Friday, March 4, 2016


Stole a couple of pictures from Granddaughter in law of our little baby boy, Ethan Daniel.
He was born last August 11th.   
 I wish his great grandfather had lived to see his great grandchildren..but he died way too young at the age of 63.  
Emily is his big sister..I just recently posted a large photo of her..
I think he is going to be handsome..don't you?  :) :)

 Ethan was about to make his first snow angel..with a little help from his Mommy?
Taken at Mammoth Lake California about two weeks ago..

Front porch with a touch of Easter bunny?

I fell in love with her especially when I saw...

...her tiny baby bunny in her backpack!  Isn't he just so cute??
(I've this thing for "babies" as you probably know by now!

I just want to say here that I am so appreciative of the visits you paid to me.  I wander off and my sweet blogger friends are kind enough to keep tabs on me.

If I ever don't come Granddaughter, Kristy will post to let you know as soon as possible.
  Absolutely NO plans to do that..LOL but I just wanted you to know.
My love to you..and thank you so much!

Hugs and love,


  1. Ethan is adorable and the photo of him making a snow angel is so cute! You have so many gorgeous plants on your porch! I picked up a couple of Boston ferns today. It's still too cool at night to leave them out, but they will be okay in the greenhouse. hugs...

  2. Ethan is just too cute for words! The snow angel picture is just adorable!

    I love porches too. Wish I had one. Your bunny is charming. Just perfect for Easter.

  3. I love grandbabies too! and bunnies. And I'd love to sit and visit with you on that porch.. maybe sipping some ice tea and having a slice of lemon meringue pie!
    Happy Saturday!

  4. Love that huge Easter Bunny . . .
    Great place to have him . . . right on the front porch . . .
    And how could anyone not love babies . . .
    Beautiful boy, Ethan Daniel . . .
    His dark eyes are delicious . . .
    He will be a handsome one!
    (Don't you be going anywhere Mona . . . I/we need you and LOVE you!)

  5. Hi Mona! Oh, what a darling little cutie! Little Ethan is adorable and I love his snow picture! Now look at your cute header with the bunnies, I love it! Your porch is gorgeous and look at all of your plants and greenery. It's still dead as a door knob here! Love your bunny too. You take care of yourself and it's good to see you posting again.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Such a beautiful Grandson! He is adorable and yes, he will grow up to be very handsome...all your kids and grandkiddos are cute as can be and I love seeing all of them here and I enjoy your pics of your home. That bunny is amazing! I wish I had a covered porch to put décor like that on it. Our front and back decks are not covered so only outdoor safe things are allowed. I guess I will have to live vicariously through your blog! I have someone designated to blog for me if I'm heaven bound...not for many years yet I hope! Ha! Have a great weekend dear Mona!

  7. Mona, Your baby is truly adorable. I love babies too. I have two great-grands now . The porch bunny is wonderful. Blessings, take care, xoxo,Susie

  8. Great photos.

    Have a blessed week.

  9. Yes he is adorable. Your porch and the bunny are great. Glad to see you are posting once again I have missed you while you were away. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  10. both baby pics are adorable. love the swaddled look and the snow suit. your porch bunny is wonderful and i like those baby bunnies to...

  11. Ethan is adorable and has those expressive eyes. His big sister Emily is really a beauty, she speaks with her eyes. I love, love, love your front porch. It's like being in a special place that wraps its arms around you in a feeling of peace and comfort. The ladies of the neighborhood must love to gather there with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

  12. Ethan is just too adorable in the snow suit, making a bunny. There, I knew you would have the biggest one I've ever seen right at your house. Love your decorations. Happy Post sweetie and regards to that sweet fella PH. lol

  13. Ethan is so cute. He looks like a happy little guy. Love the snow angel picture of him.

    Your porch looks so pretty. That big mama bunny with the baby on her back is perfect there among your pretty plants. Your gorgeous plants and greenery have me wishing for spring. The only things I have blooming are my crocus. Everything else is still pretty brown and wintery looking around here, but you have me thinking Spring now.

  14. He sure is adorable. So is your bunny. Those flowers make me a little envious. Stay well. Hugs

  15. well look at you posting 2 days in a row! yay! mona...your porches are gorgeous!!! no wonder you spend do much time on them! they are unique rooms.


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