and all your family for all the blessings of the season!!


  17. Dear Mona, Your hubby & mine are cut from the same cloth! How can they STILL think they are invincible! I love, admire & appreciate their willingness to solve problems. But don't they know if they get hurt (or worse) we'd have an even bigger problem than leaf-filled gutters?

    Yep - my hubby has done the exact same thing.

    Praying y'all dry out soon. . . & am glad your hubby is safe.

  18. Mona, your post has me LOL!!!! You are absolutely one of the best blog storytellers:-)
    I was right there with you with the "no, don't do it" but then the knowledge that something needed to be done would kick in:-)

  19. Bless his heart.... Men... Just can't stop 'em can you? We live in the Pacific NorthWET...rain is no stranger here. In fact, it's been pouring for DAYS. Scary up there on the roof!



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