Monday, May 3, 2010


My water feature on my back patio. If I lay in the swing on a warm afternoon and try to do a bit of reading...I last all of three minutes and then I am fast asleep....

I know I should throw away my old wicker chair...but I can't. I just put plants on it...and it stays.
Maybe someone will do that for me someday when I can't do what I used to do. I hope... :) Ok..maybe not pile plants on know what I mean. Give me a chance to be useful in some way at least....

The little bird house was bought at least twenty years ago in a precious little coastal village called Cambria, California. Sharon Lovejoy Writes From Sunflower House and Little Green Island and was the owner of a little herb shop called Heart's Ease. Sharon is an amazing woman. She also owns a little cottage on an island off the coast of Maine. Sharon is a lecturer, illustor and author and much more.
Some things happen that make you realize how very small this planet is that we all live on...and it makes my heart sing! And this is the best part....SHE is now a follower of my very humble blog. Makes me pause in wonder....

Sunset in my back yard...evening on the patio. Life is so precious...

Saturdays garage sale was pretty bleak and yet...

Just a dollar bought this neat sign. If you look close you can even see one of the covered bridges of Madison County. :)

..such a neat bit of interest in the back yard. I just got it so I'll try for better flowers soon..

I love the front of it. Interesting...sort of like a bed?

I sprayed it with a bit of protectant and I am hoping I don't come out one morning and find saw dust on my lawn. :) It has lived all these many years without it...shoulda asked someone first? Ah well...
(Maryalice, thank you sweetheart, for this wonderful gift. It will always be yours. )
Have a perfectly wonderful week!!
Love and hugs to all of you!


  1. I love your yard with all it's found treasures. It looks so peaceful.
    Have a wonderful week, Mona!

  2. Beautiful.....and love the little HAPPY!

    Warm blessings,

  3. You always find such cute treasures Mona~ and your yard is really pretty, I love the flowers! Sharon is coming to my neck of the woods in June and I hope to get to attend her lecture.
    Have a nice week and thinking of you,

  4. Your yard is beautiful! You must spend a lot of time keeping it that way. That's an art. And I love your treasures that you have bought. You would love a place in Navasota, Texas called Martha's Bloomers. You can spend hours there looking at all the flowers, plants, etc... and anything for your yard.. and there may still be a small sandwich shop there where small groups can dine together or hear a lecture about horticulture. Just made me think of you!
    Have a wonderful day, Mona!
    Ladybug Creek

  5. Your yard is beautiful. I love the water feature,peaceful sound is always an added plus to an outside experience. I also like the fact that each piece has a story, that makes it even more special.

  6. Mona,
    Your backyard is wonderful. We have been to Cambria, during one of our California trips. Neat little town :)

  7. Mona....That sounds so relaxing. At my previous home we had a pond with a fountain and a nice cushy was hard not to fall asleep on it! I do not have that in my newest home. I miss it. Your backyard looks so pretty! I love that wood piece with the flower pots on it! Very unique! Have a great day!~Hugs, Patti

  8. So lovely on your lawn, Mona---the barrow is just priceless, with its fancy dashboard---it almost COULD have been the headboard of a bed.

    You just have the most talented touch with everything, and I love seeing your "finds" and the special things you've done with them.

  9. what a lovely yard! would you mind terribly if I stop over for a visit??? I can so imagine sitting there and enjoying all your wonderful treasures!

  10. What a wonderful old wheelbarrow! It looks lovely in your yard with your plants on it! I have photos of some of the bridges of Madison County... I should post those on my blog one of these days soon.

  11. What a winner that wheel barrow is! Plants or no plants on it, it just looks great and speaks to me quite loudly about how I need to spruce up a few places in our yard as well.

    Now, if you want to win a flag to hang from your patio then come enter my giveaway. If you don't need a flag come visit me anyway. LOL

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  12. I love the sound of water, even though it puts me to sleep...that little flower cart, all decked out in pretty pink posies is adorable.

  13. I got this funny picture in my head hearing someone saying: There´s grandma, put some flowerpots on her lap :-) :-) :-)

    I like that sign! and the bird house is so cute! I think it was a good idea to put some protectant on that beautiful little cart! It would be a shame if it started to root or something similar.
    Have a great day now!

  14. Hi there
    Just wanted to pop over and thank you for visiting over at my place ;D
    What a beautiful garden you have and I just love that sign with the covered bridge - The brigdes in Madison County is my all time favorite movie.
    ~ Tina

  15. Hi Mona! I love all your outside pretties! Your yard and porch is so nice and I love the sunshine pouring down on everything!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Hello Dearheart...

    Just read your sweet note and had to come over! You may be right...stay away from Vegas...just in case! Hehe! Girl, I have both ears infected...bad ear aches right now. I'm not getting much's the first that I've sat down to the computer today! Please say a little prayer for me...and for our Gloria! I do worry about that sweet lady! She's been sick way too long!

    Anyway...moving on to happier topics! Mona, your yard and back porch just look lovely! I think it's the perfect place to nap! wink! I love your potting shed sign...sooo cute! Now Girlfriend, I just love your old wooden wheel's fabulous!!! I'm guessing that it was your daughter that gifted you with it? Sooo very sweet!!! Well Darlin', sure was good to hear from you today! You take care and I'll talk with you later!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  17. You have some lovely garden decor things. I love your wooden cart holding your flower pots. I love old things or old looking things. The sign is sweet and a good deal there.

  18. LOL! I'm sure glad you clarified that bit about setting plants on you! :)

    Hubby's granfather lived well into his nineties. His family always let him stay as independent as possible and he remained that way till the day the died. He had finished his chores then went to nap just like every other day on the day he got called home. He died peacefully in his favorite chair.

    People use to say why is that old man working in the garden, or doing dishes? Why do you make him walk all the way to the mailbox everyday? Those were things he had always done and he would not give them up. There is no doubt in my mind that staying busy and having a routine, even if we're slower than we used to be and take more naps, adds not just years but meaning to our lives.

    What is the poem about true happines and gardening? It gives one something to love, something to do and something to look forward to! And I am looking forward to seeing that garden first hand in June! I'll email you tomorrow.

  19. Love LOVE the 'barrow, Mona. I wouldn't part with mine for the world ... I fill it with flowers, as you have. I will be sad if anything ever happens to it ... don't you think they just add such a snap of personality & beauty to your outdoor decor?

    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  20. Your little cute sign and that flower bed barrow is just precious. Ya always find the neatest thing. You do such a great job sweet Mona.

    You have yourself a wonderful day!

  21. Hi Mona! You have a wonderful and inviting garden!!

    Susan and Bentley

  22. This is my favorite kind of garden! I miss CA so much when I see these pictures. (Gardening is so much easier there than in TX!!) I love all your goodies. I can relate to the relaxing sound of water. I have a little pond and everytime I sit out there to read, I can never read!

    I'm sure you noticed what a wonderful garden of friends you have here in blog land. I was reading some of the other comments and anyone can see that you are very much loved. That's easy to do with you. You are such a wonderful and caring person. Your posts and comments always makes me smile or give me the warm fuzzies. I just wanted you to know how special you are.
    Patricia :o)

    PS: Thank you for entering my giveaway!! Good luck!!!

  23. Mona, your garden's looking really nice, very relaxing and inviting! Love the sign....Christine

  24. THe wheelbarrow is adorable as is the signs. Your garden looks delightful.

  25. hi mona....sharon is a really cool chick! i LOVE you wheel barrel. i have a new model and will get a pic of it up soon. you have one of the original and apparently homemade! people would sit either a big basket or barrel on those to tote things around. and i love your little sign too!

  26. Hi Mona! Yay, I'm so glad you're coming to my party! Yes, you can snap in the bathroom or any other room as long as it's in front of a mirror! Whoopeee!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  27. I LOVE that old wooden wheelbarrow...I laughed when you said the front looked like a bed....
    'flower bed', I guess. :))

    Your yard and patio are so nice. Out here where it gets so hot and the wind blows so much, we don't spend a lot of time outside. Once summer hits and the winds slow down, we sometimes sit out on our porch swing in front. I need to find another swing for the patio...oh, and a water feature!!
    xo bj

  28. Mona...Your yard and patio looks charming and very relaxing. All of our little treasures have beautiful memories...don't they?

  29. You have such awesome treasures. I love them all. Your yard looks so serene and peaceful. My son just put together a potting bench for me and I want your sign! It's so cute!

  30. Love the flower wagon! Vintage, shabby garden deco is the best! Have a wonderful Mom's day...


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