Wednesday, May 27, 2009


And then he made CRABGRASS!

I love my potting bench...and I am working on getting it together. I had some old windows that were given to me a long time ago when I decided to learn to paint roses.
The roses didn't turn out all that great, but it was my first attempt and I hung them out on my patio anyway. I keep saying I am going to repaint them..but I never do. One day I might.

My daughter gave me an old tin GARDEN sign and I hung it on the bottom of the window. I love it. I was concerned that you would not be able to see the pickets forming the back of the bench but you can. This old time wash pan I am adding to the top of the potting bench for soaking the plants or for potting to keep the soil from getting all over the place. I had it on top of the refrigerator..but it is going outside tomorrow. We bought it in an antique store when we made a trip across country, but I don't recall which state. It reminds me of nice times. I have a collection of the red and white enamel ware.

I have had this little pump for a long, long time. I think it is the closest thing I will ever have to a water fall in my back yard. There is a little shelf made of boards that we bolted onto the edge of the tub. The little pump cost $9.99 at harware store in Bakersfield. The tubing runs up through the slats that hold the pump. What is so nice is that the water does not splash out and the tub does not have to be filled all that often. I like that! I actually think Howard is beginning to get used to my many projects..and might even like the results.

Our flowers are beginning to take off. Can you see them out in the yard? Finally!

See? There they are...
Please remember...I started with nothing...dead flower beds AT ALL. We are fighting crab grass...when we planted the grass...up came the crab but at least is not just dirt like it was.
To get rid of the crabgrass I might have to pull it out...blade by blade. I have done it at another home..and I can do it again! BLADE BY BLADE! :)

How nice it would be to just dig it all out and start over...but it just isn't practical right now with the heat on its way. Perhaps next year...but with our water situation in California...I would rather do the best we can with what we have...and wait.

What a beautiful day it was and I am grateful. In church Sunday we were told that we were not to complain about one single thing for 21 days...and if we did we had to start all over. Oops! The CRABGRASS did me in! Just one more reason to ...get rid of the stuff! ~Smiles~

And love,


  1. You have a lovely lawn and garden.

    Do you hire out? :D

    Jan from the Sushi Bar

  2. Dear Mona! Stand back, Crabgrass! Here she comes! Your yard is so pretty and that little potting bench of yours - to die for! I love it and the pickets at the back just make it! I love your little 'waterfall', I'd love to have something like that. Your plants looks so pretty too! Aw, a lovely post, Mona, Crabgrass or not! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. Hi Mona, I've enjoyed catching up with your posts. Your garden is lovely, I love all the cute cottagey touches. I think I'll try the suggestion about not complaining for 21 days. What a challenge!

  4. Your yard is beautiful. The flower bed all the way around is amazing. Love your potting bench too. I've also been working on mine. It's so fun to dress them up. Your water pump is what I need though.

  5. Know where you're coming from Mona, I've also had to pull out crabgrass blade by blade, or at least, that's the way it seemed to me while battling it!

    Your yard looks fantastic and I love the potting bench and pump.

  6. First of all Mona, let me say your blog is just stunning! It is one of the prettiest I have seen in quite awhile. Who did your design? Or did you? The lawn looks great, I can't even see the crabgrass. You could be like me, no real lawn to speak husband likes old cars too much....they are everywhere. He's out in California as we speak delivering a load. Have a super Thursday, hugs my friend, Kathleen

  7. Your potting bench is just lovely, Mona!...I love all the extra touches.. Being in a condo at 31st floor does not offer me that privilege! But i do have a great view! thanks for sharing your beautiful lawn too!
    smiles, jean

  8. Mona, your potting bench area is lovely...what fun to sit and hear your wine barrel fountain. I am so INSPIRED!!!
    Hard to believe your yard started with nothing. It is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Great post, Mona! I'm lovin' your little potting bench area and the water pump in the barrel.... Looks like you've been a busy gal lately, but the results certainly look worth it...

    YAY Howard for coming around and helping Mona with the projects! YAY

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  10. Your yard is really lovely and I love that fountain.

  11. Calif. is waaay ahead of West Texas on flower growing.! We barely have a few roses in bloom but none of my Rose of Sharons are blooming as yet. They will, tho, and they always look so pretty.
    I love your potting bench. I am trying to carve out a small area somewhere for a potting bench of some sort. Right now...I use an old wooden saw horse of Mr. Sweets. It's out in our side yard. Not pretty at all like you have.
    xo bj

  12. Hi Mona, I love your potting bench and I think your roses are great. Your yard and flowers look great.

    Don't feel alone about the crab grass. We pull ours out one bit at a time and stay at it all the time!

    Pretty, pretty!

    Hugs, Barb

  13. Hi Mona!
    Yor garden look great! We all have weeds we don´t want and are difficult to get rid of. Crab grass does at least not look nice. We have a kind of Blue bell here that is so invasive that it kills everything else after a while. But it´s so beautiful when it flowers so many that doesn´t know it lets it flower and spread it self until it´s to late.

    I like that tin plate of Yours!

  14. Mona you have a wonderful potting bench! I had one at our old house and really loved it. I'm afraid of having too much stuff "standing around" in this yard. We have big and little slithery things that scare the bejeepers out of me and I do not want to give them a nice place to curl up under! (Man, I'm a chicken.)

    You need to try "Halts". Your crabgrass will be gone in a week or so. Honest! No blade by blade pulling necessary! I'm trying to think if it's made by Ortho . . . it may be Scotts. Just go to Lowes or Home Depot and they'll have it.
    Hope it works. Love the flowers! I need to get some color going too!
    Have a great day!

  15. GM Mona...girl 21 days is a long time ha ha!! I don't think I could make it to 21 minutes with my life ha ha!! Now enough about me...I just love your wine barrell water fountain...How great that Howard can do that for you...I have an old pump sitting in the yard I bought still waiting for len to do for me...I think the liner is almost rotten waiting on him ha ha!! Love your yard my the bench sitting there..thanks so much for coming by and Hey you can still come and see all my junk in person you know...I would love to have you my friend...I bet we could talk all night...Hope you have a great day my friend...Hugs and smiles to you Gl♥ria

  16. Your potting bench is wonderful Mona! I love everything about it, including your sweet rose painted window!

    We don't have grass on our property...just a forest. With all of the rain we have had, we will have to fight back the jungle pretty soon, as it likes to take over.

  17. Pretty yard! I really like your potting bench I think they are just adorable the garden sign looks great there. :)

    All the best,

  18. Your yard is very nice and green. Your shrubs and borders are well placed, lots to enjoy there!

    Now, about your window with those need to finish painting it with all the love you have inside of you! Roses are always teasing their artists, always...always saying they aren't pretty or done well. But, in truth, they are very nice.

    I went through the same thing with my roses, God gave them to me at the end of my paint brush in answer to prayer then showed me a piece I bought that I thought was Fabulous before I started painting.

    Those fabulous roses on that piece I bought were beautiful before I knew what roses were supposed to look like, and yet I fell in love with the roses, knowing just what they were.

    Finish painting that window! It is lovely and your shed area is so inviting!

    You're motivating me to finish my porch project, hope I have motivated you to take your God given talent and finish that window.

    Hugs in Him,

  19. I love your potting shed!!! We have what we CALL one, but it's just a dirt-floored used-to-be-the-garage with all the Summer tools and chairs and the snowblower stored in it.

    I DO have some lovely hostas, and a pretty arbor out back.

    I followed you over from Southern Lagniappe---I just love Janie and all her goings and doings.

    Looking forward to reading all your blog.


  20. Cozy, comfortable and loved. It's beautiful!

  21. Lovely, lovely yard! I really like your potting bench. Enjoy all your hard work and thanks for sharing with all of us!:-)

  22. Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday Mona! I am sorry I didn't get your link up right away. Mr Linky was doen...and I spent most of the day manually adding the end of the day I was tired and went to bed! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  23. What wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  24. Mona .. Beautiful lawn and gardens. You know what I didn't see .. KUDZU lol. Kudzu takes over like wildfire and you can't kill it. You are correct .. it was a gift from Japan. It averages about 3 feet of growth daily. My neighbor has some that he keeps groomed.. it covers his chain link fence and makes for perfect privacy. I'll share pictures of that next week.. since Kudzu peeked everyone's interest.
    Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment today.. Have a Great Weekend!

    ohhh .. I love your blog design! It's beautiful!

  25. your photos are all beautiful! please link up to fertilizer friday if it works...and share with the other gardeners!!! I love your potting bench!!!! this is one of my future projects planned for this year....shh...don't tell my husband! lol

  26. Dearest Mona,
    Your blog became more beautiful and I love it..! Such nice garden you ahve and I wonder if I could send you some of the garden displays. There are so many nice collections here when we roam around during my day offs. Anyway, pl wait and see. Take care my friend.. God bless

  27. Oh Mona! It is really starting to take shape! I know how hard you are working. Now, I absolutely LOVE that water feature! We used to have a pond at our old house and I miss it so much...I may just have to create something like that!


  28. Mona,
    Your garden is wonderful!!! I don't know how I missed this post!!! I had to stop back by and comment!!! Your potting bench is sooo cute!!! I want one!!! What a fun thing to play with and on!!! I will take your garden anyday!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!


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