Sunday, May 30, 2010


For all those men that served when called and were sent into harms way...and didn't come home to us...I send my heart felt thanks, gratitude and love.

To my sweet neice's husband who never came home to see his new born will always be missed.

I am grateful to God that the rest of the men in my life who served, came home to us.
Some did not come home whole and healthy as they left..but they did come home.

I hate war and pray every day that one day we will not have to sacrifice our loved ones and that we will find other ways of settling our differences on this little planet we all call home.



  1. Amen! I'm sorry about your niece's husband. It's men and women like him who we owe so much to. God Bless our service people!

    Have a blessed Memorial Day, Mona!

  2. It truly does change a man to go to war. It's 38 years later and Hubby still mentions often his times in Viet Nam. He was in the air... can't imagine what the men on the ground experienced and the memories they hold. So sad... and we love them ALL.


  3. Well said, Mona. We all hope for peace.
    p.s. I love your new background :)

  4. This is so true, Mona. My father was a WW II Veteran as well as historian with two books and many magazine published about the war. He is gone now, but my father was a man made up of the many experiences he had as a young man fighting on foreign land. So many he knew did not come back, but he tried to remember them as best he could in his writings.
    I hate war too.
    Ladybug Creek

  5. Amen. Thank you to all the men and women who served and are serving to protect our country.

  6. Hi Dear Mona! Oh, I'm sorry for your family's loss. My heart breaks for the families whose loved ones have given their lives for our freedom! God bless America!
    I love your new blog dress!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Lovely, Mona, and so heartfelt that I feel the losses with you.

    You expressed this so beautifully, in your usual sweet way, and it's a wonderful memorial to all the sons and fathers, brothers, sisters, and daughters who have lived and died for our country.

    Thank you.

  8. A wonderful tribute to the men and women who are sworn to serve. Amen.

  9. A beautiful tribute, Mona.
    I lost my brother to Vietnam. I love and miss him so very much.
    May we one day find another way...

  10. Amen! Thank you for this wonderful post, Mona...

  11. Hi Mona,
    Love your new dress.....I got a picture up on
    my blog !
    A beautiful tribute....we have a military family on both sides. Know the sacrafices that
    they and their families make....loving apprecation today for them all....

  12. Thanks, dear heart, for this lovely tribute.
    hugs, bj

  13. Thank you Mona for your tribute for our wonderful men and women who gave their lives so we should have peace. I too hope for peace, and no more wars.

  14. Dear Mona, so sorry for the loss in your family. It is always and for every family a desaster, when people die in war. But when we knew them, it hurts us much more. All the men and women who died in the wars, have been sons and daughters and brothers and sisters and sometimes fathers and mothers. When we think of that, we start to realize how much tears and sorrows the wars have created. I hope so much, that we never will have a war again.

  15. We don´t have memorial day over here, but I think it´s a nice idea!
    Hope Your day was good!

  16. So sorry about your niece's hubby, Mona. We sure owe a lot to him and our other brave soldiers...Christine


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