Sunday, May 17, 2009


An odd sort of evening...I want to change my post...get on to something else..Then...the earthquake hit!
I was sitting at my piano playing taking a little break from the computer when suddenly Mele began to bark frantically..I kept playing and then it hit! It was a 4.7
I yelled for Howard and dashed into the family room..Mele right behind me. The fact that I could run through a room is always a good sign. I have been thrown from one side of the room to the other in some quakes. Yes, I have gotten in doorways...not this time. I ran!
Earthquakes unnerve me. Completely. I was born here and gone through many worse than this trembler...but for some reason they really do shatter my nerves. I simply CANNOT be blase' about them!

On Saturday I did go to the Riverside Home Show...took three pictures and the camera said it was full. I just stood there put my camera away..and that was that. Oh...well..yes, I did look inside as it has a SanDisk...but I had left it home and the camera was full. Oh well.

I think I will give up on trying to do a post tonight...a cup of hot herbal tea and I am off to bed. To sleep...I am not sure. No loss of electricity..the news was still giving reports when we shut it off. No immediate damage was reported but there will be lots more in the morning. I will get a report in the morning. I hope no one was hurt.

It amazes me how animals sense them..hear something...actually...Mele knows lots more than I do. You wouldn't believe it if I shared it. ~smile~

Love and hugs~


  1. Good Morning Mona,

    I hope the new day finds a 'calm' place for you to wake up too. I would be nervous myself, living life with the threat of an earthquake on my mind. May God keep you and yours safe.
    I'm pleased that you enjoyed seeing my collection of horses, my love for those beautiful animals never wavers.

    I've been busy repainting some of our birdhouses for our yard lately, and thought maybe I should take pictures of them, since I seem to have a large collection, both inside and out.

    Thanks for the visit to my blog and for leaving such nice comments.
    Have a good day.


  2. Yikes! I can't even begin to imagine what that must be like! Isn't it interesting that your dog knew first. I've always heard that. SO glad that everything is ok. :)

  3. Wow, a 4.7! Don't live in earthquake country but experienced a couple while living in Cairo and it was scary, indeed! The first time it happened, I spent the whole time keeping my computer from falling off my desk! What a nerd, huh?

  4. Hi Mona,

    Glad your ok. That has to be so scary, Its good you can still run like a spring chick. Stay safe, hugs to you, Cindy

  5. We left Florida after living there for several years because of all of the hurricanes. We thought we were pretty safe here in the mountains of NC. Less than a year after we moved into this house we had an earthquake here! It was 3.8.....

    Glad to know you are ok. They can be very scary!

  6. I am glad you and your family are safe. I have never experienced an earthquake. We only get tornadoes here. I would be beside myself if I were in your shoes. The say animals can sense these things before we even know it's coming. Amazing huh?

    God Bless!

  7. Omigosh Mona! An earthquake?? I would totally freak out. I hope you put some whiskey in that herbal tea - I would have needed it! Ha!

  8. HI there! I'm so glad you stopped by and said hi and commented on my "yard post". It's nice to meet you. I'm glad you weathered our quake well. I didn't even feel the darn thing. Well, not really. I was on the couch reading with my youngest and I moved and was throw "off" and had a dizzy spell but that's it. The dogs perked their heads up about that time, but that's it. It hit here very softly and I'm soooo okay with that.
    I hope you have a fantastic day.
    Hope to see you again.

  9. Oh....I don't like earthquakes! Like you, they totally freak me out. Have been through a few here - remnants of the Loma Prieta and the Oakland ones. Rock and Roll!

    Glad to hear that you are safe. I heard on some show over the weekend that a 7.0 is to hit San Diego sometime as they haven't had an earthquake in years. Biting the nails....

    Yes, our pets are much more intune than we are.

    hugs to you,

  10. I was thinking of your safety first, Mona...
    Then I thought about all your glass pretties.Hang on, Mona!

  11. We had a teeny 3.0 earthquake here in Virginia early Saturday morning.... didn't feel it since we were fast asleep. Guess the epicenter was not far from Roanoke.. oooh, scary... hee hee

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  12. Hi Mona, mercy me.....I am nervous just reading this. I am glad you are okay. Yikes and good grief.


  13. The earthquake broke one of my domes and teacup Mona :( I'm sad...stinkin' California and it's stinkin' earthquakes. :P I'm glad you didn't suffer any damages.

    All the best,

  14. Glad you are safe. I added you to my favorites but have no idea why it won't allow you to do the same. I have an old dysfunctional blog and then this one. I can be of no help, remember I am the girl who murdered her blog and had to start over. But here is the address if this helps:

    from The Raggedy Girl

  15. Hi Mona.
    Shake - Rattle and roll!! LOL
    My two dogs did NOTHING! I was amazed. With the Whittier quake, I thought our little Sheltie was going to have a heart attack, she just would not calm down or stop barking!
    Last night I was sitting in the family room with my husband and my son, and it hit and we all sat there and I calmly said "Earthquake". And we watched everything swing. And swing it did! And it kept going and going, but not getting stronger. And it was so QUIET! Of course your first thought is - "where is the epicenter and how big was it?" And you are frantic until you find out. But with all the major newscasts having their own "quake cams" the info comes pretty fast now.
    I have been through and felt all of them too it seems. From Sylmar when I was in 7th grade, to Landers, to Northridge, to Chino Hills. I think it helps if you feel you are prepared. And with our motorhome outside the door, I feel pretty confident we can manage for a while, just in case!
    I was the Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for my kid's school district for 4 years. We were scheduled for our first district wide drill the day AFTER the Northridge quake. Boy did that teach us a lot! And then I never worried, because I knew our plan was awesome. Every child would be taken care of until someone arrived to check them out. And we were prepared to care for several hundred kids at each school campus for 4 days.
    It is just an unnerving experience. It is so out of our control. All we can do is get educated about everything, including our community and be as prepared as we possibly can be.
    I'm just glad this was a small one and there was no damage or injuries. With Salton Sea having so many lately, I immediately pictured Palm Springs in ruins.
    Big hugs!! You did good!

  16. Oh My! I have been through two earthquakes and that is enough for me. They are too scary! Glad you and your family are alright!

  17. I'm so glad you had no damage and you're all ok. I had no idea. I haven't watched the news in days. Give Mele a big hug from SMB for warning you.

  18. I´m glad that it wasn´t worse and that You are ok! We¨have them here but very seldom and very weak thankfully. The few we can feel is perhaps one every second year.
    Take care now and listen to Mele :-)

  19. Hi Mona,
    It IS amazing how animals seem to sense things we don't. Earthquakes are always scary, but luckily they're usually not too bad. I was there for some pretty big ones, too, but they're far and few between. Thank Heaven!
    Funny thing is that my daughter is in CA visiting family and friends when this hit. Last year, when my son was visiting, he also experienced a quake. Maybe I shouldn't let my kids visit CA anymore...
    Glad to hear you, your family and your home are all ok.

  20. Good golly! I would be scared to death!

  21. Mona! I'm glad you are okay! I have never been through an earthquake. It must be terrifying!


  22. Oh I wanted to tell you to that I love your new blog outfit! Very pretty!

  23. Hi Mona,

    We felt it here too, for us it was faint, but I heard it was a lot stronger closer to the center near Hawthorne. They keep us on our toes don't they? I just looked around at all of my country stuff (oh so not earthquake prepared) and though, welp, if it happens it happens!

    Happy Monday sweet friend :)


  24. I am so grateful you are all OK. I understand your feelings. I am terrified of storms. Almost unreasonably so. Growing up in Canada earthquakes are not common, but while I lived in Minnesota we had a Tornado warning with the sirens and everything! I huddled under the basement stairs with my cat and my dog completely terrified.
    I do feel for you. xo

  25. Mona, Glad you are okay. I just left Cali, - glad I didn't experience anything. We had one in OH last year- woke me up in the middle of the night 2 times. I thought I was dreaming, because Ohio is NOT known for earthquakes!! Animals are so sensitive to things we humans are not. Often they save us with warnings. Take care, Sue

  26. jerseygirl211...Yes, I loved your horses, what beautiful animals they are. I can't wait to see your newly paint birdie houses!

    Stacey...NOT a fun experience...we be fine! Thanks you so much for your comment! Yes..that our pets know is amazing!

    Gaston Studio...Nerd or NEEDS one's computer! They come first absolutely!! "Damn the torpedeo's and full speed ahead" when it comes to our computers! :)

    Cindy...When one of those's hit the wait...that's door frame. :) I RAN!

    Penny@The Comforts Of Home...I think it is possible to have one anywhere. They are just more common here. I live right on the largest largest fault line in California...The San Andreas...and they have been predicting the BIG one for years. I am usually stocked up on bottled water..but I have become careless. This was a warning...

    Cottage Pink Perfection... There is some sort of thing to concern us no matter where we move! The Raging Planet....remember? :)

    Kimmcl...bring your own bottle...yes...sounds like it might be a good idea in times like that!

    Rechelle ~ Walnuthaven Cottage~...Sometimes that has happened to me..I just think I have had a moment of being dizzy!

    Sweet Cottage Dreams....I wondered if you felt it! Probably we are too far south of you! You have two adorable little "earthquake" alarmists there with you too! :)

    Balisha...just a rattling of cups and saucers...nothing more! Thank heavens. Our Allidink lost a dome and one of her little teacups! SHE is NOT happy! :)

    The Blue Ridge Gal...I KNOW! Sooo scary!

    Barb~Bella Vista...That's EXACTLY what I said last night! YIKES! and GOOD GRIEF! plus got some exercise..:)

    The Raggedy Girls Playhouse...and I DID IT! I was forgetting the "The" and naturally it couldn't fine you. You are there!
    Finally! Thanks so much for your help!

    Karen...We used to have a darling little motorhome all equiped and I felt so secure with it ...and no more. I sold it after I lost Pat...but..we try and keep lots on hand ...but do need to stock up. This is like a little warning. Lots of flashlights and batteries..etc. I hope to heck our broke state is prepared to assist in case of a disaster!!

    Domestic Designer...yes...the do rattle the nerves!

    SMB...I gave Mele your best for trying to warn her Mom who paid her no mind ...until she got her fanny shaken off the piano bench!!

    Christer...I do! I do listen to Mele..well..usually. But it is usually cats or some person way out on the sidewalk that makes her give her know..

    Vintage Linen Treasures...AHA! was your kids that cause this whole thing! :) California has a way of chasing people off if they are new here...and can't say as I blame them for wondering why all of us stay. It's one of those "a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there!" things... :)

    Mid Atlantic Martha...And I WAS scared to death. Earthquakes never fail to unnerve me totally!! is a very helpless feeling! And thank you so much for the blog dress compliment!

    Dena~Swaddle Cottage... I would have thought you would have felt it more than you did! GET WATER at least...goodness, Dena! :) I guess I have the same attitude and we really shouldn't...sigh...

    Marcia...See? There is something everywhere you live. Storms..earthquakes, some sort of weather crisis...the Government! Heh heh..just kidding!

    Hugs and love to all...

  27. Well I made it home from my cruise in time for the earth quake! I was so tired. I was watching some tv with my sister and the dogs started to bark and then we felt it. I told the dogs "it's ok" and my sister yelled "No it's not! It's still shaking". I was to tired to even think about getting up. Thankfully nothing happened.

    Being born and raised in CA I grew up with Earth quakes and have never been scared of them. My mom used to freak out and I would have to leave work to go calm her down.

    Glad you were all ok.


  28. We had a earthquake here several years ago . It was the first one I have ever felt. It terrified me !! It woke me up, I thought I was dreaming. I got fully awakened real fast . I couldn't live where they have them all the time, poor old nerves couldn't stand it ! LOL .

  29. Hi Mona,

    I'm glad you are safe. I have only been through a couple of minor earthquakes back when we lived in CA. They are really unnerving, aren't they? Thank goodness this one wasn't serious.

    I'm am sorry I have been such a horrible blogger. I truly, truly, truly appreciated all your sweet comments. I read back the other day and saw that sweet one you wrote to me about how I was one of your first people to comment and give you encouragement. Look how far you have come. Your blog is fabulous ~ most sincerely ~ and look at all the new friends you have made!

    Hope you are out enjoying California weather and aren't fretting over earthquakes by now! We used to live in Riverside and also Atwater/Merced.

  30. I heard about the quake on the news. And I'm so glad you were not hurt. Hopefully, all is still well.

    I have only been through a couple of minor earthquakes. It is a strange feeling, and yes, very frightening.

    God bless you. Take care.


  31. Oh, dear Mona! I'm so sorry to hear about the earthquake! But thankful to know you and your family are safe! I don't know what I would do. I'm like you, I believe our little fuzzies can sense things! Hope you do get a good night's sleep and tomorrow will bring a better day!
    Thanks for popping in to see me! I've missed you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  32. Hi Mona
    Going through something like that can be unnerving at best. Animals do have some inner sensory mechanism. Though we live near the new Madrid fault along the Mississippi River, I've never experienced anything other than a minor rumble here. They say we do live in tornado alley and I remember my dog, beginning to howl and look out the window just seconds before sirens went off and seven people were killed. I'm glad that you are without harm and hope that tomorrow returns a calmness to your being.
    Happy Twirls

  33. Oh my! An earthquake! Does that happen often? You are so calm about it! I would have been scared! I guess it was not a bad one then? Glad you are alright and taking some time to just relax...that's important. Stay safe. Did I read somewhere that you come to Maine in August?? Where do you go?

  34. Mona,
    I am glad your are ok, but what a fright. I have been in two earthquakes and don't want to be in a third. Cathy

  35. Mona, you are just the sweetest thing. Thank you for leaving such lovely comments on Bella Vista. You are a treasure for sure!

    Hugs, Barb

  36. I'm glad you are okay. I don't think I could stand that.

    Come by and vote in my color poll.

    See ya later!


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