Friday, May 22, 2009


Wherever you go and whatever you do...

Some of us will gather..some will take flowers to graves on Monday...and we will honor our fallen hero's. It will be a difficult day for many.

This weekend some of us will celebrate graduations...and that is what my family will be doing. A grandson has just graduated from college and we will all gather on Sunday to congratulate him.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

Love to all,


  1. Mona,
    Wishing you and yours the same!!!

    Your blog looks wonderful!!!


  2. Cathy...thank you so much! As you can see, I love change!
    I am praying a miracle is given to Connor and his family...

  3. Back at you dear your new blog dress...this is so you also...I just did a memorial post myself...could't let the weekend go by without remembering those that gave us our freedom...Hugs and smiles my friend...Gl♥ria

  4. Mona,
    Your prayers are greatly appreciated!!! I am praying for a miracle as well. Nothing is too big for God...if it is his will!!! I know his family is grateful to you also!!!

    Thanks again and ahve a wonderful evening!!!

  5. I didn't even graduate from high school but put my hubby through college and my kids have all been to college and that makes me happy. I really like your blog.

    The Raggedy Girl

  6. Hi, Mona...I hope you and yours have a safe and happy holiday...
    xo bj

  7. I am going to pull our the grill (after I purchase it ;-) ) and enjoy the weekend.
    Have a great Memorial Day to you.
    BTW - Love, love, love your new background and header.

  8. Hi Dear Mona! You're not gonna like me anymore ... I ain't got no education! LOL I only finished high school and never even thought of college. But my two children went to college! Yay!
    Now I did notice you've changed your blog dress and I love it! It's so you!
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
    Be a sweetie,
    the uneducated Shelia :(

  9. Happy To Be...I read your new post it you honored your father and grandfather beautifully! Glad you like my new "dress"..

    Raggedy Girl...I never made it to college either..a couple of child rearing classes..and it was over for me. I was never much for classrooms...but encouraged my children to go.

    bj...thank you so much. I hope your weekend is safe and happy as well.

    English Cottage in Georgia...It is always so nice to hear from you! Have a nice weekend!

    Sheila...rewrote my post. Goodness...I think I came across wrong. I never went to college either..a couple of child rearing course does not a college education make! I feel I made you feel bad and I apologize. I rewrote it..just in case. I was only trying to make the point that more children were going to college now, especially women, than back the fifties.
    Hugs and love..

  10. Congrats to the graduate. I know you are a very proud Grandma. Hugs!

  11. The same to you, the header.

  12. Wow, what beautiful graphics. My parents are taking my children to "Open Cockpit Day" at a museum at a former Air Force base. Hubby and I are staying home for some peace and quiet. Grandparents rock!

  13. Hi Mona, Happy Memorial Day weekend to you and congratulations to your grandson.

    Be safe and blessed,

    Your blog looks wonderful!

  14. I wish You the same!
    We don´t have Memorial day over here, but the graduations has started.

  15. Love, Love, Love your blog look. Have a great weekend. Congrats to the grad!

  16. Happy Memorial Day Weekend Mona!
    Your new blog design is gorgeous my friend. ;)

  17. Love the new design. It is just gorgeous.

  18. Hi Mona,

    Thanks for sharing that with us! We love your
    site!! Amen & amen! :)

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    May the Lord bless you and your family!!

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  19. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  20. Yay for him! Happy Memorial Day Mona!

    All the best,

  21. Congratulations, Mona! What a Sunday treat for you and your family! Enjoy, enjoy! Congratulations to your grandson, too!

  22. Hi Mona,

    Hope you have a lovely weekend and congrats to the family graduate!!!


  23. Happy Memorial day to you and your family Mona. Sorry I have not been here for a while but I see you have been very busy. Nice posts and what a lovely tablescape on the previous post!

  24. May you have a wonderful day my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  25. Hi Mona,
    Yes, I have been home 2 weeks and I am still catching up with blogging and reading others blogs. Thank you so much for your nice comments on my is from last summer and my front porch basket of purple wave petunias. The basket is not planted as of is actually a little worse for wear this year. Btw, I love your blog and the beautiful colors you used! I am very envious of your beautiful transferware too. The photos you take are just great. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  26. Hi Mona.
    Yes - both of our boys graduated high school on this weekend.
    Our flag is flying high out front!
    Love the new look of the blog! REALLY like it!!!!! I love vintage!
    Hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend! Karen

  27. My dearest Mona,
    I miss you my friend. Congrats to your grandson.

    May i aplogize too for not being able to up-date you. I will e-mail you later. Please e-mail me and kinldy give me your address because I will send you someting later. My e-mail is

    God less my dearest friend..

  28. Hi Mona! My oldest graduated from college earlier this month and one of my other son's girlfriend graduated yesterday.... Fun to watch the young ones faces...with their lives ahead of them!

    Hope you are having a nice weekend!

  29. Your header is beautiful and I love your background..
    I wish you and your family the BEST, sweet holiday as we all remember the REASON for it...
    hugs, bj

  30. Dear Mona...

    Is that you on your Blog Photo? Are you kidding us when you say you are 72? NO WAY Hose-A....

    OMGOSH! There is truly hope for us all. I think you are absolutely beautiful. Talented and beautiful.

    I love your blog...wonderful as is everything you do.


  31. Ok Mona Girl...Just have to comment again...

    I just read your profile AGAIN and I'm in tears. They are good tears, tho! Isn't God faithful? He has blessed you three times with a loving mate and I am in awe of His gift of love and companionship to you.

    Last November my only bro was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. They found it UNEXPECTEDLY when he had pains from gallstones. The cancer was found and his kidney was out in three days. I'd have given up my kidney for him in a split second. When I read had your girl blessed her brother with such a priceless gift it made me smile. Family is everything.

    Ok...enough of my sappy ways...just had to share again.


  32. Love your new blog design! Congratulations to that graduate of yours. I wish him great future.

  33. Mona, Thank-u so much for your comments.It means so much to me.May God Bless You,I know He has me because he sent me you! Love, Faye

  34. Mona my friend...hope you had a great weekend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  35. Hi Mona,
    I hope your graduation party was fun and that your having a great week my friend, hugs to you, Cindy

  36. Hi Mona :)

    Congratulations on your grandson's graduation!

    Thank you so much for your visit to my blog. It takes me forever to get around to everyone, but I do eventually, so I hope you'll forgive me.

    Have a wonderful day!


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