Sunday, March 6, 2016

~OUTDOORS ON THE PATIO..come on out..~

Thanks for stopping in ..I was just thinking...
(shhh..don't say it! :)
I love the country, but I know now that I will never live there.  Of course anything can happen in this life so who knows.
In the meantime, I love our yard.   A little rain worked miracles!  The weather has been so nice and I've felt so good that I've been out there fiddling with the flower beds..sneaking a bit of water for the new grass seed.  More rain expected a couple of days this week.
Loving it!
We spend a lot of time on the patio as well.

Notice the piled stones and bricks on the umbrella stand?  We have had some high winds and have more than once found the umbrella's in the neighbor's yards..and one is broken.  

We don't have the rolling hills that I would love to see, but it's a nice yard and Mele' had lots of room for a little doggy to run about and chase imaginary kitties that sometimes wander in..well, they are not ALL imaginary!    My poor fern had a rough winter, can you tell?  
Do you see the plum tree in full bloom?!  I'm so happy about that!
The apple tree is the last to leaf out.

Looking in the opposite direction..the orange tree, lemon tree ..the peach tree..not sure what happened but it may have frozen.  It's looking bad.  It's behind the lemon tree.  
From this angle it looks like a pile of junk!  LOL  
That's okay.  It's home and it's comfortable.  
You know, I never used to like succulents but for awhile now they have been gathering on this little table...yes, and I allow it.  The spider plants are ones that were born here..pups clipped from the large hanging plants.  They are doing well   

So, that's most of the patio.  I very carefully didn't let you see the potting's a MESS!
Please come back and have coffee with me.  I'll even make some big chocolate chip cookies..
Love and hugs,


  1. love your patio! wish I had one. I was trying to save money to put in a deck this summer, but the money keeps getting used elsewhere! oh well.. someday!
    we have a big backyard It has a lot of potential, but Im not a gardener by any means! lol!
    have a great day Mona!

  2. Oh your patio and yard are so pretty! I would love to sit out there with you having a chocolate chip cookie and chat the afternoon away. I smiled about you having to hold down the umbrella. One afternoon I looked out the kitchen window and saw my neighbor's umbrella fly past and land two yards down. What a sight!

  3. Oh your yard looks so good. Loe all the plants.

  4. Mona, I think your lawn is beautiful. The trees will shape up as they bloom and leaf out. I am crazy for your patio. I love all the plant you have there, making it so outdoorsy. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  5. Oh my Mona . . .
    Everything looks so lush and cozy . . .
    Love it!
    The GREEN . . . I am "hungry" for green about now!
    I hope this year you get just the right amount
    of rain at just the right time, so everything stays that
    gorgeous green! You are all ready for St. Patrick!
    (I hope that brought a smile . . . love you girl!)

  6. your patio is gorgeous and i could spend hours out there just sitting and staring or reading my kindle or even with my laptop. you used my favorite colors and i love everything you showed us.

  7. What a beautiful and inviting place to sit! Love it all! You have done good!!

  8. I would love to sit with you on your patio. Your yard looks like it is from the pages of a gardening magazine. Just beautiful!

  9. Mona, everything looks great, so lush and pretty. I'll be right over for coffee and cookies.
    Hope everything is fine with you and your feeling much better with your knee.

    Loving the rain and wishing for more. Have a terrific week.

  10. A big chocolate chip cookie you say. I'm on the next plane. Your patio looks lovely. Mine is still bare as we still have winter. Won't be long before we are dragging furniture out on the deck and in the yard for summer.....and then I will get my motorbike out of the barn, the battery is already charged and ready....any day now, anyday :) I might even scoot over your way and take PH for the thrill ride of his life on the back of the bike, eh. ha,ha

  11. Your patio and yard are just beautiful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. I would love to sit down for a while in your lovely garden and enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat!

  13. We won't have any flowers on the deck for months so I'll enjoy your beautiful patio instead. However, it was 70de today and I would be a fool to think we're not going to have snow and cold again. But a gal can hope! Your place is gorgeous and although I don't drink coffee I would gladly munch on a chocolate chip cookie! Have a great week!

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  15. Your patio is stunning!! Love the red!! Everything looks so lush and green! We are still in Winter here in the northeast.....

  16. Hello, Sweetpea!

    It's simply delightful to be welcomed onto this fabulous patio, and to sit amongst your leafy trees and cool green lawn. What a wonderful place to have that First Cup in the morning, and maybe a last sip of tea as the evening winds down.

    Absolutely lovely, and I always love seeing what you're up to next---those Napoleon Bee chairs and the Bunny Mom are too cool, and such a welcoming atmosphere. I don't even need the cookie---tell you what---I just made a dozen (box mix) S'mores cupcakes this morning, and our own Sweetpea frosted them with chocolate ganache when she came from school.

    How about I bring some, and we'll sit out there and swing our feet and chat, stringing that marshmallow filling out over our chins and licking our fingers??!!

    Love from the Heartland,



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