Saturday, December 11, 2010


This is a great time of year to have one.  But actually, fireplaces are not the only thing on my mind tonight.
Have you ever called someone by a name not their own...and then realized it and cringed?  I did that in an email and it is the worst feeling.  OR run into someone you know and love on the street and addressed them by a different name?
I did that and it is bothering me so much.  Especially because this person is so special to me.  I cannot tell you.  HOW could I have done such a thing??
So..that is what is on my mind tonight. 

This is the room we live in and I love it.  Especially in the evening when it's chilly out and we have a fire going. 

I went to Christmas tree lots and gathered pine boughs, brought them home and cut off the ends, stuck them in a bucket.  Coffee table centerpiece.

I've had this clock for many, many years.  Inside is handpainted as is the face, and has information, numbers and say's Bristol Connecticut, New England in beautiful script.  It's an 8 day clock.

 The Santa's are handmade by different artists.
I am looking forward to a wonderful Sunday...for everyone.
Mona Betty

(It's only what I deserve!)


  1. Sweet Friend (Betty) (o:

    Don't be so hard on yourself. We all make mistakes and it's okay. A friend surely understands and accepts us just the way we are (thankfully).

    Love you and please let this go. I bet your friend has.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Abby (hahahahahaha)

  2. Oops,

    I forgot to tell you how beautiful the fireplace looks, so warm & cozy. Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures of your living room.

    Diane (o:

  3. That happens all the time :-) :-) :-) I have no idea why and it is a bit embarrassing to be honest :-) :-)

    You know I have a soft spot for old clocks and Yours are so fine!

    Have a great day now!

  4. What a cozy Christmasy room
    Don't feel bad about messing up with names.
    I am well know for doing that pretty often; you're right it is embarassing but...
    Happy Sunday!

  5. Well, I seem to do that more often than not. I just consider it a Senior moment and try to regroup. I'm sure your friends understand. Love your fireplace, the clock and santas are fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  6. The neurologist I used to work for said we have only so many gray cells so just call everybody Hon. Of course, I don't think he did that but he, at least, had a chart in his hand. Take care Hon and have a great day.

  7. Good Morning Elizabeth...girl I have done the same thing..Ran into someone I knew at Wally world forgot their name and get this was going to introduce them to Lenny and forgot his name ha ha!! I hate getting old girl..I lost my shopping shoes the other day oh yes I have one pair I wear to long term shop with that don't hurt my feet anyway went into dressing room to try on pants and left my shoes ha ha!! Candace just shook her head at me and went back and got them Candace tells me Granny how could you forget your shoes? Love your cozy fireplace and a for real one how cool is that...see all the gas ones all over blogland but nothing beats a real wood fireplace girl...we can't have them here living in the forest and all...Hope you have a GREAT Sunday Elizabeth...Hugs and smiles Sally

  8. Hi Dear Mona! Oh, don't be so hard on your tiny self. Just laugh and know we all do this! LOL
    Now, look at your living room - it's gorgeous. I love your mantel and all of the fresh branches. I need to do this! I love it and the ones on your coffee table.
    You do deserve to have a wonderful Sunday!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. I am lucky to get my kids names right. Everyone makes a slip once in a while, don't fret. Your home looks so cozy and warm.

  10. Hi Mona...I'm with the other commenters...don't beat yourself up.It happens to the best of us.
    What a cozy room. I could curl up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate there. Have a cozy weekend...Balisha

  11. Oh, Dearie!

    I did that on my own BLOG!! I was welcoming a dear blogger friend back after a long absence, and called her LOU-Ann instead of Lee-Ann. And left it there til another friend who had followed the link wrote to mention my mistake.

    We'll just lay that one on the Busy of the Season. We can all plead BOTS when we forget.

    Have a warm Sunday in that beautiful room,


  12. No big deal! My own mother couldn't get our names right, she had to go through them all til she got the right one! She would say, Ma, Ga, Be, and then choose the right one!

    At least you haven't inquired about someone's health and find out, they died a year ago!!!! I did that and talk about feeling low...I never ask with names now, only, how's your family doing?

    Your home is so beautiful and the decorations reflect the goodness in your heart.

  13. Talk about getting a "tear the eye!" You are all the greatest!! Thank you...and a very special THANK YOU to Abby and Diane! LOL
    Joyce, YOU are a hoot! And thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  14. Thank you for what? You are so sweet, so senstive, and yes so am I but trust me when I say that if it had to happen to anyone let it be me cause I will just run with it and tease you to pieces, because IT'S NO BIG DEAL. Now, forget it. Look at all these posts - everybody slips up at least once-in-awhile. Me, I make a career out of it. Hahahahaha, honest. Trust me.

    Abby Diane (o:

  15. Oh sweet Mona~ I've done this more times than I can say and the older I get the more I do it. I just have to trust that the person I know trusts in my heart...

    I think we all need to love ourselves and each other more in spite of our obvious imperfections.

    I adore you and always will...even if you call me, um..., well~~~how about RAPUNZEL?


    Love to you~


  16. love love your Christmas decor Mona!

  17. Your room looks so cosy Mona. I love how you've decorated it. Glad to see you still have the dolls on display. How do you get the swag to stay put on the mantel-shelf? It looks so big, as if it would fall right off without a lot of support. I'm sure it would fall off if I did it!
    Blessings, Star

  18. I have done that more than once...I attribute it to old age! I have been called by the wrong name, too...and by my own mother who would go down the list until she hit the right name!

  19. Heeeheehhee!!!! You are a riot sweetie! Or should I say 'Betty'??? We all do it girl, don't beat yourself up too much about it.

    You are always so creative Mona, your place just looks like Christmas with all it's warmth and charm.

    I start a fire in the fall and it doesn't go out 'till the warm days of spring. It was a whoppin' six here this mornin'.

    God bless ya and have a grand day my friend!!!


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