Monday, May 24, 2010


My newly found friend and I stopped in to see my son whom she had not seen since he was very small. Dan was overjoyed to see her and we stayed and visited with him. During our visit I got interested in watching my son tell his story to us..and began snapping photo's.
Please understand, we are Irish, and love telling stories and all seven of my children are as animated as Danny. He got really into his story...

...and then realized I was snapping shots of him...not the yard!

Ok...I take a bit of the blame for his "dramatic" nature..but NOT all.
I was 9 months pregnant with Danny when his Dad, a Marine, went his father didn't see him until he was walking. No phone calls, only letters back in those days. However the San Diego Tribune was kind enough to take our picture and send it to the ship his father was on. His Dad didn't even make it to his overseas destination when Danny arrived. I came home to three other children, all under Kindergarten age. :) Busy mom.

Danny is the one who lost his kidneys and his sister gave him one of hers. He was on dialysis for years and was going downhill when his sister was finished with all her tests and ok'd for the surgery.
So you can see...every expression on this man's face is dear to me. I could watch him talk forever...and I hope I do. I pray I do!
Danny makes me laugh...he always has...
Anyway...this is my precious "Dan".

Love and hugs,


  1. What wonderful pics.
    You have a beautiful family, my dear friend.
    Thanks for sharing your joy.

  2. Greetings! What a handsome son!! And an equally beautiful mother! I know how you feel, I am part Irish and LOVE when my son tells stories (he's l9, my only child). I am going to have to take some pics of him the next time he tells me one of his funny stories - great idea! Thanks for sharing.
    Best regards,

  3. Very handsome son. Your pictures captured his expressions very well! That is a beautiful picture of you and him together.

  4. That young man is a picture himself---of health and joy. And I can see his Dad written so plainly on his face.

    What a wonderful family you're blessed with, Mona, especially a daughter who has that much love in her heart.

  5. I love this Mona!! I have a brother Danny and of course my hubby is Dan!! Great name and great seeing the love a mother has for her son. Come say hi when you can!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. He's a fabulous looking man child that you have raised, Mona. I'll be he had some great stories to share that day. Just one look at him and I can see the strong resemblance to you! Sending a hug your way today.


  7. So sweet Mona. Love that smile of his!

  8. What a handsome man, Mona. I do see some resemblence between the two of you. His father surely was very good looking.
    Your son looks very healthy and strong to me... It's wonderful how a family comes to the aide of a member of their group.
    Glad you got those pictures. They are priceless!
    Ladybug Creek

  9. Your "Danny boy" is a very handsome man! Wonderful that your daughter was able to give such a gift -- what a great family you raised and I know that they're as proud of their mama as you are of them!

  10. Mona,
    There is nothing like a Mother's love for her children. Yours just shines.

  11. I love how your photos captured this moment in time, what a miracle story and very handsome indeed.

  12. There is so much expression on Danny's face! I had fun just looking at all of the great moments of his story that you captured. What a blessing he is and how loving his sister is too!

    Susan and Bentley

  13. I loved every single shot! It was almost like being there, and I can only imagine the tale he told.

    Is there anything more precious, (other than God's love for us) than the love between a mother and her child?

    My heart almost bursts, it is so filled with love for my children, and now my granddaughter, as well.

    May God bless Dan with a very, very long life.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  14. Hi Dear Mona! Oh, I loved this post! What a handsome man Dan is and I like his story and I don't even know what is was! :) What a story about him and his sister! Now that shows so much love. I do believe, Dear Mona, you've raised some wonderful children. Love the picture of you two.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Why you sure do have one heck of a handsome son! Those photos are fun and I bet he will get a kick out of them if he hasn't yet seen them.

    Can't wait to come see you Thurs. We will be there at 11:00 or so, depending on traffic.


  16. Nice looking son. Yes the miitary was very different then now. You must have had a great memory. Laura Will be back, come visit.

  17. Dear Mona, What a handsome son you have! He looks the picture of health! How wonderful that your friend was able to capture all these animated gestures and expressions for you. Hope all is well w/you. hugs, Sue

  18. Oh Mona what a handsome and special son you have. I see you in his face. Who cares about the yard when we can see someone tell a story the way he is in these photos. I don't blame you for being proud of your son. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday....Maura:)

    PS...loved the 'Danny Boy' playing in the background as I read.

  19. Very sweet post, and very handsome son. Very appropriate song, too. :)

  20. Oh Mona, Danny is the picture of his father ! It is so amazing to see always have
    Pat with you still.....
    Love you ! Mary
    Changed my blog name


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