Sunday, December 12, 2010


In spite of this awful cold, I stood up like a good little soldier and marched off to the Mall this morning..and shopped. 
I didn't have much shopping to do..but the little Great Grands needed to be shopped for...and it was good to see people being polite to one another.  I even saw someone allow another person to take a parking spot...which made me smile as I drove away.  :)

A few snow men I have collected over the years on my sofa table.   Unfortunately the tiny ones are hidden behind the berries...ah well...You've seen snowmen before anyway..right?  Right!

This is before the final touches but you see them a bit better...I mean if you are interested (yawn...)

See that bit of greenery on the stool?  Well, I was going to hang it over the doorway ..but 12 days later and it's still sitting there...soon...yep..soon I will finish up.  Yeeeep...

I LOVE little wagons.  NO idea why, I just do...and there is more around somewhere.....hmmmm..maybe I hung them on the tree...I can't remember..

Darned place looks like a toy store, but the babes will love it.  Can you see the  little teddy bear angel (handmade) on top of the tree.  Sophisticated...that's what I like.  :)
  I bought it many years ago.  A woman in Palm Springs made it...and last year she didn't get her place on top of the tree...but this year...what the heck!!!  (the bear, NOT the woman!)

Ok...this post is quite long enough and it's been a long day and I am off to bed. 
Yesterdays post..or rather last nights...your comments were so kind. 

Hugs..lots of them..

Would you mind...if I just wrote a short story tomorrow?  I promise it won't be too long...


  1. Mona,
    It is wonderful and festive! I love your traditional Christmas all around in your lovely home.

  2. Hi, sweet friend,

    I love your snowman collection and those wagons are adorable. Thank you for the wonderful tour.

    I love reading your posts and PLEASE don't shorten them. I sit at the computer before it's even light in the morning and love to read about what you are doing and just admiring all your wonderful pictures.

    Bonnie (o:

  3. I love it Dear Mona!
    Your home look so festive and fun! You have created such a beautiful spot for the family to enjoy!
    Big Hugs,

  4. What a joyful home you've decorated and I know your children, grands, and great grands will just love it Mona. It's obvious you take great care in place each piece, creating your masterpiece in the end.
    Can't wait to read your story tomorrow!

  5. Your home looks absolutely beautiful, Mona! Wish I were there in person to see every little detail!

  6. You can write whatever you want and I'll enjoy reading it. Your home is just a wonderful Christmas place. So bright and cheery. The children must absolutely love it.

  7. your home looks full of christmas magic mona!

  8. Oh I love all of your decor and I know the children enjoy it so much too. The little snowmen and the wagons are just wonderful. I have teddy bears on my tree also. Gotta have them. Hugs, Marty

  9. What a fine collection of snow men! Did one of them have a brown coat :-) :-)

    One can never have to much red color in our life :-)

    Have a nice Saint Lucia´s day!

  10. Your home is so cozy and beautiful, Mona. Love your snowman collection....Christine

  11. Christmas is shining at your place; love those snowmen. I will be back tomorrow to read your short story!

  12. G'day Mona ~ What a festive decor for all ages to enjoy! You truly decorate beautifully ...

    Awaiting the story ...

    Christmas hugs & wishes ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  13. Oh my goodness! Your house looks so festive. I bet the kiddos do love it. More is better at Christmas.

  14. Not only will the kiddos love do I!!! I just adore the look, I just wish I could see it in person...I'm sure the pictures don't do your beautiful home justice.

    Ya'll have a truly blessed day sweetie!!!


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