Monday, May 10, 2010


You see...I didn't forget my camera. I was on the ball and stuck it in my purse.
Right after I arrived at daughter #3's home..she asked if I had brought my camera..

Of course I brought my camera..and I took it out and held it up and to prove it worked..I began snapping pictures. I started with the flowers..then the food...lovely!

First picture was of a couple of little vases of flowers and cards for ME! :)

More photo's of food.. (it's my main interest about 6pm. Salad as you can plainly see..but I don't know how to spell the name of the white stuff...jicima?? Something like that...soooo good! Daughter #2 made it.

Now I am beginning to recognize ...MY dishes..yes...dishes I had loaned my daughter from...what..Easter? Two Christmas's ago...No..two Easters ago? Whatever...

Another wonderful daughter #2. I must tell you, it's wonderful having daughters!

Spanish rice to go with our tortilla's, beans and meat...

I took pictures of the men cooking outside, of all the preparations and all of those pictures are stuck on my new phone also!

This is second oldest daughter EKM. The hippy in the background with the grunge look is oldest son, Patrick.
I may not know how to transfer the photo's but my camera phone has the cutest sound. Just like an old time Brownie box camera? Do you remember? Of course you don't. If you remembered, I would know your age! :) Darn it! And those were really great pictures too!

No one was all that happy with me...(of course I'm kidding) but I took all my flowers...the tons of pink ruffled cupcakes, brownies, huge sugar cookies made like tea pots with "Mom" written on them...and the flan!! Yes...a tray of Flan!

Photo's of the men cooking because they did all the meat, etc. and they are ON MY PHONE!@!*&%#

Mother's Day ended with my son Danny singing "Summer Wind" to me! I cried. Danny sings beautifully...everyone was talking and was quiet...everyone was listening to my son.

What lucky am I? Very!!

Love and hugs!

p.s. I just realized I erased half my post...where I told of my camera dying..and using my new phone. Anyway..that's what happened. :) Thus missing pictures. As far as the dialog...who cares. I just prattled on anyway. Bottom line, camera died and I don't know how to get the pictures off my new phone. End of story!! :) If I repeated anything...disregard it. I'm old!


  1. Hi Mona,
    to read all the sweet treats you got makes me cry, too. Isn't that gorgeous, to have such a sweet family. I am sure you are absolutely worth that efforts. Yes, I agree, for some reasons it's nice to have daughters. But sons have good sides also. For example, they are able to explain, how the photos came from the camera in the comuter :-).
    Greetings, Johanna

  2. Daughters are very special and nice, and sons too. But I agree with you, daughters seem to know just that something extra special a MOM needs and delights in, and hey, I am always helping my husband be a good son for his mother! See, daughters-in-law are good too, even if we don't get the credit for the great things sons do.

    Very nice post revealing how special and loved you are by your grown children, and this post made me hungry.

  3. Everything is so lovely Mona! I hope we get to see the other pics too. You are so loved and blessed, what a wonderful Mother's Day!
    I have a giveaway going on too!

  4. Oh, Dear Mona! How very sweet! I'm sure you'll read your tiny book and soon the pictures will be flying into Blogland! Your family is so sweet!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Just isn't it wonderful to have daughters...there is a special bond. Glad you had such a beautiful day. I think you can probably email the pictures to yourself, however I always need to have my daughters remind me how to do it.

  6. AS it is said simply here, "You throw good pups"

  7. Mona,
    What a great day for you! Yes, I remember the box camera. My Granny had one and you would hold it down by your waist to take the picture. My daughter has the camera now. I love that black and white checkered tea kettle.

  8. Yes, you are very lucky to have such loving children...but I know they are that way, because of you....

  9. What a special day! My first camera was a Brownie...I got it with S & H green stamps. Now you know how old I am! heeheehee! Great photos, my friend! You have a happy family! ♥

  10. what a wonderful MOther's Day, you are blessed! ...I actually owned a brownie camera at one time :)

  11. Hey girl, as ya know you are one blessed Mama. Your children are good and sweet just like you. As they say, the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree. You raised them well. What a lovely Mother's day bash. :o)

    The phone thing. Don't ya just pull the card out and plug it into your copier to upload just like your camera? Just sayin......

    You enjoy your beautiful day sweetie!

  12. Stop. Sit Down. Read Phone Manual. Download Pics To Computer.

    THERE! See, it was easy.


  13. Mother's Day is so wonderful because it' a day we know that we are appreciated all of the 364 other ones!! The food at your celebration looks terrific, what a nice menu. I'm so glad you had a happy day and hope we get to see the rest of the pictures!!


  14. What a wonderful Mother's Day for you, Mona ... & such lovely pics of the family & all that delicious enticing food.

    Hope your get the camera situation fixed so you can share the pics with us.

    Have a lovely week, my friend.
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

  15. Oh Mona what a lovely family and the love they have for you is wonderful looks like they put a lot of thought into your party .Iam so glad you had a wonderful day loved all the pics hugs Linda:)

  16. Thank you, Linda! :) I hope your day was wonderful too!

  17. It looks like You had a great Mother Day! :-)
    Have a great day today too!

  18. Hi Mona,
    Such a special day for you! Dinner looks yummy! my kind of food.
    Your family is lovely and the photo of you with the kids is a treasure. Time does fly by, I too can still feel my babies and smell the sweetness of their little bodies. Now my oldest daughter has two children of her own and they are also my greatest joy.
    You are looking wonderful!
    Have a great week.
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  19. Looks like you had a wonderful day!! I can't get pictures off my phone either. It's funny when my girls borrowing something, I very seldom get it back.

  20. What a wonderful day full of memories! You are blessed!

  21. What a wonderful Mother's Day you had! Oh, that sweet song!!!


  22. You are pure sunshine!
    And you have a wonderful family. So glad your day was special and fun, dead camera and all.
    Oh, my first camera was a Brownie Box. No fair figuring out my age, though I'll admit to being in the gray zone..

  23. Mona, belated Happy Mother's Day.. You have such a very loving and thoughtful family.. you made me smile while i was reading your blog.. you were enjoying your moment but your camera really made your day thinking that it suddenly died..

  24. Hello Mona~I've been a tad distracted with last minute guests (business associates of my son (from Seattle). He says..." we're planning a business meeting out your way and I've invited everyone to bunk at your house." "Don't make a fuss." The fact I'm still recouping from foot surgery was a little challenging, but they were the most gracious guest and we enjoyed their visit. It looks like they enjoyed our little B&B too, cause they're planning a return trip.

    I would love daughters #2 recipe for the salad.
    Jicama is great in salad, isn't it a funny vegetable? It reminds me of a cross between a potato and apple.
    It looks like you had a wonderful Mom's day in spite of the camera conking out. I'm not electronic savvy at all. I'm always amazed I can get my posts pictures let alone published.
    Did you bike to any of your outings (on the previous posts). I loved those homes it would be fun to see them inside too.

    Sweet wishes,

  25. Hi Mona,
    Beautful pictures....your girls can sure cook !
    Loved your post about the children....I did the
    same thing....held my little girl who had colic
    as much as I could do as a mere was a good thing...that little girl is now out of my reach living across the glad that I have that memory...she is now holding her little babies.....Happy Mother's Day to everyone !

  26. How lucky of you to have daughters who like to cook, Mona. They must have taken from you. What a fun day! Lucky you, blessed one! Come back and sign up for my giveaway!...Christine

  27. O, I'm so glad your day was good. Mine, too...and, believe it or not, we didn't get any pictures. *sigh
    O, and I DO remember the old Brownie box daddy gave me one when I was 10. I sure wish I still had it...:(

  28. Mona, I love seeing the pictures you do have, but I want to see those phone shots, too!!! :-)

    Sounds like the perfect day, and I was laughing so hard at your daughter walking off with Mama's dishes! LOL! So glad you had a fun time with your family, and the flowers truly are gorgeous. And the food looks yummy!


    Sheila :-)

  29. Howdy Mona
    You are truly blessed Mona :)
    Thank you for sharing your precious day with us !
    What a treasure to have daughters and men who cook :)
    Until next time
    Big hugs
    Happy Trails

  30. WELL...I have messed with that stupid camera all afternoon...and still working at it tonight and NO PHOTO'S! They are there on the phone...and I went to media and they said they were sizing them and sending them to ..I thought my computer..but I cannot find the blasted things!! Sooooo...frustrated!

  31. You have such a wonderful family and I love to hear the stories of when you guys get together. The food is always so good looking!

    But, I think it's your humor that I look forward to the most. I just love the way you write!


  32. Morning Mona,

    I love that your son sang to you! What a wonderful gift :) Family is such a blessing.


  33. Mona, I just love your posts! You are always so much fun and I bet your family loves you lots and lots!!

    Susan and Bentley

  34. Mona, Dahling,

    I quoted you on Lawn Tea today!!


  35. Hi sweet lady! First off, you are not old. Age is ONLY a number!

    I love your post. Your family is beautiful and they love you so very much. How wonderful to have had your son sing to you. Beautiful and so very special!!


  36. What a nice you think I can get the salad recipe from daughter #2....great picture.

  37. You. are. so. funny. I laughed all the way through this post. A brownie box camera? Is that what you said? Yeah, no, don't know what you are talking about. Flowers at the top of the post are quite beautiful though, and nice to see some of our kiddos :)

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  39. My Dearie,

    I hope all is well with you and yours---I've missed your smiling face and your wonderful posts.

    Hope you're back soon!!



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