Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Thank you to Susan at BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH for hosting this fun event!

Thursday is the day I get to show off everything I DON'T have! ~smile~
Sometimes one has to improvise..especially when she only tablscapes a few times a year. Mainly on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The rest of the time..we set the table with a silverware holder and a stack of china OR paperplates, albeit pretty ones. You know the kind. You can find them in your local party paper products store. And of course there is Hallmark...OUCH! Still if it is a special time and you can't be bothered with dishes, it is a quick and often pretty way to do things. Also they have disposable ones that look exactly like glass..until you pick it up. We used those at a recent wedding shower and they were beautiful.

I have to say one thing I really am NOT fond of is plastic ware. Nope..cannot stand it as even the stronger ones can break..but we have used it! When there is a very large crowd...we use it..and are grateful to have it!

I went shopping those thrift shops. Nothing! Not a thing. So..I brought in my favorite little guys to help me out.

Then I brought in their little Toad this as the little door opens and closes ever so sweetly! Added sweet tiny flowers from the flowerbeds..
You can see Jeremy Fisher there in the corner..on his lily pad. (He takes it with him almost everywhere. I made him leave it OFF the bed though!)

I found the little scalloped glass sauce dishes at a garage sale last week. Four of them of 50 cents! Whatadeal! On the bottom of them it say "arcoroc" and France. No clue what they are but I'm sure nothing expensive. I really like them though.
Look closely at my is chipped! We don't seem to know how it happened. I cannot even find the chip to fix now the search is on for a replacement!

The red transferware is J.& G. Meakin in England. The name of the set is Romantic England. There is a symbol and KENT print on the bottoms. Each scene is different.
(Sweet daughter Mary is pushing for these! The bartering goes on each time she comes over.) Ho hum...what else is new!
This is a set of 15 place settings. I found it on ebay and bought it, shipping and all for $215.00! Worth every cent! (The creamer was in tact when it arrived!)

I have not a clue what the pattern of the silverware is other than 1847 Rogers Bros. I have a very large set of it and for some reason I left the salad forks in the chest which is shoved in the back of the closet...and I didn't bring them out. Most of the silver has already gone to daughters...after all..I would never need it again as I usually go to their homes now! Sigh....

The white dinner plates are Hedge Rose by Wedgewood.

The little silver napkin rings are new for me. Each one is a tiny teapot. I just won them on ebay and all are different! So cute! Because of this cute bloggy event, I have renewed interest in tablescape items. It's fun to always be on the lookout!

Now..THAT was fun! Only one thing...I forgot my glasses...yes! NO water for us!! LOL

So...I quickly added them...but better late...etc. etc.

~Smiles and hugs~


  1. Well thank you for inviting us to your table! It's so cosey and hospitable. Thank you for your visit and kind comment!

  2. I love your table! I would really enjoy having red transferware at our lake condo. It would go just perfectly. I enjoy following your blog. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Very romantic and cozy; love the sprig of ivy under the napkin ring!

  4. What a wonderful tablescape! My best friend has two sets of Romantic England plates. One in red and one in green. It is such a pretty pattern.

  5. Just darling my the china...may you have a great day...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. That a cute tablescape! I love the creative. Your plates are so pretty.

  7. What a sweet table. I love the little frog house and how comfortable the table looks. I just saw some English china in an antique store and the plates were $50 each. Not in a million years will they be on my table. It is nice to know that everyone doesn't pull out all the stops every night. Sometimes I set a pretty table and sometimes I tell them the food is on the stove. . .smiles.

    The Raggedy Girl

  8. Morning, Dear Monaness! I love your beautifully set table! I'm sorry about your creamer. I've just pulled one of my own out and it's chipped too! I think there's a creamer chipper in our midst!
    Your dishes are lovely and really look nice on your beautiful white Wedgewood! Now keep those froggies out of the water glasses! LOL
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Oh I LOVE it. What a great tablescape. The dishes are all just gorgeous, but I really love the centerpiece. Putting the birdhouse and plants all together is just so pretty. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  10. Georgous! Those plates and flatware are special items too.
    I have several sets of Rogers and I love them. My favorite is First Love.

  11. Hi Mona, your tablescape is fabulous!!!! Everything on the table just screams joy! I love the red and white checked tablecloth against all the green of the froggies and plants. Oh, oh, oh. You have the touch girl.

    Hugs, Barb

  12. How nice! I like your little froggie friend LOL. I like how colorful it is :) I saw those little teapot napkin rings at the Hotel Del Coronado in their gift shop! They have a special gift shop called Established 1888, which has all this Victorian stuff and pretty home decor things from that time. :) If you ever need more teapot napkin rings they're there!

    All the best,

  13. Mona, I hope you'll be able to find a replacement for the chipped cream pitcher. Your dishes are so pretty and Mr.Froggy is a delight. You sure can find the bargains- isn't it such fun? :-) Sue

  14. People actually set their table? The family doesn't just grab their plates out of the cabinet and line up at the stove to dish out their dinner? Takes all kinds, I suppose.

    One of the things I love about blogging - I get to live vicariously through other people.

    And your table is lovely. I have no formal dishes and am slightly envious.

  15. Reader Wil...It is always a pleasure to visit with you! I am glad you like my "effort." I am SORT of catching on...SORT of!

    FOR THE SAKE OF TIME...You might consider looking on ebay..many times I find what I want there..for example the napkin rings. The china I just stumbled on by accident!

    Gaston Studio..Hi Jane... :) got the ivy idea of the experts on here! I am glad you like it.

    I saw the green..and it is beautiful. I haven't seen it in a long time though.

    Gloria...THANK YOU! I am glad you like it! You have a wonderful California day too!

    Domestic Designer...not too sure about how creative...I think I would be more likely to call it "desperate!" :)

    The Raggedy Girl... know darned good and well I am playing house here...LOL

    Shelia..I will certainly try and keep the froggies out of the water glasses...I only have 12 wedgewood plates...nothing else. They really are beautiful..I didn't buy them, I sort of inheritied them!, no, no...that is NOT a birdie is a TOAD house. For froggies or Toads! See the door? It isn't round and little...oh never mind! :)
    I'm glad you like it..I tried!
    (birdie house? Nope and Fairies live there too...honest..)

    "Blossom"...thank you so much. I need to find out the name of the pattern. I guess as long as it is pretty...I didn't care! Oh dear..but I really should!

    Barb~Bella Vista....You are always SO nice to me! I think you KNOW how hard I try! Thanks, Barb!

    Allidink...You precious thing! Thanks so much..and thanks also for giving me the hint where I can get more if I want them! What a sweetie you are!

  16. Nice tablescape and cozy too. Enjoy your weekend.

  17. Hi Mona,
    Your a tablescape goddess! This is my favorite all day! Red-checked the red transferware the froggie! So cottage, so perfect! Cindy

  18. Thanks for the warm welcome Mona. I love this tablescape. It's perfect for this time of year when spring is fading but summer isn't quite here.

  19. Joyce...thanks...checks are always kind of cozy...I like them..I'm glad you like them too!

    Cindy...LOL you are so sweet...Always make me feel good..but that is what is wonderful about you. You make people feel good about themselves! are quite welcome! :)
    I hope you have a wonderful time on here and think you will! Just a feeling!

  20. Oh Mona, your table looks fabulous. I love the red transfer ware. I especially love the shape of the coffee cups in this set. I hope you have a wonderful holiday week-end! Hugs, Kathleen

  21. Hi Mona
    I have an award for you
    over at my place.
    If you get a chance
    drop on by
    and take a look :)
    Be blessed,stay happy and have a fantastic weekend !
    Happy Trails

  22. That little toad house looks similar to house I posted yesterday- I'd like to take a look inside this one as well! Thanks for visiting!!

  23. O, I do love this, Mona...just my kind of setting. Colorful, informal and so sweet and a touch romantic...I just love every single bit of it..your red transferware is to die for...
    Like you, I am always on the lookout for something pretty for the table since TT happened to my life!! :O)
    Hope things are good in your world..
    xo bj

  24. Well it's Friday and I think I missed this post yesterday. It's beautiful. I love your dishes and the toad house!

  25. Hi Mona
    I finally got on line still a few snags but I 'm here :)
    Oh I love your flags and all the many little details you have put into your Memorial weekend Blog.
    Your tables are just gorgeous .I guess I am a sap for all this patriotic red,white,and blue but that's cool I can live with it.

    I need to go find my red chekered cloth for this weekend ,thanks for the reminder !
    Happy Trails

  26. Very beautiful setting! I love all the red on red one white. So classic. This is a great pattern 'cause you can dress it up or down. Everything looks so beautiful (even if you forgot the glasses - that's ok, though, because you do hove the cups & saucers)
    Patricia :o)

  27. I just love it there. Do you have a room for me? You have such a knack for creating a warm and loving home.

  28. Oh, Mona! How simply exquisite your eye for setting an elegant table. How soon can you come over ... TTFN ~ Marydon


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